My Take On The iPad – It Rocks!

Apple iPad

Yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed the world the iPad. During the presentation, I had a good time making fun of the new device with the interesting name. I tweeted that in Q4, Apple will introduced a big screen version call the MaxiPad plus a small screen version call the iPad with Wings. The jabs at the iPad were so hot that iTampon became the number two trending topic on Twitter.

There were a bunch of features missing from the iPad that many people were hoping for, like a camera, SD card reader, USB, etc. Judging by the Twitter streams and many blog posts I’ve read, most are calling the new device a failure. However, I believe the iPad rocks and is going to be a massive win for Apple.

It’s Not Meant To Replace An iPhone Or A Macbook

The iPad is not an iPhone or a Macbook. Stop thinking of it as such. It’s a brand new category. Had Apple put features like card readers, USB, cameras, etc., the only thing they’ll be doing is cannibalizing their laptop sales. That’s what netbooks did to laptops and it’s the reason why 90% of laptops sold for $1,000 or more are Apple Macbooks. No, Steve Jobs is not dumb enough to make the same mistake PCs did with the Netbook.

Amazon Should Be Worried

With a starting price of $499, the iPad is only $10 more than a Kindle DX. Anyone in the market for an eBook reader is going to think seriously about the iPad. For $10 more, you can get a device that can do so much more than read books. Who wouldn’t go for that?

While E-ink is a great way to display written pages it has limitations. The contrast is still too low and it’s only black and white. While the iPad’s LED screen may cause eye strain sooner it has the ability display materials that e-ink doesn’t perform well at, like comic books, children books and text books.

The Kindle is designed for linear reading. It doesn’t work well for non linear materials like text books or the bible, where you’re scanning through chapters or verses. I have the NIV Bible on both my Kindle and my iPhone and the iPhone verison works way better. The Kindle navigation is extremely cumbersome. I can navigate to a verse in less than five seconds on my iPhone compare to 30 seconds for the Kindle.

The main advantage the Kindle has right now is the size of Amazon’s library. However, giving the marketing power of Apple, I suspect the iBookstore is going to get huge really quick. Don’t be surprised if you see Amazon announce a price reduction on the Kindle in 60 days.

At $499, It’s An Impulse Purchase

Had the iPad been priced at $999 as some speculated, the iPad would have been a massive failure. However, at $499 this thing is a game changer. People would buy it just for the novelty factor alone (I know Ed Lau would). At this price, Apple is going to sell millions of these things and it’s going to create a whole new revenue channel for them not just in iPad sales, but book sales as well. The iPad could do for books what the iPod did for music.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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  1. Michael Kwan says:

    My reaction to the iPad is much like my reaction to other “monumental” Apple announcements. I think it’s a neat toy and I wouldn’t mind having one, but i have a hard time justifying the purchase. A free one, on the other hand….

    1. I agree with you, Michael! Whether the general populace are going to feel the same remains to be seen. The price is not too bad, and I expect future incarnations of the iPad to be more versatile however.

      1. They fix the price bracket in such way that a normal high school going student can expect it.

        So in this way they are playing the game of large quantity with less profit.

        1. Yes. I believe now more people can own a Mac product. More and more are turning to Mac due to its affordability.

  2. I have to agree, for 499, I would get the ipad just for reading ebooks, browsing the web, reading blogs,tweet, and creeping on facebook.

    1. Matt Coddington says:

      It’s $499 with a monstrous contract and very wimpy storage space.

      When you actually look at the pricing this thing is WAY more than any netbook that does twice as much. And is definitely WAY more than the Kindle.

      But people will buy it because they think they need one.

      1. And main reason is this thing got the tag of APPLE … that is also a big factor, do not forget it.

      2. Actually, that’s completely incorrect. There’s NO contract on any of the iPads’ pricing, and the $499 one doesn’t even have 3G. The 3G models cost more than the WiFi only models, and the service is $29.99 unlimited data with no contract – start and stop any time right from the device (like prepaid basically).

        Also, you should be comparing it to the Kindle DX – which is only $10 less than the iPad, and only does one thing.

