National Philanthropy Day

As I have stated in my previous post, today is National Philanthropy Day as well as World Diabetes Day. To celebrate this day, Sarah and I attended the 2008 National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon at the Westin Bayshore Hotel. We were guests of the Union Gospel Mission and we thank them for inviting us.

What is National Philanthropy Day?

For almost 20 years, hundreds of communities across North America have come together to recognize the countless ways philanthropy has affected our world. National Philanthropy Day is celebrated by numerous fundraisers, government leaders, businesses and individuals who wish to honour all the contributions philanthropy has made. National Philanthropy Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of giving and all that it has accomplished, as well as what there still is to do. This year, tens of thousands of people will show the world that the spirit of giving is alive and well, and stronger than ever.

Through the countless acts of kindness we are showing — time and time again — that we can change the world. We can cure “incurable” diseases … we can feed the hungry … we can protect the environment … we can fight for just causes. We can teach our children — and teach them well.

The keynote speaker was Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money. Lynne has spent more than three decades working in positions of leadership with many global initiatives including: ending world hunger, protecting the world’s rainforests, empowering indigenous peoples, improving health, economic, and political conditions for women and children, advancing the scientific understanding of human consciousness, creating a sustainable future for all life. Her keynote was inspiring and earned her a standing ovation.

It was amazing to see the Grand Ballroom of the Western Bayshore filled with fund raisers and philanthropists. For anyone who thinks the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I can tell you with 100% confidence that it is not. They say all it takes for the forces of evil to rule the world is for a enough good people to do nothing. National Philanthropy Day tells me there are enough good people in this world and they are doing something.

My challenge to you on National Philanthropy Day: Stop doing nothing. You can change the world and make it a better place if you do something.

32 thoughts on “National Philanthropy Day”

  1. Study Babes says:

    i think maybe if you give some examples of things people can do, it would help to guide in the right direction 🙂

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      Some examples would be a great idea. If there was something simple i could do to help I would do it

      1. Mike Henry says:

        Bake a batch of muffins and give them to a soup kitchen. Have someone photograph you doing it. Submit to local paper as a press release and showcase on your website with your own vague call to action.

      2. John Chow says:

        Doing something could be as simple as picking up some litter off the street to building a new wing for a hospital.

    2. Hi, John. Enjoyed reading your inspiring blog. I do agree with you that we can do anything from the simplest thing to make a different and to help others. Thanks

  2. Shannon says:

    I would love it if you keep people posted on these type os events.


  3. Ryan McLean says:

    This is a really cool event. My grandmother had diabetes and that was not fun for her. Hopefully one day soon they can find a cure. That would be amazing

    1. I think they is no cure for diabetes

      1. Mike Henry says:

        Try to stop eating carbs. Exercise. Reduce processed sugars.

        1. Yup this help but not cure diabetes.

  4. Scott says:

    Hey John,
    This is a great blog story. It gives us all hope as well as a reason to become above average in our goals. You have done that for me and my wife as well by your free ebook. We are encouraged by your life and values and are starting down the same road.

  5. Yeah I agree with Scott, and all that he said. As usual your posts are always full of value. Thanks again John!

  6. Sam says:

    that’s awesome john, keep up the good work. i’m working on some big things on for fundraising as well, specifically for students. your work with UGM was definitely an inspiration. stay tuned this christmas!

  7. Thats a nice cause.. let everybody take an active part in this.

    BTW- u r getting lot of spams. 😡

  8. Önder says:

    “Stop doing nothing. You can change the world and make it a better place if you do something.” Great quote…

  9. i think National Philanthropy Day should be discussed more. Even poker players should give at least one percent of their winnings to some sort of charity.

  10. Sohail says:

    Yeah lots of SOMETHINGS make a change and doing our part we can change society

  11. Eric Tan says:

    EVERYDAY should be Philanthrophy Day!

  12. Thanks for keeping us posted on these events

  13. shun2u says:

    Good job Mr. Chow.

  14. maybe you can make a john chow philantrohpic day!

  15. BusinessX says:

    It’s time to revive the old Boy Scout Motto- “Do a good deed daily.” Thank you to John for leading the way, and opening the discussion.

  16. Raul says:

    Thanks for what you did to support Tanya’s efforts for Team Diabetes. You rock, John. You really do.

    1. uwak says:

      very good job…….diabetes very bad syndroms with many high risk disease like stroke and heart attack…..we must care about that

  17. Sohail says:

    I think I have the ultimate solution for you and stop you from tossing and turning at night.

  18. uwak says:

    thanks for nice postings……

  19. WE SHOULD ALL GIVE BACK!!! Great post!

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