My Results with The IM Revolution

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Matt Lloyd’s IM Revolution Handbook. It details a revolutionary new Internet marketing business model that can make you up to $10,000 per month. That’s a pretty bold claim, so I decided to test it out for myself.

I started doing the process in the IM Revolution on the day I wrote the first blog post about it (Tuesday, Sept. 25). The video below shows my results. Can you make $10,000 a month with the IM Revolution? Watch the video to find out. Keep in mind that this is myself only, and doesn’t represent what you might be able to get. You might make more, or you might make less, but I believe you will get some nice benefits from it.

The IM Revolution Handbook is available for download until midnight (EST) Thursday September 27 (that’s today). After then, you may not see it again. Go get your copy now.

Download The IM Revolution Handbook

*Update – $3,628.40 in 3 Days!

There’s a still seven hours left in day three, but I figure I’ll post an update since I’m killing it! πŸ™‚

69 thoughts on “My Results with The IM Revolution”

  1. Wow those results are incredible! I will check this out for sure.

    1. Ben Troy says:

      yes, very amazing i am learning to implecate this technique

  2. Hello Johnchow!!

    $10.000 per month is a great number for an average person worldwide and I think that there are thousands of people who would like to grab the opportunity!! I believe that there are a lot of ways to make money online and of course $10.000 per month is simply possible for an average person but this results depends on a good work with a bit of failures initially and many tests tests tests in order to see what works well for you and what not!! So I think that this is a great chance for people to give it a try as you are one of the best Bloggers worldwide…you are simply reliable and I think people must trust you!!

    Thank you,

  3. Calin Dan says:

    Wow… impressive John!

    What was your initial investment, and what is the ROI?


    1. John Chow says:

      My initial investment was the cost of the handbook.

      1. Daniel says:

        Lolll love that answer John.
        It may be too late but I must find that handbook!

  4. marios loizou says:

    Hi John, Is this your affiliate commisions I see?

  5. Ionel says:

    Hey John,

    I tried to download the e-book from your link and it sent me to Matt Lloyds’ page. It’s Sep 27, 1:13 PM PST now, and you said it’s for free until midnight EST. So can you post a link where we can download for free that really works ?


    1. John Chow says:

      Where did I say the handbook was free. It cost $9.95, which should be a non issue for most people.

      1. Ionel says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply. You are right. You didn’t said that. πŸ™‚

  6. Really impressive results, John. I’m wondering what the average person could get accomplished with this. I’ll be sure to download it.

    1. I am also with John this question, I would be grateful if you could give an opinion.

    2. John Chow says:

      No one really has the answer to that. Most will made zero because they won’t put forth the effect to do the steps after reading the handbook. It’s sounds crazy but it’s a fact. You can’t make money, if you don’t work it. Just reading the steps is not enough.

  7. konstantinos says:

    So you tell me that you tested this formula and earned 1800 in 2 days? i received about 4-5 emails ABOUT THE SAME SUBJECT. Why would anyone want to sell a formula that makes someone earn so much, in exchange to 1$?! Thats stupid, really stupid. I wont spend a penny in information because all i want to learn is FREE on the internet. I cant explain how funny is it when internet marketers market in that niche. You really think that hopefully people will get brainwashed and buy your product. WRONG. Your tactic to send multiple emails to sell, is forcing me to tell you how dissapointed i feel about that

    1. Itu says:

      Based off of that statement I wonder how much you earn online?!

  8. Vic B. says:

    I ordered the ebook but haven’t received any logins or the ebook itself. Has anyone bought the book? I just wanted to know if it takes time to receive the info.


    1. John Chow says:

      You should get the download link right away. Send Matt an email and he’ll take care of you.

  9. AriesH. says:

    Hello John. What’s your software using for manage password control ?

    1. John Chow says:

      That is 1Password.

  10. Boom R. says:

    Is this internet marketing just a viral sales where when you bought this e-book, Then it teaches you to setup all the stuffs just to RE-SELL his e-book + his other products and earn commission from that? OR this is a real marketing strategy where you can use and sell your own or affiliate products?

    1. bobby says:

      I just finished reading this ebook lol you hit the nail on the head that is exactly what this Ebook is about. Not strategies to market your own products but remarket his…. worse 10 bucks spent John made that much money because of the traffic he has and pluggin the book in his post not because of some revolutionary Idea.

      1. Boom R. says:

        Thanks Bobby for the heads up. This is almost the same as SCAM! lol… I can’t believe John promoted this product πŸ™

        1. Itu says:

          I think some of you guys are missing the picture here. The reason why John promoted the is is because it “CONVERTS”. Of course the book is going to tell you a few things that you already know.

