My Web Marketing Tornado Funnels $50k Your Way

Readers of this blog are likely very interested in how to make money online. You may have already tried your hand at a few different tactics and you may have enjoyed varying levels of success. Whatever the case, you might be working toward quitting the day job and pursuing some form of Internet marketing full-time. The struggle, of course, is making enough money to do that.

Well, that’s where you might want to turn your attention to My Web Marketing Tornado. This is an Internet marketing course offered by a guy named Eric Louviere and it serves as the subject of today’s review. We’ll take a look at what kind of training you can expect and whether it is worth the monthly membership fee.

Entering the Members Area

After going through that really long sales page and signing up, you gain access to the remarkably simple members area. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, because there is actually a lot of content here.

For now, all of the content can be found through the downloads section, though there is a section called affiliate tools that says it will be populated soon. Basically, My Web Marketing Tornado is an online course that provides the blueprint “to make $50k online from home.”

Curiously, neither the sales page nor the members area itself really provides any details as to what you’ll be doing to make that $50k. It’s only when you get into the training material itself that you start to see something.

Over Ten Hours of Video Tutorials

If you go to the download page right now, you’ll see that it is only populated with the material for the first month, as well as a “7 Secret Insights Free Report.” The assumption is that each successive month will grant you access to even more content, furthering your training in how to make money on the Internet.

The course materials consist of training videos that you must download locally to your computer. I find it somewhat curious that the video content is not embedded and streaming directly from the site, but it does mean that it is very easy for you to watch the videos offline on your own time. There are ten parts to the first month of training and each part contains a video that is about one hour long.

So, how do you actually make the $50k online from home? The first video lists a few “avenues” that you can take, including building lists, creating products, promoting affiliate products, offering services, developing membership sites, and more. The key, he says, is to find one and focus on it. You want to “get 90% good” at one thing rather than “get 10% good” at several things.

This Is Nothing New

Two things struck me as somewhat curious about the training videos. First, they’re dated in March 2010, meaning that you are getting a course that was originally developed over a year and a half ago. The concepts are partly evergreen, but you do need to bear that in mind when considering this product.

Second, the presentations are very simple in scope. Basically, you are following along with a PowerPoint presentation that has voiceover instruction. He takes out the pencil utility from time to time, but it adds little to the instruction. As far as the course material itself, it felt quite rudimentary and superficial. To be fair, this is only the first month of training.

It’s Neither Simple Nor Easy

Since I am a freelance writer myself, I took mild exception to an early part in the first training video. In it, Mr. Louviere states:

“It’s a very easy, easy, easy way to make money. I mean, anyone can do it. I like to say a drunk monkey with blindfolded [sic] with their hands tied behind their backs can make money freelancing and brokering. So, that’s not difficult at all.”

That’s insulting and offensive to professional freelancers like me. I agree that some freelancing can help supplement your income, but don’t expect the money to come easily. Similarly, freelancing shouldn’t be perceived as some “side project” to tie you over while you pursue other Internet ventures.

Going through the early part of the training, the “secret formula” being touted is a familiar one: build your list by offering a free product through a squeeze page; develop a product that you can sell and then publish a sales page; follow-up the sales page with upsell and downsell offers; tweak, rinse, and repeat as needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

The training program offered by My Web Marketing Tornado doesn’t seem all that original, but more in-depth and unique knowledge may be shared beyond the first month. It’s hard to say. If you are willing to give it a try, membership costs $47 per month and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


51 thoughts on “My Web Marketing Tornado Funnels $50k Your Way”

  1. fazal mayar says:

    thats a good review, freelancing is no joke and can also be a career and you can ask some 5 figure monthly freelancers that

    1. Hey Michael,

      I agree with the previous comment. Your review is nice and balanced. It’s always very suspicious when someone says how easy it is to make money online.

      And saying that a monkey can do it is just ridiculous. Sales letters like that are an insult to anyone’s intelligence, even to that of a trained monkey.

      Yes, nobody wants to hear that it takes tons of hard work. I believe that it should still be said though because it’s the truth.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      To be honest, I found out that this kind of training is always the same. It’s all about creating products, email list building, making a good sales page, and pretty much everything we already know since the day one. They just told us again with different words, that’s all.

      1. Party Ideas says:

        Yeah Erwin you have deeply gone & then very well said that it’s all about creating products, email list building.Impressed.

