NetAudioAds Get In Your Ear, 5 Seconds at a Time

You’ve surely heard of pay-per-click advertising. You’ve probably been exposed to ads of the pay-per-action persuasion. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be looking at something called pay-per-play advertising, a relatively novel way to make money online with NetAudioAds.

Automatic Audio Ads Pay On Every Impression

In a nutshell, that’s how the NetAudioAds system works. A visitor arrives at your website and they are automatically hit with a short five-second audio clip. It’s an incredibly short commercial, so it’s not that annoying… but I still think that it would seriously detract from the user experience.

Reading the provided FAQ, they say that these audio ads are currently running on 550,000 web pages and “complaints have been rare.” Whether you believe that claim or not is up to you.


Another venue where you may have seen a pay-per-play advertising scheme is with Google Adsense. Although most ads served up by Google are either text or image based, there are a few video ads in there too that will pay publishers based on the number of plays the video gets. In a sense, it’s a CPM (based on page impression) system. Almost the same thing can be said about NetAudioAds, except it’s audio instead of video. And the clip is only five seconds long.

Advantages Over Other Ad Networks

There are two main advantages that audio ads have over other monetization methods.

First, the audio ads take up zero screen real estate. This means that you are left with as much room as you’d like for Adsense, TTZ, or whatever other conventional ads you enjoy running on your blog or website. In some ways, Kontera might also be said to have this advantage, though the double-underlined links are a dead giveaway.

Second, visitors are not necessarily directed away from your site. With Adsense, you don’t really get paid until someone clicks on a link and leaves your site. The same is true with TTZ. Affiliate links require the person to leave your site and take some sort of action. With NetAudioAds, the visitor stays put while still getting exposed to the audio ad. It’s like a TV or radio commercial.

Payment Details

As part of the registration process — which covers three relatively short pages of basic information — you will be given the choice as to how you would like to be paid by NetAudioAds.


I’d imagine that most people would select the PayPal method, but if you live in the United States, you can dodge those PayPal fees and have the funds deposited directly into your Bank of America or Wells Fargo account. That’s assuming that you trust them with your banking information. If not, there’s also the trusty check.

Website owners get 25% of the revenue received from advertisers by NetAudioAds. I feel that this is lower than other ad networks, but the sales page tells me that it’s better. Maybe John should chime in with his experience in this regard.

Furthermore, there is a referral program that gives you a 5% lifetime commission for all revenues earned by the first two levels of referrals. You get nothing beyond the second level. The person who ordered this review has set up his own landing page, utilizing his affiliate code. When you hover over the “sign up now” link on this site, you get this link. The same is true of the “Read the Revolution” tab.

After you register for your own account, you’ll be presented with this welcome page, outlining answers to many questions you may have.


It is here that you’ll find your unique links. Feel free to set up a landing page of your own.

Sign Up For NetAudioAds?

The NetAudioAds program sounds like it could be a viable monetization method for many websites, but there are several things going on that I would like to see improved. The first is the 25% payout. I thought that 50% was the minimum standard. I’d also imagine that auto-playing audio ads could annoy visitors, even if they are not vocalizing their discontent.

More specifically to the person who ordered this review, they need to add a title to their special Voice2Page website (which is just a NetAudioAds affiliate site). As it stands now, there is no page title, which looks terribly unprofessional. I’m already not a fan of long sales letters; don’t hit me with a non-titled page too.


I should also note that NetAudioAds doesn’t officially launch until February 1st. No ads will be served by the embedded code until this date. A major search engine partner will also be announced before February 1st, hopefully bolstering the legitimacy of NetAudioAds.

Sign up for NetAudioAds here

93 thoughts on “NetAudioAds Get In Your Ear, 5 Seconds at a Time”

  1. Michael Talk says:

    Good review but I really don’t like audio ads and even recordings that start playing when you load the site.
    So I agree that it is a very good way of advertising but it is fairly annoying for some people.