          But what you have to remember is that some of you are trying to make money with Affiliate Marketing but when you are given an opp to do it you complain about his book is teaching you nothing except to market his book in exchange for a commission AKA affiliate marketing.

          It converts and makes sales that’s why my friend.

  11. John, this is wonderful! I love your video – well done!

    Question: Are your results from having a large list?

    Thank you!


    1. Felix says:

      I think YES. That was a HUGE factor why an internet marketer make much money on the internet. It’s not only on the quantity of the list, it is about the trust and relationship you put in your list.

  12. David says:

    Just downloaded the book, will read it over tonight. Hopefully this will be the push I need to get back into this! I could use that cash flow again!


  13. Felix says:

    Hi John,

    Your achievement is very impressive. By the way, I got the IM Revolution eBook.

    – Felix

  14. Okay John, I’m curious what you did here. I’ve read that ebook cover to cover and most of it talks about his licensing system. It’s not possible that you’re a licensee if your expenses were only the cost of the book. So does that mean that the commissions we see are strictly off of marketing the ebook itself as an affiliate (and letting his upsell system kick in)?

    1. John Chow says:

      You do not need to purchase a license to be an affiliate.

  15. Ng Pillai says:

    Hi John,

    I just bought the eBook and the steps and guide provided my Matt is incredibly superb!!

  16. rob lear says:

    Well gosh I wonder if I had over 200,000 visitors to my homepage every day do you think I would be able to sucker at least 1% of them to buy whatever I am selling? With 200,000 visiting every day you should be able to sell a thousand pairs of underwear for parrots in 3 days. Get real people unless you have a website with this kind of traffic what do you think you will sell? Zero.

    1. rob lear says:

      Of course my comment will be deleted

      1. John Chow says:

        If you’re a normal reader then you know I don’t delete any comments, unless it’s an attack on another reader or you’re too chicken to use your real name and email. Since you didn’t violate either of those rules, your comment stays.

    2. Kenny Fabre says:


      lets not take anything away from John, he worked hard if you read his story you will see that he started from the bottom just like most people and he came up.

      its easy to come and make this type of comment but, I understand the struggle, so therefore I know he had to fight to get to the top.

      ay its the same way you can build a blog of this caliber thats what I’m doing, I’m currently generating 20,000 visitors per month to my blog.

      its possible you just have to work hard and cut hate/jealousy out, I know its hard but start working on your mind, read positive affirmations, get to know who you are be at peace with yourself so that you that let other peoples energy mess with your energy.

      Now I dont mean to sound like a goody too shoes but, I feel I had to tell you this because so many people hate a another person thats at the top, when they dont even look at the fight and the struggle of the person at the top.

      my tip to you is to start guest posting on other blogs, write great content and you may surpass John Chow based on your level of committment and determination.

      1. Jesica says:

        I loved your comment!!
        I just copied your paragraph…

        Something I need to read every day to keep myself positive and motivated.
        THANK YOU!

        1. Jesica says:

          I do not know if my hole reply got thrugh correctly, The paragraph I mentioned is

          “its possible you just have to work hard and cut hate/jealousy out, I know its hard but start working on your mind, read positive affirmations, get to know who you are be at peace with yourself so that you that let other peoples energy mess with your energy.”

          1. Kenny Fabre says:


            yes your comment got through, yes “anything is possible” you can do anything you put your mind too and I mean anything, goodluck and I wish you much success ad to realizing all your dreams

      2. Boom R. says:

        Kenny, I don’t think people hate John or anything. But I think to promote a product that promise to make you money by RE-SELL the same product again is not productive at all. I think this is not a good practice for top blogger to do so.

        Just my 2 cents

        1. Kenny Fabre says:


          I’m not saying people hate him, I just thought that comment could of been said ina different way, like you just said it,

          LOL but this is something anybody at the top cant avoid is hate, people will hate on you. I’m talking from personal experience

    3. Ken says:

      Hey Rob,

      Obviously it doesn’t hurt that John has a huge list, but that’s not a negative in my eyes. Just a Fact and a Great Achievement.
      Having read the sales page, the premise is simple –
      Instead of having to learn “everything!” just promote a winner.
      The franchise concept in a nutshell.
      There are various ways of driving traffic, and if this offer converts, that’s all you have to do…
      My only problem with this (and 99% of the stuff out there) is what is the blind upsell / OTO / etc… e.g. – licensing, etc… required to make this really work.