  2. If it is really good and lives upto what it claims then it’s a steal at $47!

    1. Dealbulous says:

      $47 is reasonable in my opinion too. have you purchase your copy?

      1. No matter how much I want to go by it, unfortunately I don’t have time for something like this.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I agree, with limited time it often makes more sense to just do it versus going thru more training materials.

          1. Erwin Miradi says:

            Yeah. It’s all the same material all over again. You can even read some of the material for free in the internet.

      2. Cheolsu says:

        There are so many free material/blogs on the internet. That said, $47 is reasonable.

    2. They just want to pull you on a course that never ends and you pay nice $ 47 every month.

      1. Is it just me or is the information shared on training sites like this basically the same as what you can Google your way to? I may be wrong though.

        1. fazal mayar says:

          yes the problem with some paid courses or stuff is that you can get that information for free 🙂

          1. Erwin Miradi says:

            Haha.. I like the idea, Fazal.

    3. Party Ideas says:

      Yeah $47 that’s a worth accepted price.

  3. Edgar says:

    I dont trust websites like this. I feel like I will get black book by Google.

    1. What website do you mean? The membership site?

  4. Offline job is really worthy one which help us to earn some income

    1. iklan says:

      Yeah, we need some amaunt of money before kickstarting making money online.

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Yeah I agree.. If what you mean was we got to have some money to invest first.

  5. Good Collection and great presentation.

  6. freelancing its not an easy task has u have figure out the right way

    1. If you’re good at the jobs you choose to freelance, it’s easy, but getting the jobs can be harder. Quite a challange actually unless you know the tricks of the trade.

  7. Dealbulous says:

    since it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, i dun mind to give it a try 🙂 too many such information on the internet now.

    1. What is the guarantee for “30 days Money Back Guarantee”.

  8. Looks like a good product and reasonable price

  9. I am soon going to leave my regular day job and will start working as full time freelancer. And I am going to have 3-4 times more income as compared to my daily job.
    Although there is an uncertainty factor involved in freelancer, but looking at high income the risk can be happily taken.
    Anyway. Nice review and information and useful for whom who are very eager to make money online.

    1. Good luck Ritesh. Being your own boss can be really great and rewarding.

    2. Good luck and I hope it go well for you.

    3. Erwin Miradi says:

      Go for it and good luck. I personally think that being your own boss is a lot better than working for someone else.

    4. aatif says:

      I am student and also planning to make my career in blogging and online money making 🙂 i want to be my own boss.

  10. thanks for the review but I have already wasted lot’s of money on this type of training program they are not worth it

  11. fas says:

    But does it deliver as promised so easily?

  12. A well written review there. Anyone have any experience with the training offered?

  13. I like the money back guaranty and now a days it is a must have policy.

  14. hard work and sharp work and good presentation is most important for more earning so be careful.

  15. Sounds like a good product. Just prove it to see how it works.

  16. Nice Presentation and good work.

  17. Presentation is more needed for earning

  18. PPC Ian says:

    I want $50k, please send it my way! 🙂

  19. Prashawn says:

    Great information. It teaches how to make 50K? that is a great initiative from the developers of the product. I am sure there are info hungry people who want to sign up because there are lots of work to do to make 50K online. And having a manual how to do it is quite a relief. I know it can be stinking when you promise people the world and empty promises can leave a merchant to shame. I believe that this product is fresh and it is really inviting newbie money makers to sign up.

  20. great presentation and thank you for it.

  21. panax says:

    beautiful but very complex themes. Is there a plug-in SEO?

  22. Party Ideas says:

    Love the all product..!

    1. aatif says:

      Have you bought it ?

  23. Party Ideas says:

    Yeah i read your entire post & i would love to this point this is an Internet marketing course offered by a guy named Eric Louviere and it serves as the subject of today’s review. thanks for the sharing.

  24. Great and quality writing.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I think this was a good, fair review. I like the fact that it was pointed out, that in this first month of training, there is nothing new here. I have found that if there is something I want to learn how to do, I can usually do a Google search and find tons of information for free. Tools to help you to do something, or to save time I will pay for!

  26. Eric Louvière is a great marketer… In fact I just purchased a product from him a couple of months back; I don’t remember the name of it (all I know is he released it with Bill McIntosh – 1 of my favorite marketers)… He gives good content – only thing is, I wish his content wasn’t just inside never-ending membership continuity programs.

    Woaw. I just realized how many hours I spent on this site… Maybe I should step away from the computer and come back tomorrow. I live for this stuff 😀

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