    1. Those flash sites with background music that autoplay are already annoying, figure about a video that autoplays.

      Good note on the title John 😉

      1. kem says:

        Dunno what your talking about !!! this is going to be awesome! I Signed Up! and have contacted many who are checking out as we go.

        1. Sounds like it might be good if this kind of advertising takes off. If surfers get used to it, it might work out ok. But I’m wary of forcing a user to do anything, including hear an unwanted message. And I wonder if the system can detect whether their speakers/headphones are off/absent?

      2. I think that this could work out well only if they tweak the system a little bit, Adding a small button with a play button could work wonders, the problem is getting people to click on the play button.

        Non the less I might try this out, depending on the money I get per impression.

    2. I think this would be a good way to drive away potential readers of your blog. I know I wouldn’t stick around if a site had them…

    3. hmmm – I wrote about this and how annoying it can be – from what I gathered it auto plays and doesnt give the user the option to play the audio or not.

      not too sure if this will be popular since this can be very annoying really quick – have you listened to some of the ads? they seemed to just annoy you like those radio commercials you here.

      1. HeHe I guess they’ll be displaying some sort of ajax popup ad when the page loads, with some sort of play button on it.

        That wouldn’t be that bad.

    4. Mystery says:

      Yeah you are right…. but I was wondering how will the visitors know the advertised website url address?

      Since it is an audio ad that is autoplayed once, and they don’t have control over it, I guess they should really pay attention and hopefully they’ll get the name and the spelling right! Correct me if I’m wrong 😉


      Autoincome Turbo Cash Online Money Making Systems

      1. Michael Talk says:

        Good point. They may put a link below the audio widget but then again, the visitor will have to click on the link.

  2. CAR says:

    That is very dumb, i would hate for websites to have that and would leave instantly if a website had it.

    1. Audio Ads might be the worst thing for blogs but maybe great for some other kind of site.

      Funny though, if Chow put AudioAds on his blog I’m sure you’d stay, SUCKA! – CAR

      All I want to really say about these audioads is that I wish I ordered up this review. I’ll push audio ads ’cause you just never know. Big 5 search engine might rev the hype of this money maker through the roof. 😀

      1. Michael Talk says:

        Actually I think I might just take a look at his RSS feeds and brush through the good posts and will definitely visit less often.
        And I think a lot of others agree with me too. But if there is the option to play or not play, I think it will be OK.
        Don’t believe me? Just make John have the audio thing and see what happens!

        1. I’d assure you he wouldn’t loose much of his traffic.

        2. Rick says:

          Buhooooo,, thats what you think people just ignore ads if they really like the site or blog like this blog..

    2. danny says:

      I just have a feeling you’re not making money with your blog/site i think you the DUMB!!! What an opportunity i like it Signed up!!

      1. I don’t make 28k/month but I’m just starting out 😛

  3. rich says:

    eww audio ads…theres a direct turnoff to a site

    1. Celli says:

      maybe you hate it because you don’t have traffic!
      this is going to be awesome! I Signed Up! and have contacted
      many who are checking out as we go.

      1. Michael Talk says:

        I think with the audio ads, you will loose some traffic 😈

  4. I think this is “too intrusive advertising” area that would be wise to stay away from. I wouldn’t think twice about putting those on a site even if they paid $10/listen. :mrgreen:

    1. Beth says:

      Too intrusive? thats only 5 seconds people learned how to ignore ads like adsense and TTZ whatever! I’m giving it a shot… !!!maybe the next big thing online!

      1. Great, I’l be implementing them as well and se how we do.

        5 seconds isn’t much.

    2. Etienne Teo says:

      audio ads just aint the one for website.

      1. Emfoo says:

        Ohhh maybe for your website—got traffic?…… thats what i thought….

  5. And Michael Kwan, you write the best reviews!! I always enjoy reading your reviews. 😀

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Thanks! You have no idea how many people don’t seem to realize that I write these. Just have a look at the comments on some past reviews and you’ll surely find more than a few “Great post John!” kind of comments.