        Perhaps you should actually read the link you posted? 😐

      3. this thing is weak…no multitask, aspect ratio should have been set for widescreen, and no camera, and design looks like a stretched out iphone.

        they could have done better honestly – and we all know it

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    Also, the reason why most $1000+ laptops sold are Apple is that most people don’t need a higher-end notebook. They’re perfectly satisfied with their $600 Dell 15.4-inchers for day-to-day use. By contrast, if you want an Apple, you’ll be hard pressed to find a MacBook for less than $1000 since 90% of the line is above that mark.

    1. John Chow says:

      The problem is Netbooks are taking sales away from laptop instead of adding to it as was originally planned. The netbook was suppose to be a nice easy to use device that ran Linux. What is it now? A cheap laptop that runs Windows. This is a mistake that Apple doesn’t want to make with the iPad. I’ve never seen anyone carrying a laptop and a netbook at the same time but I can see people with a Macbook and an iPad at the same time (and an iPhone).

      1. Ed Lau says:

        I want function. I don’t want cheap. I could care less about cheap. Lop the keyboard off a MacBook Air and charge me $2000, dammit!

        I’ll probably still buy an iPad but I’m still disappointed by the lack of features. As you said, at $499, how can you resist?

      2. Michael Kwan says:

        You’re not supposed to carry the laptop and a netbook at the same time, since the netbook is a supplementary product. When I went to E3 last year, I kept my laptop in the hotel room and brought my netbook to the press room.

    2. Ed Lau says:

      Those $600 Dell laptops are useless. It boggles my mind to know that people even bother with them.

      1. Gary says:

        Agree. Why even bother with a cheap ass Dell that will have hardware failure due to WinXP/Vista/Win7. Yuck.

      2. Michael Kwan says:

        I got my Dell about three years ago for just a touch over $600 and it has served me well. I’m due for an upgrade, naturally, but it has been cheap and reliable.

      3. I’ve had a Dell XPS for 5 years. Still runs beautifully.

        1. fas says:

          Apple fan boys stop talking bad about Dell and the rest. Apple makes good products agreed, but windows and PC is preferred by many due to the ease of use.

          P.S I use an iPhone and am buying a Macbook Pro. So its not that I am biased against Apple.

          1. Ed Lau says:

            By ease of use, you mean having to deal with DLLs, drivers, uninstalls, and BSODs, right?

            Dell makes good products…but the ones that cost $600 aren’t them. I used to have a higher end Dell that was awesome but…well, cheap laptop is cheap.

        2. I agree, the XPS line of Dell laptops are great, but they also cost more than $600…

  4. Agree with your analysis here, and I totally want one. But for a real sit-down reading session, I feel like the Kindle will still be the better tool. I’m in front of a backlit screen all day for work, when I settle down at night to read I want to rest my eyes!

  5. Stephen says:

    The iPad promises the best web experience, yet is broken (No Flash). See the Keynote during the NY Times Demo. No matter what you think about Flash, the best complete web experience today includes flash. Not BETA HTML5 etc etc.

    The iPad promises video and pictures. Well, you have to buy the videos and you can’t upload your own pics or videos directly because it has no card reader or USB. No Bluetooth either for this purpose. Not that mobile. Can’t even take your own pictures or video on device because it has no camera.

    You can’t multitask so you can watch a movie and do something else like surf the web or email. Really basic things that we do every day.

    The mobile experience will only be complete with the purchase of MobileME (another $100).

    It’s pretty much a very expensive touch screen picture frame. For $499, there are many subsittutes.

    Looking forward to the Android powered tablets that address all these issues and will allow me to have all the apps I use by simply logging into my Google account on device. Nice.

    1. HTML5 is not beta, it’s a widely, party supported standard. Also, Apple is supporting an open standard web, which is a great thing.

      Also, Apple has listed two accessories to import photos from a digital camera (via a USB port) or from an SD card. They’re at the bottom of the specs page, I believe.

    2. Aaron says:

      You don’t have to buy videos. Just convert you .avis and other formats with handbrake or a similar program. Then drop in iTunes and sync. I do it with my iPhone all the time. Video is no different than music in iTunes.

      1. max says:

        That’s exactly why I don’t use my iPod or iPod Touch because converting is too time consuming. I believe Apple needs to support MP3s and other world standards. There’s absolutely no reason why they can’t, it’s just they are too greedy to make money if people use iTunes to buy music and vids. That makes it more incovenient for me to buy more Apple stuff or like them. Well, just my 2 cents. If Apple wasn’t so greedy, I would love to buy they products that can play MP3s. I think iPods are the only music players in the world that can’t play MP3s. It’s not that hard you know to do. Steve Jobs = Too greedy and will haunt him later on when Android keeps taking more market share just like when Windows took over Macs back in the 90s.

