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My friend Matt Coddington paged me on AIM to let me know that he recently launched a new blog call Net Business Blog and asked me to give it a plug. I said, “Sure! Give me money!” After all, I am the root of evil. 🙂

Net Business Blog has been online for less than a month but has attracted over 30,000 visitors in the last 10 days and RSS readership is up to 200 already. That’s a pretty good start no matter how you measure it. What is Net Business Blog all about?

The goal of this blog is to provide readers with real insight into the world of online business without the fluff. A lot of business blogs now have just become little more than advertising billboards, but what I hope to do different is give you information that you can actually use to startup or enhance your online business.

Matt is no stranger to the Internet world. He has been online since he was 15 years old. The 21-year-old web designer from Clinton, South Carolina is currently attending the University of South Carolina as a History major. He hopes to never use the degree and make his living online. That’s a good thing since I don’t know what kind job you can get with a history degree, except maybe for teach history.

Net Business Blog is very cleanly laid out and easy to navigate. However, there is a formatting error when viewed with IE6 – the right sidebar is pushed down below the posts. This doesn’t happen with IE7 or Firefox.

For such a young blog, Net Business Blog has some great articles that anyone looking to make a living online should check out. The two part series on Building a Niche Minisite (part 1, part 2) details a systematic walk through to learn how to create a simple niche minisite and turn it into an easy-to-manage, passive cash flow site.

Then there is the Domaining 101 series, where Matt takes you step-by-step into the art of finding, registering and profiting from domain names. You can check out the start of that series here.

Net Business Blog is full of good articles and is updated fairly frequently. Today’s post is entitled, 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make an “I Got Dugg” Post. I wish I would have known them before I got banned (Matt did made a reference to me in the article).

Check out Matt’s new blog. I believe you’ll find it worthy of being added to your bookmarks or RSS reader (Matt offers a full feed). I think I’m going to give Matt a little hands up by buying a link on his new blog. The cost is only $10 a month and with the blog’s current traffic level, that makes it a steal. However, Matt needs to fix that IE6 problem before I buy the link.

32 thoughts on “Net Business Blog – Making A Living Online”

  1. Nate W. says:

    Matt’s blog is very well written and contains highly useful information. I read it everyday and I look forward to to new content Matt writes. Good job, Matt! And thanks for not posting an article on getting Dugg…lol


  2. Adam says:

    I notice that problem with a lot of blogs lately where the sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the blog when loaded in IE. I wonder if these people realize that their blogs aren’t loading properly in certain browsers.

    1. Jane says:

      Actually, I had that same problem. My friend had the side bar at the bottom and yet on my computer it was fine. Leads me to believe it was the IE problem as John suggests.

      1. Alex Becker says:

        Yea a IE problem I bet. IE is not good for you. You should switch to FireFox. With IE you get way to many pop ups.

      2. Matt says:

        Yea the problem is fixed now. It only exists on a couple of posts (I was just using too wide of images). I’m going to have ot link out to large images from now on 🙂

  3. Sunny says:

    Netbusinessblog is indeed a nice layout and informative blog. I was wondering what is your take on “whether or not a webmaster should use dashes (-) or underscores (_) when separating keywords in their URLs”. Has this topic already been discussed on your blog also?

  4. Soultrance says:

    I wonder if you swamped the site with visitors John. It’s not loading for me at all.


    1. Matt says:

      John definately sent some visitors my way, but I think it was just some server maintenance not the traffic 🙂 Should be working fine now!

  5. Sunny says:

    How come I can’t see my comment?

  6. mubin says:

    Yea seriously I think we should call this the Johnchow effect. I think you crashed his server.

    1. randomguru says:

      oh my… yes indeed! the john chow effect. *crash and burn*

      um, please don’t link to my site, please…

      1. Marc says:

        🙂 Yes I’m sure none of us want a whole post dedicated to our own website from John.

        I did a review and got a touch of a spike from being one of five listed. I imagine a whole dedicated post would probably bring in a fair amount more traffic.

  7. Vinay says:

    I cant get on either 🙁 How long do these JohnChow crashes last for?? I guess I’ll wait till the morning.

  8. Joey (Remires) says:

    looks interesting

    I’m 26, have a AAS in COmputer ENgineering and mam currently working on my Bachelors in history and hope not to use the History Degree and amke money off the internet just like Matt, he’s younger then me, but still an inspiration

  9. Dale says:

    Wow… When I subscribed to Matt’s blog, I had no idea that it was less than a month old. I just clicked on a link, read an article, thought that the blog was “reader-worthy” and subscribed. To see that he’s achieved those kinds of stats in a short amount of time is pretty impressive.

  10. Nik Agarwal says:

    Net Business Blog: Victim of the Chow Factor!

  11. Raghu says:

    I did like some of the content that has been written on Net Business Blog – the niche mini site for example.

    However, I am not sure if the Net Business Blog can sustain its niche – there are simply too many sites which cover the same topic !

  12. its good to see another USC student on the net 😀 Go Gamecocks.

  13. Marc says:

    I really enjoyed the – 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make an “I Got Dugg” post. Very well written and very well thought out. Looks like a good blog overall. Good luck to Matt in his venture

  14. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Now another blog to keep up with. 😀

  15. Leftblank says:

    Impressive site indeed, thanks for the link. It seems to be loading fine again, bit slow but seems to recover already :p

  16. Nomar says:

    Great site !! thanks for sharing

  17. Gdog says:

    Loads fine for me, added to Google Reader. 🙂

  18. speaking of making money, the guys at advolcano used my testimonial!!!

  19. John Wesley says:

    John Chow, how much for the plug?

  20. Matt says:

    Thanks for the writeup Chow, and thanks everybody else for the nice comments. As for the IE6 issue, I’ll have my coder look into it!

    1. Jane says:

      Great site Matt. With such a great start, I wish you all the best with it. I’ll keep up.

  21. Steve Olson says:

    The VP of Technology at my work has a History degree and he is the best executive I’ve ever met. So Matt’s in good company with the history degree.

  22. Alex Becker says:

    So you don’t even give your friends a free plug? You are evil John Chow.

    1. joan says:

      John doesn’t have a heart! He should understand that you are a poor college student and need lunch money!

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