      1. Contest Beat says:

        I don’t think they bother to read the reviews either

      2. nemo says:

        Yep the revolution-this is the next big thing, this is why I
        love John’s blog, lots of making money online info here. signed

      3. HeHe they don’t really bother to read who’s writing them hehe

  6. seo audit says:

    annoying , i will exit the site in 30 sec

    1. You’re silly by the time u reach the 30 second mark you would have already had 25 seconds of pure silence.

      It’s only a 5 second commercial.

  7. One point brought up by the PPP sales letter is that due to the fragmentation of the audience for network TV, big advertisers with their huge budgets will start looking for other alternative areas to spend their ad dollars – one of them could be audio. The sample ads are from Harley Davidson, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc. Fairly big players , I say.

  8. Contest Beat says:

    This would be annoying as heck I reckon, also the 25% terms are ridiculous!

    1. That’s the only drawback, 25% is ridiculous.

  9. Ronald Su says:

    5 second audio ads? That idea reminds of me those smilies flash ads that makes a sound when you hover over them. 🙂

    1. LoL yea gee those are annoying when you forget your sound system full on during the night and wake up everyone in the house.

  10. This seems like a really revolutionary product. 🙂 🙂

  11. Pam Hoffman says:

    You Wrote:

    “It’s an incredibly short commercial, so it’s not that annoying… but I still think that it would seriously detract from the user experience. ”

    You know, Michael, that depends on the site. On MY site, definitely a detraction!

    What if you REVIEW these kinds of things? It might fit in perfectly. What if you write about ‘making money’ online? You could demonstrate that with this type of thing.

    This sort of thing almost NEVER bothers me – my speakers are turned off unless I am running a webinar, wish to listen to the audio portion of a video (almost never happens! i look for the picture content and if it don’t grab me, i don’t tune in all the way! how’s THAT for picky???!!!) or otherwise.

    Who’s in charge here anyway? Yeah, it’s me.

    Thanks for the review.

    Pam Hoffman

    550k sites, really? wow.

  12. Shaun Carter says:

    I find it peculiar that they say there are over 550,000 websites already using this advertising service and yet they are in pre-launch and won’t even serve ads yet.

    I don’t think a short 5 second audio clip would be annoying at all. I usually have my speakers off and even if I didn’t it is much less annoying than the interstitials and pop-ups that many websites deploy on their visitors.

    1. That’s true I’d rather have a 5 second “noise” on a site than all the interstitials and pop-ups.

  13. Steve! says:

    “…audio ads are currently running on 550,000 web pages and “complaints have been rare.”…”

    I will believe that when…… I’ll never believe that!

    1. “…audio ads are currently running on 550,000 web pages and “complaints have been rare.”…”

      How the hell do they think they’ll ever have complaints when they haven’t even started to serve the ads!!

    2. Emfoo says:

      You dont believe in anything? No wonder you dont make money online! This is gonna be HUGE !!!! GODDBYE AGLOCO!!

  14. jsanderz says:

    5 sec audio ads before you even view the website, I agree with most people here, that would make most people want to quickly go to another website.
    I cannot see these ads working.

  15. Laptop Deals says:

    I’m not using this until it’s been sufficiently security tested, the review doesn’t have any technical data. Music files can be nasty creatures at times.

    Hey, is John CHOW and John COW one and the same?? Your tip on right clicking to check uri’s had me checking the TTZ media box here and on John Cow… and somehow John Cow has a PID number lower than the chow version when everyone else is higher.

    1. LoL on the internet you can never be sure who’s who. But we take it as a rule that Chow is not behind Cow blog.

      But the PID issue is interesting….

      Hmm maybe someone should check this out?

  16. gates says:

    Another scam like aglogo?

    1. if I were you i’d lock myself in my room and never join another program on the internet.