        1. John Chow says:

          Umm, the iPod does play MP3. Always had. The iPad will play MP3 as well.

        2. Ed Lau says:

          Have you been living under a rock? iPods have played MP3s since…uh…have they ever NOT played MP3s?

        3. Wow. I’m always amazed when I read the “anti-Apple” comments online – they are almost never based on fact and are just parroting incorrect information. iPods not supporting MP3s? LOL They’ve supported MP3s since 2001 – as in always.

      2. Stephen says:

        It’s supposed to be a device that “bridges” the iPhone to the Mac. Putting in these artificial limits are lame.The bridge is essentially broken then.

        Support the standards like Flash and MP3. Deprecate them once they become unpopular.

        @matt freedman – Yes, saw those pop up, but that’s such a cop out feature that should actually be onboard a device that bridges your iPhone to your desktop or notebook. A bridge carries something to a destination. Without built in hardware for import, that’s kind of dumb. If it had that built right in, it’d be acceptable, even as a photography or video tool that allowed you to upload to your cloud via MobileMe (another $100 bucks) for later use and editing via your desktop or notebook.

    3. Michael Kwan says:

      I don’t mind the lack of a camera, but the lack of multi-tasking is a real pain. When smartphones can multitask, I don’t see why something like the iPad can’t. If it is truly a huge iPod touch, then I don’t mind the lack of SD/USB either, but as a big photo frame-like device, I think an SD slot would be very helpful.

  6. kellex says:

    Only 4 Kindle affiliate links in there? You couldn’t squeeze in a couple more?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s automatic. I don’t even have to link them. The plugin does it for me. πŸ™‚

      1. Fique says:

        In future all your words in a single post will be in an underline with blue font color.

      2. lolz!! thats a great plug in John

        1. Buy it through John affiliate link … lollzzz

          1. Fique says:

            Yeah… The plugin also penetrate in comment section. Wondering how its work actually. πŸ™‚

  7. Marquelle says:

    Hmm…think the MacBook Air is still a better mobile kit of choice…

  8. Hardeep says:


    I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but when i’m sitting at home on my computer, i have multiple things going on at once..

    Web browser, twitter widget, 2 messenger programs, and usually some music playing in the background. This iPad would limit me to only one thing at a time, seems pretty lame to me.

    Check out the Archos 9 Tablet. It has a camera for video conferencing, it runs Windows 7 with all of its functionality including Flash. I can run all the things I want at once. It has bluetooth, I can play all my torrented divx movies on there. It does everything that the iPad says “iCant” to.

    1. Aaron says:

      That’s the problem right there. Your comparing it to your home desktop. It’s not a computer, it’s not a phone…. Why is that not translating for some?. If you want a MacBook touch, your talking about another 500 to 1000 tagged onto the price.

      I agree that this kind of device would be great, but this is a business tactic. Making something that is as simple and fast as an iPhone for people who don’t know how to use a mac is a good idea… hopefully it will be a success.

      Unfortunatly all the 133t sn1p3rs out there are mad that it won’t run their full version of CS

      1. max says:

        Then again, it IS a computer, Apple is just trying to market it as something else. Bottom line, it’s an overmarketed netbook tablet that can’t multi-task. I am sure Apple will come up with a way to market the iPad but as far as I am concerned, my money is better in my bank for something else. Well…

        1. @ Hardeep

          There is no point of comparison here … do you compare yourself with a girl or with donkey.

          No why because there is no room of comparison at there.

  9. I think the iPad kicks ass. I’ll buy one as soon as it comes out. I’m already working details to have a friend buy one for me and ship it overseas.

  10. nada says:

    new competitor has come
    let see whos the winner

  11. Eric Transue says:

    John, great post, however I’m still on the fence with this one.

    I was recently looking at eReaders such as the Nook and Kindle and decided to wait and see what Apple had to offer. Although, I think the iPad will be a better decision for me, I know it could have been so much more.

    Allowing more than one App to run at a time would be huge. Who knows…the first iPhone didn’t launch with Apps you could purchase, so maybe more features(background apps) will be added after it’s release.

