My Recommended Money Makers

Those with a sharp eye may noticed a new page link at the top of the blog call Make Money. This is a new page I added with my recommended money makers. The page shows all the ad networks I use on this blog to help it make over $8,500 last month. I created this page for three reasons.

  • People email me all the time asking what programs I use.
  • Most of the sign up links are affiliate links so the page itself is a money maker.
  • It goes with my whole make money online theme and helps to reinforce my Google ranking for make money online.

For those who are too lazy to check out the page, my recommended moneymakers are:

There are other ad networks that I deal with but they don’t run on the blog so I didn’t include them. Most of those networks are designed for content sites and shy away from blogs.

The Make Money page maybe my best affiliate pages to date. The page answers a need many readers have and it’ll be a good moneymaker if the reader signs up for the ad networks with those affiliate links. I don’t think I’ll see much from it this month but it should help for the May income report.

50 thoughts on “My Recommended Money Makers”

  1. Good stuff john…adding more ways of making money…the john chow way.

  2. Robert says:

    Nice post, will check them out.

  3. Robert says:

    Nice addition, will check them over now.

  4. Shaun Carter says:

    Good idea to put it all into one page John. It saves a lot of browsing time. Thanks!

    1. Court says:

      Yeah it does, and it makes it more likely for John to make lots of cash this month. It will be interesting to see how much he makes.

      1. Kumiko says:

        I can’t wait to see how much he’s made from AGLOCO this month! 😉

  5. Meethere says:

    Thanks for your money making tips..

    Can you share your secret (step by step ) on how to rewrite those affiliate links with .htaccess 😆

    1. Dave says:

      He uses a redirect,and he already did a tutorial for it I believe. Look into his archives 🙂

  6. thesilly1 says:

    I always thought this blog missed something like that page. Nice work John. Now you might not have so many emails (doubt it). 😆

  7. Brian Heys says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t think of a page like this before, John. I’m looking forward to seeing how this impacts your earnings over the next month.

    The partnership you have with Kontera ContentLink is impressive, btw. I’d love to know how many people you have signed up with that deal.

    1. John Chow says:

      Over 400 the last time I checked.

  8. max says:

    Hey, nice update on the list John. 😈

  9. GA says:

    John, I have an affiliate scheme I would like to discuss with you, where do I start?

    1. I know John is the root of all evil but I dont think he wants to be known for the root of schemes. Sounds like you got the makings of a pyramid scheme the way you presented your comment. John keep up the good work and how is the SEO class coming along?

      1. John Chow says:

        The SEO and Internet marketing class was over quite a while ago. I enjoyed it and met some cool people. I didn’t learn anything new but it did reinforced what I already knew.

  10. Marc says:

    Interesting, I’m only in on 3 of those on the list. I’ve tried some and haven’t liked the results. I’m just not cool enough to sign up for TTZ at the moment 😉

    1. John Chow says:

      Soon you will be!

      1. blogdinero says:

        Thanks John, would we have a relative comparison in percent revenue about this nine?

    2. Dave says:

      Some of the listed methods require quite a bit of traffic to be worth while.

  11. lee says:

    Thank You, John! I was just going to try to ferret out this information from your past posts. I actually started this blogging madness because of you. (Yours was one of the first three blogs I read back in November when I entered the blogosphere.) My traffic is growing at a nice clip and I’m ready to start monetizing my blog. Your list will be a great help. (And, also might make you a few extra bucks!) Lee.

  12. Dj Flush says:

    John is TTZ a good choice for a Technology Blog?

    and yes you are Evil muhahha 😈

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes it will work really good for tech blogs.

  13. Amanda says:

    John thanx again for the interview you did with me for my website!

  14. JaneMay says:

    I like the list. Except the Kontera one. We used it for alomst a month and the pay out was not enough to off set the annoyed readers. We have taken them off of Career Ramblings.

    We had an account manager email us asking what they can do to keep us with their ads…well, increase the payout.

    1. Dave says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t dream of putting Kontera on until my blog grows very large and has a loyal reader base.

    2. Court says:

      I’m trying to decide if I want to keep them too, I wish they paid a little more.

      1. JaneMay says:

        yeah…I feel your struggle. I went through the same thing.

    3. yeah i’m noticing the same thing.. I think I’m going to remove them from my blog very soon.. going to see what happens at the end of the month, then I think they’re gonzo.. I don’t think its worth it right now.

  15. Leftblank says:

    Nice list John, however, I’m wondering where the limit is for you when selling ads. Take for example the first link under ‘Featured Sites’; it’s a penis enlargement site – I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want that on my blog for sure 🙄

    1. It’s been there for a while; I don’t think it has that much of a negative effect as far as creating traffic and building a loyal fan base are concerned. Which makes me wonder, how many people could have clicked on that link by now… 😳

  16. Amanda says:

    I have to say I agree I receieved a lot of negative feed back wasn’t worth it.

    I think we should get a lower payout rate, and more control over what ads are shown on the site and which keywords to highlight if possible.

  17. Brendan says:

    I think you should ad some pictures to the make money page. Maybe the logo of each company near their section of the page. Right now they just look like huge blocks of text which can be intimidating to some.

    1. Logos can be helpful, yeah, I totally agree. Memorable visuals could just make people warm up to your content more.

  18. Court says:

    Very nice making money methods. I had no idea about a few of them in the pre-John days. Thanks much.

  19. keeping it real man sticking with the theme

  20. santosh p says:

    I am waiting to see how much money you are minting this time JOHN!! espicially your trip to that french ruled village and that Tatoo girl :mrgreen:

  21. Ronaldo says:

    Nice page. You’re running out of space for new pages 🙂

  22. People rarely search before they ask. They would rather have you do the work.

  23. Thanks for doing the work for those of us who are “hard of thinking”, John. For those “intimidated” by reading and unable to fathom the intricacies of a search bar, welcome to “John Does It For You” … for a small percentage … fair is fair, you get a service you pay something for it … I love it.

  24. LOL exactly…I guess the search field seems a little intimidating to some? It’s nice that John finds the time to consolidate his “teachings” from time to time though — proves quite beneficial to the sporadic lazy [however eager] reader. 😉

  25. Dana says:

    I notice cpm companies like Casale Media, Tribal Fusion and so forth are missing. What are your thoughts on these types of money makers?

    1. John Chow says:

      I use them on my other content sites, but only for defaults because their fill rate sucks.

  26. moneymaker says:

    dont forget Revver and YPN.

  27. donner says:

    I was wondering why you switched from IntelliTxt to Kontera? Better payout?

    1. does it have something to do with you’re new partnership with Kontera?

  28. Cade says:

    I am curious to know which of these money making ideas are you most excited about? Which one do you feel will have the greatest impact on your site now and then long-term? Thanks for your work John. It has helped me and my friends out so much.

  29. Now, i am doing the AdSense only, but i take sense of ContentLink after browsed your site, that a good moneymaker.

  30. Thanks to you John I entered Kontera, but Text-link-ads is really difficult to get accepted, I did not even know their requirements.

  31. Great list man! Definitely a great reference tool.

    -Sam from Market Matador

  32. West says:

    Whatever you do do not use Google adsense they will disable your account as they have done to four other clients of mine – what does that mean? :mrgreen:

    Well you wont see any ads and you wont be paid even if you have a generated an amount $98.13 / $70.00 and so on. You have to generate an amount of $100 to get paid and they wont disclose HOW or WHY your account was disabled – BE CAREFUL of those advertisers.

    I will utilize the others; thank you johnchow.


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