      There’s always a risk in the program failing but the people that make the most money are the people who actually take the risk.

    2. Mystery says:

      Oh please! Nothing can be compared to agloco! Never knew why people trusted and marketed them like crazy, while it was soooooo obvious that they (agloco) weren’t taking it seriously! Give me a break!


      Autoincome Turbo Cash Online Money Making Systems

      1. That’s what I have been saying from their beginning, I never even bothered to signup to agloco let alone promote it.

    3. NetAudioAds has been running for 2 n a half yrs. and they are not getting any smaller. In fact NetAudioAds has grown so much that it gained the attention of our new search engine partner whose name will be released before FEB 1st……BUHOOO —–Agloco SUCCCCCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!

  17. Mike Goad says:

    If I land on a site that has audio on it that I can’t control, I’m probably going to leave right away. I don’t care if it’s 5 seconds or five minutes, it’s an annoyance. However, I might not even know it since my sound is often turned off. I leave my computer on at night and the sound off so that incoming e-mail sounders can’t be heard during the night.

  18. David Chew says:

    Hi, i have been visiting your blog several times and many things that you wrote on it is helpful to me. Like you say “I make money online by telling people how much money i make money online” This can be a good advice to everyone. By reading your blog, i got a lot of information on how to make money online but i have not making it right now 🙂 maybe because i don’t want too yet. About the NetAudioAds i cant really give comment about it but thanks for witting about it so that i can learn more.

    1. raymond says:

      I am very new in blogging and still learning, how to earn with blog. I have google adsense on my blog , i think i had about 2000 visits. with adsense i didn’t earn even a cent. I definitely giving it a shot tnx Michael and John!

  19. mcangeli says:

    I’d actually stay away from this form of advertising. I hate it when I’m browsing a site and their video ad’s automatically start playing… I tend to visit those sites less and less and I imagine that I’d do the same if they started playing audio ads out of the blue.

    I also hate sites with auto music (like every other myspace page). Its so mid 90’s. HAH!

  20. Something else I don’t need. Their website design looks like a fly-by-night company… they need to make it look less of a scam.

    1. buhoo says:

      You just hate it coz i someone else purchase a review for netaudioads!!! buhoooo!

  21. kem says:

    a very good offer for all bloggers, but not only bloggers, but for all pips using any free sites or blogs.

  22. Jimmy says:

    I suppose it all depends on what kind of site you are running. A blog, where its all about “reading” on a topic.. maybe not. A forum about motorcycles and new two wheeler products.. a 5sec “Harley Davidson” ad that runs only once, no big deal. 100% conversion is the holy grail of advertising for a publisher. You should never leave money on the table when it comes to monetizing.

    I love the fact that people are already knocking it with out any facts on results from the field. Like a bunch of sheep and not so progressive, but the minute a so called “guru” says it is successful all will be tripping keyboard over feet to sign up and implement. By then, you’ll lose out on the potential income from the two tier commissions.

    Think about it, its all math – even if you don’t use it on your site, there will be millions of sites that will be using it. In foreign countries, these types of ads aren’t that negative. So would you rather them be your affiliate or later on signing up as an affiliate for John Chow, John Cow or Shoemoney?

  23. justin says:

    Advertisers will pay indiscriminately for all audio ads played
    whenever a visitor visit the site? nywayz, Signed up too!

  24. I’d use it on a mfa site, and rotate it through a hundred autosurf sites 😛

  25. Reading the provided FAQ, they say that these audio ads are currently running on 550,000 web pages and “complaints have been rare.”

    I definitely believe that. Because instead of complaining people just don’t go back to those pages after being hit by an audio ad a few times.

    1. You’re wrong they don’t complain because they haven’t yet started to serve ads, so they have nothing to complain about 😀

      1. You know what I mean. It’s almost as bad as flash based sites that give no option to suffer through it or not.

        1. hehe yes yes I understood you perfectly, it’s just a mood i’m in today 😛

  26. This is a huge opportunity to be part of this beta test…we have 1 month n a half to promote before the biddings starts.