      Still, it does seem interesting…

  17. JL Oyola says:

    I bought the book, read it twice. Interesting read? Yes. Worth 10 dollars?Nope. Possibly some value if you apply the same exact marketing strategy this guy did. I bought the book even though I knew your 2 day profits came from re-marketing the book, But of course you did, your Email list is probably insanely long, but will a average joe like me replicate your success or surpass it in a matter of days. Not a chance.

  18. Abhik says:

    I already bought the eBook through your link, but didn’t took time to read it out.
    Gonna do it first thing in morning.

  19. Darwish says:

    I got the book; not because of Matt; with all respect; i don’t even heard about him before; but because I trust you John; and i know you won’t recommend him if he hadn’t what worth it.

  20. Wellesley says:

    I just tried ordering, looks like it’s too late πŸ™
    Can I get the 9.95 link, please? I just got home.

    1. Josh bailey says:

      yea I’m In the same boat. PST and I just got off work and checked my email. if still available please let is know

  21. pikul says:

    Me too try to order but once click on next step there is not going any where

  22. I bought this handbook is because of you johnchow. I’m hoping this is not a hype or something.

  23. Hal says:

    I just finished reading the ebook and started down the application road to become a licensee, but it looks like he wants a much bigger investment to become one. I’m willing to put in time, but I just can’t afford to buy these big programs, especially when I have bought a few in the past and seen little to no results. I think John has the right system to just work on this from scratch. This just looks like another way to part most of us from our money. Oh well.

  24. sasadangelo says:

    I follow john chow since 4 years and I just bought the book. The sales pages are a little bit misleading. I wanted to buy only 9.95$ book.
    A sales page appears with a big button buy.
    If you do not read everything well (for not english person this can occurs) you buy a 995$ offer. There is a very little link at the end of page to skip the offer. Then there was other two offering with same trick.
    I haven’t read the book yet but if this is the welcome … I do not expect too much. However, I will read the book this evening and I put my opinion.

    But I think John Chow with his brand should avoid their partner do this type of selling.
    This is my opinion for the moment.
    So pay attention on sales page.

    1. sasadangelo says:

      I am back after few seconds.
      I had to opened a ticket since error accessing in member area. No links to ebook received but I received an email asking if I received it.
      Very bad user experience.

      Someone above said that John Chow make all this money because he has a very huge list. I think no normal person should expect to make same amount of money … I am curious about the model.

      But I must says that initial experience is very bad.

      I will wait I know manage a business like this is not easy … hoping things go better in next days.

      1. sasadangelo says:

        Last update.
        I was able to download the book.
        The system ad a problem but they solved very quickly. Good job.
        I will read this evening …. rome time.

  25. faisal says:

    For a newbie, making that kind of money seems difficult, not impossible though.

  26. sasadangelo says:

    I downloaded the book and I give at look at it very quickly.
    First of all I can assure normal person cannot do real money with this method and I’ll try to explain. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Few days ago I read an article on Problogger where I guy said a very clever way to get ton of traffic and a huge list.


    Create a product and offer 100% commission to affiliate.

    Why this work?


    He leveraged on web guru that have large list. They promoted the book because they get 100% commission.

    He received ton of traffic from these guy and created a huge list.

    This is a WIN-WIN situation that usually no one apply on the NET.

    Matt did almost the same, offering all the infrstructure to promote his product. He offer 90% of commission.

    All his product cost 200$ … but it takes only 20$.

    But it is good. He is not interested that normal people sell his product for him.

    The truth is that he leverage on guy like John Chow and his huge list.

    So probably someone of you will do some money with it … but the big money are for Matt and Web Guru that leverage his offers.

    Now 3628$ in few days are lot of money.

    But it depends. If John sold all 9.95$ book … he sold 364 ebook.
    If John sold all 200$ packages stuff are in total 18 sales.

    As you can see … from this perspective offer seems less attractive.

    Attention … the mine is not a critique to this marketing strategy … but probably as Matt says in his ebook … probably he and John are telling us only a part of the story.
    This is ok for me … because this is marketing!!!

    1. sasadangelo says:

      I forgot to mention that if someone says to you “Hey I made 3000$ in three days” you think … oh that is a large amount of money. This because you think that every days he make 1000$.

      But what if he says “Hey I did 3000$ first three days, then 1000$ next ten days, then 200$ next month and so on”

      I think it will be less attractive.

  27. John says:

    hmm…the fact that my original comment deleted and not discussed I’ll assume what I said was correct. Too bad.

  28. Thanks for sharing this personal testimonial too much bull crap online these days.

    One question I have is do you send new offers to multiple lists when you conduct tests like this? I’m always nervous I’ll through off my email list if I test something new with an old active list.

