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Some people call it social networking. Other people refer to it as online communities. Whatever label you want, this phenomenon seems to have really picked up in steam lately and folks want to share more than just words. They want to connect with other people, sharing their pictures, videos, and other multimedia.

When it comes to photo sharing, Flickr is probably the first site that comes to mind, but the subject of this reviewMyShots — is designed to provide a comprehensive community for photographers and other photo enthusiasts.

Free Photography Community

By and large, people visit Flickr and just have a look at the various user’s photo streams. They do say that pictures are worth a thousand words, after all. MyShots does the same thing and you can surf through tons of cool photos, each of which comes with its own page. As with other photo sites, each photo page — like this one — comes with a certain amount of information.


You get a title, description, keywords, and information about the license. Some photos have a standard image license, which more or less means that it is free to use. Others are a little more specific as to what kind of restrictions there are, but most make use of some Creative Commons license. Registered users can rate every photo as well.

But that’s only the tip of the free photo community iceberg.

Going Beyond Flickr

As mentioned, all services on are completely free. They don’t even limit the size of your account, meaning that you can literally upload an unlimited number of photos. Assuming that their website manages to stay alive for a while, it means that MyShots could serve as a decent backup resource for family photos and other pictures that you have taken. I know many people who have decided to do something similar with Flickr.

And MyShots isn’t just for pros either. In fact, in the email that John received, the guy behind MyShots said that the site has an active community of “more than 3000 members — mostly amateur and semi-professional photographers.” They’re just people like you and me; no need to feel intimidated. Even if you’re totally new to photography, there are a handful of photography tutorials for you to enjoy.


These tutorials range from understanding white balance to improving your outdoor photos. Heck, there’s even a PhotoShop tutorial for replacing objects in images. I found the lessons to be terribly short, so I hope that future tutorials are a little more comprehensive while retaining their approachability.

Profiles, Forums, and Blogs

Despite having a relatively clean web 2.0 interface and appearance, MyShots actually has quite a bit going for it in terms of functionality. You get the aforementioned tutorials and limitless account, but there’s a whole online community thing going on too. Each user gets their own profile page for starters, just as they would on popular social networking sites.


Other niceties include an online portfolio, a forums section, a personal message feature, and a friends system, as well as a personal blog for each user to update their photographic progress and shooting opportunities. There are also monthly competitions where “members can win great prizes by submitting their photo on a particular subject that changes every month.” The December competition focuses on crowds pictures, whereas previous contests had macros and serenity themes.

Free to Use, Free to Share

I like the concept behind MyShots and it’s great that they offer a series of features that you may not find on another photography website. So many other sites focus completely on the pictures and not so much on the people behind them. There’s also less of a sense of community on other sites, despite have user profiles and such.

MyShots has done a great job in melding photographic enthusiasm with social networking. I imagine that as the site grows, just as Facebook did, more applications and more interactivity will be added. The foundation is there. Now they just need to grow it. And monetize it.

34 thoughts on “MyShots Shares Your Photo Shots Online For Free”

  1. Karol Krizka says:

    Seems like a cool site. I have several photographer friends, so I will tell them to check it out. 😛

    1. Slightly off topic, but I think that bloggers in general under utilize photos. A good photo with a post can be exactly what’s needed to make a post go from interesting to must read. It’s like a headline. A good photo can get a person to read and hopefully your writing is good enough that it will keep them from there.

      1. <3 Flickr’s use of Creative Commons.

      2. You are absolutely right about that.Using photos or any type of graph in a post to better explain something helps way much more than thousand of words.

  2. Contest Beat says:

    Yeah nice site, hope it does well

  3. Quite a nice photography site…might get my sister onto it (she’s looking to be become a professional photographer).
    ~ Dave

  4. Famefire says:

    Dear John, the post is nice and you have given a detail information of the site. The good things in this site are:
    1. Unlimited space for account to upload photos
    2. User friendly tutorial
    3. Neat and clean appearance
    3. Forums and Blogs
    4. Community or Sharing features.
    5. Photo Rating facilities
    This is a very nice review.

    Now so many internet users / bloggers like you and me are earning money by sharing or selling their photos to various photo sites. Please let me know if MyShot.Com is offering such kind of features? 🙂

  5. wow, some stunning pics on the site!

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      A very nice site indeed, and that are some stunning pictures.

  6. Joel says:

    Pics are great. Are you sure they are mostly amateur and semi-professional photographers? Looks like professionals to me.

  7. Bhavika says:

    This is a nice service, but Photrade is even better. You Get Paid for Every VIEW of your photos, Get Paid for Every CLICK of your photos, Get Paid when anyone LINKS to your photos (coming soon), Name your price for your PRINTS (Don’t worry – we do the printing/shipping), Name your price for the DIGITAL RIGHTS of your photo. So far this service is only by invite, and I’ve managed to get one…so you can consider getting one soon!


    1. Famefire says:

      Its good information, earning money to view photos.

  8. Steve! says:

    Not very original, but cool all the same.

  9. Aww…another photo sharing site? Hmm 🙄

  10. Zac Johnson says:

    I’m already a “paid” member with Flickr, and I really like their services. I’ll check this one out and see how it compares.

  11. I hate when a company uses the term ‘unlimited.’ Nothing is ever unlimited especially considering what they offer is free. This is always a sign for me that a company is going to go under very soon.

  12. great, another picture sharing website.

  13. serge says:

    I went to and I think that it has real potential, even more now that you blogged it. I really think it has some features that other sites have but more than them. You would have to have accounts on multiple photo, blog, social networking, and the like to have what you have in one place like Myshots dot com.
    Great concept. Its about time someone put something together like this.

  14. ROTUS says:

    If I had paid $400 for a review I would be unhappy to find a paid text link to a competing website embedded in my article. Still, it may be worth the price.

    1. You pay for it knowing it’s not against the TOS. Meh

  15. Steve says:

    I think this is a great concept for a photo website but its not very original, but it could work.


  16. Steve says:

    Great photo website.


  17. Initially, I thought, “Oh joy, another photo sharing site”, but after I had a visit I’m pretty impressed with the quaity of the work. The shots seem to be of better quaity that what you generally see on Flickr.

  18. It seems that today, everyone is a photographer… Can anyone make a living off shooting picture anymore?

    Click for Nick

  19. hts says:

    good site for a photographers, especially. for the average user, I think flickr can’t be replaced 😀

  20. Seems pretty ok but I dont really take many photos.

  21. Fine. For photos and photographers. Anyway the information your provided is useful and I will try to follow it.Thank you.

  22. Our daughter has been working on a portfolio for a couple years now. She is on many of these communities along with some pro photographer boards to learn more about her chosen field. It really lifts her spirits when people comment on what great photos she takes seeing as she is only 17 and really has a pretty crappy camera to work with lol Actually she has even had comments that she is going to give some of them a run for their money when she finally does get a “good” digital camera, and we (her parents) think they are right!

    Ron Killian

  23. Mike Huang says:

    Another Flickr…


    1. Joel says:

      That’s the best description so far. :mrgreen:

  24. Binh says:

    I’ve always been looking for something like this to put my thousands of photos on. Thanks John, for sharing such great resource.

  25. thanks
    i will try it. 😉

  26. Seems cool. I like Flickr, but who knows? This site could eventually be pretty good as well.

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