    1. Yes that is quite possible. Apple can add more options but to make it more attractive this version have to be flop as well … lollzz

  12. It does look like a pretty smooth ride!

  13. WOW is that a computer? Apple products roc s!!

    1. Well surprise to see that you are asking about this product.

      Have a look at here to get more information about this …

  14. I find that many bloggers write about ipad. It seems that ipad great tools to do border-less and timeless blogging. πŸ˜€

    1. Yes main competition of Ipad is netbook because people are thinking that they can do more with netbook.

  15. chester says:

    It is a Kindle DX killer no doubt but I think that it’s still in its infancy and still has a lot of features lacking like multitasking.

  16. max says:

    Sorry John, I can’t agree with you on this one, iPad is a complete failure, there’s no Flash + no multi-tasking. There’s a ton of netbook tablets that might not have the same look and feel but about the same price.

    HOWEVER, if Apple improves on those things, I would say it’s a great device. Until there, I’m giving it my 2010 crapware of the year that no one needs.

    I also wish it had a physical keyboard, I don’t know how you can every type on that, you would have to break your back to bend over. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Stephen says:

      It lacks a lot of things that it was promised to be (best web experience today not possible no Flash). But it does have a physical keyboard available at extra cost, albeit a very after thought looking, non Mac industrial design approach. Definitely not congruent with its usual design standards. Speaking of non congruent, the USB and card reader should have been standard for a devices that bridges the iPhone and the Mac. A silly wart of an attachment is highly consistent with a rushed end product to appease shareholders.

      Still looking forward to seeing Android Tablets come out. The only thing that keeps Google from pulling out all stops are their own values which prevent them from doing evil. Come on Google! Be Evil! πŸ™‚

      1. John Chow says:

        The Android Tablets will sell about as well as the MS Zune. πŸ™‚

      2. Sam Chan says:

        man you’re obsessed with those android tablets. u can’t stop talking about them for a second!

        1. Stephen says:

          The OS is going to be great. In a tablet format and very useful. A true bridge between mobile phone and desktop while taking advantage of cloud based services πŸ™‚

  17. Mjuboy says:

    Agreeing with some people above, my opinion does differ from yours John. The Apple iPad seems like a rushed product from Apple and does not have enough features to sway a person familiar with computers to buy it. But dont get me wrong, it will sell millions, purely because its from Apple but its not worth with the money, even if its really cheap.

  18. The only thing missing from the iPad is that scary ‘apple’ button that they used to have on the keyboards back in the 80’s.

    You know, the one that if you so much as looked at it the wrong way it wiped out the entire drive.

    Apple in the 90’s finally realized that they couldn’t have products doing this (especially packaging them with monitors that said ‘radiation’ on the back) so they started making those goofy color schemed desktops which were slower than all shit.

    They make their sales based on teen girls emotions about the colors in which they are provided in.

    To make a comparison, the iPod does not hold a candle to the Creative ZEN X-Fi with Wireless LAN

    Reason why ZEN isn’t out there more is because creative does not market it to the fruity masses. It’s marketed to tech savvy individuals and professionals. School girls have no idea what it is! Nor would they even fully utilize it.

    1. Sorry meant to say ZEN X-Fi2

    2. Sam Chan says:

      Tons of ‘school girls’ use creative mp3 players. They call them: “the cheap music thing my parents got me instead of an ipod”.

      I sold mp3 players for 2 years and as much as i’d like to have pushed creative, zune, sansa, archos to others (they all paid better commission than the ipod), none of them together could hold their chops compared to the ipod.

      I spent hours trying to sell them on more features, more memories, more battery life , and at the end they always say: “ehhh I think I’ll try the ipod first”

      say what you will about my sales tactics, but whatever apple does works, and works very well.

      1. what is it with the iPods? They suck. I’d rather have drag and drop ANY DAY over the stupid Syncing process that Apple makes you go through.

    3. John Chow says:

      It’s call Mindshare. Apples has it, Creative doesn’t and that means it doesn’t matter how much better a ZEN is, it will not beat the iPod in the eyes of the consumer. And the consumer is the one who ultimately decides if a product is a win or a lost.

      My Macbook Pro cost twice as much as a normal Windows laptops. For the same price as the Macbook, I could get a way more powerful Winbook but I don’t because it’s about more than just “tech spec” and “bench racing.”