  29. Clixsense says:

    The real point is that only after a couple of years on the market and with a huge mail list or blog/site visitors you can get numbers like John did.

    Meanwhile keep working, learning, and working, and learning with guys like John.

    All the best

  30. Naveen says:

    As many mentioned , this method only works if you have a big list . An average person can`t make this amount straight away. This isn`t an offer most of people in here are expecting in my opinion. So please read the comments before anyone buy this book.

  31. sasadangelo says:

    I do not want my previous comment was misunderstood. Mine does not want to be an incentive not to buy the ebook. I just expressed an opinion. I am convinced that without a list like John Chow you can not do those numbers in two days. I am also convinced that those numbers will decrease over time.

    But perhaps this ebook worth buying because finally says things that many ebooks do not say. It can probably help you to open your eyes to understand that to make money online is much more than a blog, a bit of advertising, some affiliate and email marketing.

    It’s all about expertise and strategy.

  32. Carolina says:

    Hey everyone!

    I want to give you some heads up about my personal experience with Matt Lloyd’s programs. I’m not a famous blogger, I don’t have a list, I only had money to invest and 3 years of knowledge in Internet Marketing yet no implementation.

    When I met Matt Lloyd in February, and became a License Partner (as the ebook suggests you do, I partnered with him), I was afraid making money online was only for people with big lists.

    Well, I’m from Chile, I only have a small list of spanish speaking people who are not very interested in this. So I started applying some knowledge, sending traffic to Matt’s programs and started to make money. In 7 months I’ve made over $15,000 with Matt, and it keeps getting better.

    But how? Because I invested time, and money. And because I didn’t stay in the shadows. I’m constantly networking and talking to people, and being very open about my results.

    Is this the best way to make money? No. The best way is to brand yourself and create your own services or products.

    Is this the fastest way to get results? Yes. I had knowledge but no results. Without results it’s hard to get people to listen to you. So now that I have results, people want to know how I got them and now I feel ready to teach them something valuable that comes from my personal experience.

    So that’s it! It depends on what you do and what you want to do.

    If you have questions, or proof, just ask πŸ™‚


    1. Tom says:

      Thanks for sharing Carolina. I purchased the IM Revolution and am going through the website material. I did apply for the licensee program and am waiting for a reply. What other products did you purchase to get your business going?

  33. Once again, mislead by a so called “A-list” blogger….smh—>not for the average person looking to make money online

  34. Peter Peterson says:

    I was debating whether or not to purchase this book just out of curiosity, but then my senses got the better of me. John is falling into the trap of most of these Internet Marketers who have made a lot of money. They have a huge mailing list, a huge budget, many JV partners and much I.M experience and of course it’s not difficult for them to make this much money. However, they want you to believe that any newbie without any of these resources can do the same. John has obviously done well building up his business from scratch, but if he was offered this book when he was just starting, would he have made much money from it?, probably not. I used to believe this hype and wondered why I was not getting anywhere.

    1. John Chow says:

      I have clearly stated that these were my results. I never once claimed that these would be your results.

  35. James L says:

    Everyone, why is there even a long debate about this? Everyone who goes into business expects to spend some money learning the ropes. As business owners, it’s up to us to choose what to spend the money on and learn from it. If I repeatedly spend $ on useless lessons, shame on me. If I choose wisely and learn something new, than it’s worth the money.

    Boils down to what you do with what you learned. No doubt when any successful IMer was starting out, they spent a few bucks here and there to get new tips. If you doubt this book, simply do not buy it. If you buy it, it was “your choice” and live with it. It’s $10! I’m sure many of you went out and bought a couple of $5. Fraps from Starbucks and have absolutely nothing to show for it except a bigger waistline.

    OK, I’m getting off the soapbox now.

  36. ellieyan says:

    I am a complete technical rookie, it took me like 5 hours just to set up an autorespodner lol so any ways to grow affiliate income and new methods I am open too. I will get Hubby to check it out as well.

  37. daveM says:

    Today, I am thankful….. thankful that I found John Chow blog. this is yer basic inspirational blog… for sure I could not hope, at this stage, to replicate the results of some of the people on this blog, but it is certainly inspiring to see what these people are accomplishing. Thanks to John Chow and his readers for sharing.!!

  38. song Gao says:

    hey John,
    I am a newbie for the online business industry. Can you please advise a book where i can start ? thanks!

  39. James Hughes says:

    Hi John

    Is not the same as John Thornhill’s IM Evolution?

    What is the difference? They are both free reports.

    James Hughes

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