MyAvatars Finally Updates Their Plugin

I wrote about MyAvatars For MyBlogLog back in February. The WordPress Plugin shows MyBlogLog avatars in the blog comments so you can put a face to the commentator as well as the recent readers. The plugin is very popular and used by a tons of blog. However, over the months, MyBlogLog updated their site a few times and that created some conflicts with MyAvatars. I was getting many red X where the pictures should go. Fortunately, has released an update that fixed all the known issue. Among the new features are:

  • Added nofollow for avatars (from 0.2b)
  • “No image bug” solved (from 0.2b)
  • Title attribute for avatars in english (from 0.2b)
  • “Big images” bug fixed (from 0.2a)
  • Improved XHTML validation (but we still use onload=””) (from 0.2)
  • Gravatar support (not active by default) (from 0.2)
  • Trackbacks/Pingback support (from 0.2)
  • Support for blogs with more than 1 author, works very well (from 0.2)
  • Separated CSS Style (from 0.2)
  • Email address is now safe!!! (from 0.2)
  • Customizable title for the avatars (from 0.2)
  • Gets MyBlogLog avatars of your commenters
  • Links directly to their MyBlogLog profiles
  • Easy installation & template integration
  • Added email support for retrieving profiles (from 0.1a)
  • If not MyBlogLog member will prompt the registration page (from 0.1a)

Upgrading to the new MyAvatars plugins is extremely easy – just upload and replace the old files if you’re upgrading from MyAvatars 0.2a. If you are upgrading from MyAvatars 0.1a, you may want to read the instructions first.

34 thoughts on “MyAvatars Finally Updates Their Plugin”

  1. chtanxw says:

    Everthing will improve gradually…!

  2. blogcrowds says:

    Is MyAvatar created by MyBlogLog? This probably generate more traffic for MyBlogLog than their recent reader widget.

    1. Napolux says:

      Nope. I’ve made MyAvatars “hacking” the avatar server of MyBlogLog.

      The MBL staff knows about the plugin (they gave me some good advices in 1st stages of development), they even talk of it in the MBL blog.


      1. Freebies says:

        That’s cool that the MBL people helped you out a little. Nice to know they aren’t threatening to shut down the app somehow or something.

  3. bob cobb says:

    Of course, I installed .2a yesterday for the first time! I guess Ill go upgrade now, I did notice some problems.

    1. Yeah, I just installed it too. The upgrade went smooth though so that is good.

    2. Lewis Empire says:

      What type of problems did you notice? I’m going to be installing soon as well.

  4. Anraiki says:

    I am still confuzzle with this MyBloglog

    1. Pam Hoffman says:

      That makes two of us. Now I don’t feel so bad.

      BTW, Thanks for this article John. I remember asking about the avatar in a past post. I actually made some progress on my own.

      I went to look for an answer to this question there the other day. It’s a little time consuming (for me anyway) to go back and find those past comments I left to see if there was a response of any sort.

      Anyone have a good method for doing that? I tried the search box at the top. I did a google search. I finally found SOME of what I posted in the past.

      I never did find the comment I left and which this post seems to answer.


      Pam Hoffman

      p.s. Kontera is edging out adsense on my blog – i’m excited!!

      1. Tyler Cruz says:

        How come his image is broken? And I still get JS errors from the plugin….

        1. Pam Hoffman says:

          I TRIED to upload my picture to mybloglog at least twice. It wouldn’t take the image (which is working everywhere else!) and it wouldn’t say why it wouldn’t take it.

          I used a truncated version of a large photo taken with my, then, brand new digital camera.

          You can see it on my blog. I’ve used it on, on my blog, on myspace and many others I don’t even remember any more – OH, was one.

          mybloglog is not immediately intuitive and I haven’t been back to see what I could learn and do.

          Anyone have a tutorial or a video to watch?



    2. Cash Quests says:

      Perhaps if you asked a question, someone here would be able to help you!!

    3. I really don’t get MyBlogLog too much yet either, but it’s really cool to add a face/picture to a comment. Makes commenting more fun, and I think it looks better too. I need to get on MyBlogLog for a bit and see what all you can do there. It looks like it has stats for your blog if you have it installed.

  5. Casey says:

    Hopefully this update will solve the problem I’m having with the plugin. 💡

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      What problems are you having right now?

  6. Dave says:

    Awesome, much needed upgrade!

  7. simon says:

    Good news ❗

  8. Enkay Blog says:

    Saw this update in the morning when I was looking for Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin. Im upgraded already!

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      Brian’s threaded comments is good but I had a few issues with installing it then integrating Notification of comments by email.

  9. I think you spelled the MyAvatars developer website incorrectly. I couldn’t find it in google. It think it should be

  10. Good news, just upgraded 🙂

  11. tallfreak says:

    Thanks so much for the update! I love the myavatars plugin. Why doesn’t everyone get a mybloglog account? I mean what year is this? lol

  12. Mybloggo says:

    Awesome,i now is going to upgrade it………

  13. simon says:

    I just installed MyAvatars plugin in my Chinese blog: Make money with AdSense. It works great! Thanks John again :mrgreen:

  14. Jason says:

    Nice, I’ve been curious of how to do this.

  15. Lewis Empire says:

    This plugin helps new readers get a sense of the people who are reading your site. I like seeing the images on the comments.

  16. Rhys says:

    Face of your readers? Pish. Looking down half of you have something other than faces, myself included!

  17. Minty Blog says:

    Woot an update i hated the manual integration as the plugin didn’t work for me many times and i just removed the plugin lol , i will try this updated one

  18. BrittMalka says:

    I wonder if it works now for me as well 😈

    1. BrittMalka says:

      Nope, still not my photo. I must be too ugly for John Chow. 🙄

  19. I’m working on my avatar.. still working…

  20. w2look says:

    My image works just fine with MyBlogLog as you may be able to see in the recent readers blocl in the sidebar here, but it doesn’t seem to work in posts. Does anyone know why?

  21. w2look says:

    I think I figured it out. My website in my WordPres profile wasn’t set to my blog URL. It was set to my homepage URL.

  22. andy says:

    Just trying to see if it works. 🙂

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