      1. What is the MacBook Pro about then? The look? Sorry, but I’ve never understood the appeal of Apple products.

  19. Another eye catching product from Apple. Would love to explore myself and than I will tell you.

    At the moment there are many positive and negative feedbacks are coming for iPad.

    1. unfortunately negative feedbacks are more than ppositive

  20. Troy says:

    Webpronews dissagrees, but I think the iPad has it’s place depending on what you need it for.


  21. Free iPad says:

    I think the price is the only chance Apple have of making this a success. I’m certain that if it was slightly more expensive, it would fail, as it offers nothing new. The price it will retail at has brought the iPad into the ‘impulse purchase zone, and this may just save Apple’s skin.

    1. Certainly Apple knows the beats of market very well and knows how it works. So according to that they have set the price and everything.

    2. Free iPad says:

      I’m just glad that Apple have finally realised that we all don’t have bags of cash and have given those of us with mediocre incomes an option. Those who want to spend big bucks on teh new iPad can do so with the upgrades available, but the base model is not out of reach for most people. I think that a lower value alternative was what was always missing to a certain degree with the iPhone.

  22. iPad is well squeezed between the iPhone and Macbook, but still lacks features like multitasking, camera, big ugly keyboard, and most important NO FLASH.

    But in comparison with Kindle its really worth to buy it(just for $10 more). Now lets keep a close watch on Amazons’s move now

    1. Yes when you compare with those products which are close to this than you will find it more attractive.

      There is no point to compare it with laptop or netbook.

  23. as many have stated the lack of flash is annoying although i’m sure that will be remedied

    but the adapters needed for usb and memory card that is just over the top for me maybe i will wait for the second generation to come out with apple that should be in . . . . . a couple days anyway

  24. Andre says:

    iPad is useless for most people. It doesn’t serve the practical purposes of a laptop or an iphone. If i want to read books off a bright screen I can just use my phone or laptop. Maybe the ipad wont cannibalize macbook sales but it came at the cost of a useful device.

    1. Again you guys are comparing it with laptop and other gadgets.

      1. Because laptops and iPhones have a use. If the tablet isn’t another gadget…then what it’s for…to stare at?

  25. Apple continues to innovate. Amazon absolutely should be afraid for its Kindle enterprise……Apple hasn’t lost many battles in the past decade!

  26. I have loved every Mac device I have bought. I’ll buy this one too. Few companies deliver like Mac does, especially in this economy.

  27. So you think that the iPad will be a success simply because it beats out the Kindle as a reader? Im not really sure. I think this is the first time in a long time that apple is going to miss on a product. Its just a larger iPhone, but with less capability and more expensive. And its far less than a laptop.

  28. S Ahsan says:

    How does apple get left behind with the cameras. I was at least expecting that in the ipad.

    For now its more like ipad = rock πŸ˜‰

  29. The iPad won’t replace the ebook reader. Eye strain is a major factor as well as battery life. Yeah, its just a few bucks more than a Kindle, but those are overpriced. You can get a good ebook reader for $100 less.

  30. Ah, an impulse purchase huh? I better stay away from this. Impulse decisions are how I got my flat screen TV and all the game consoles I don’t have time to use anymore πŸ˜›

  31. I love it, apart from FLash not being on it. It might be a technology that’s on it’s way out, currently it isn’t yet. So it would be nice to have that on there.
    Besides that this machine is very impressive!

  32. Glenn Magas says:

    My first reaction to the iPad was, iPAD!!!??? Okay, so we learned to live with the Newton, er… or we didn’t. But we did learn to live with the iPod – an odd name for a music machine at the time. So we’ll get over the fact that the iPad is not called an iSlate or an iTablet but an iPad that we can carry in our iPurse.

    So that was my first reaction to its debut. The next – should I spend $300+ on the Nook and some books tonight?

    Well, considering the Nook is cheaper, but does less, and the iPad does more, but costs a whole lot more, did not help me balance the options.

    I want an iPad but I bought a Nook and have 14 days to play with it before I decide on keeping it, The iPad will do what the Nook does but more. The iPad will do less than my MacBook though and I can’t see myself carrying a Nook, iPad and a MacBook around or my iBack will give out sooner than later.

    What I’m trying to say in less than 400 words is, I want but I might not have.

  33. Peter says:

    This will be probably another success. Many people will buy it. I know exactly what you mean by impulse purchase I bought Xbox360 and I really don’t know why or how:))

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