  27. Yes i dont think also that audio ads are good for website, that can be so annoying for visitors… And u dont want to lose them!

  28. It is interesting way of advertisment these days. One of the website i listen radio music ragularly these is, they play the same audio ads. After every 3 songs you will listen one randomly selected ads. You will get good idea how effective these ads can be.

  29. Jonathan says:

    Even Though I signed up with this program, I won’t use it til the day they start making their payments.
    Their page looks like a big scam !!!!, why didn’t they build a nice looking website like Voxant, who’s gonna trust in them with that crappy design, that I only see in landing pages that are trying to sell some expensive and unnecesary e-book.

  30. ismabera says:

    I am new in earning with blogs / sites, but I am learnining and I remeber / notice some things.
    – I noticed that I get only few cents from google adsence
    – I remeber that with Pat Per Play I get money for any visit – as there is no clicking!!
    – I was reading, that I will get paid even visitor’s speakers are turned off
    I understand that this method is more like TV or radio advertising, using PC – so Internet Marketing Revolution.

    “PPP is a way for advertisers (Like Harley Davidson or Taco Bell) to serve a 5 second audio advertisement to website visitors. It is a way for advertisers to target their 5 second audio ad to specific interests, demographics and geographic locations.
    Big TV’s ad revenue is dwindling because PPP offers advertisers a more cost effective advertising solution that has been providing positive Return on Investment (ROI) for over 2 years.

  31. There are those like me that have their headphones plugged in and don’t have them on all the time and others that never turn on their speakers. So audio ads would be a waste in those cases. Besides I seriously don’t like audio playing as soon as I go to a page. If it’s loud sometimes it scares the snot out of me.

    1. the possibilities for this form of monetizing your sites is great. If you remember when Adsense first came out if you visited forums and read responces to it they also had bugs for some time. But look at the results since!

  32. Does the advertiser have to pay for those of us who turn their speakers off? 😛

    1. Yes he does hehe

      There’s no way of them knowing is the speakers are on or of 😛

      Or even if we have a soundcard installed lol.

  33. Currently we serve 43 million Ad Plays per month. We need to grow this to billions. Our Advertisers are ready to buy up all the Ad Space we can produce. The effectiveness is mid boggling. It is a HUGE SUCCESS !

  34. Fine John audio ads, the new revolution in internet marketing is just coming, but only on Feb 08, Is it also another Agloco. Anyway it sounds good. Let us hope that they will hit the goal.

  35. Q. Does Taco Bell run Adwords? or is most of their ad budget spent on TV and radio? What’s the big boys’ budget for adwords compared to TV/radio? With PPP, that ad budget can now be spread out to all the people on the net.

  36. Hi,

    Charles Heflin here from SEO20/20… Interesting discussion here on PPP advertising.

    I just wanted to jump in and let you know that I am here to address questions or concerns about PPP.

    Understand that I was the 1st marketer to introduce the opportunity and that I am just an affiliate like anyone else. The only difference is that I have been charged with creating the promotion and initially introducing it in a viral fashion.

    It has worked… After 3 weeks we have secured 3 million new websites and have gained new major advertisers from the big 8 advertising agencies (among many others).

    If anyone has question about whether audio ads work just ask any podcasting website like or … Audio ads are in GIGANTIC demand and we have just secured the largest audio ad distribution network in Internet history in 3 weeks time.

    Skeptics are abound and that is a good thing. Skeptics keep all of us on our toes to watch for the devil in the details.

    5 second audio ads are not appropriate for every web page of every website. Webmasters, please use discretion when deciding where you will allow your visitors to hear audio ads. The last thing you want to do is scare your visitors away during a critical sales process.

    Audio ads play ONCE per visitor to a web page that has the PPP code inserted.

    Audio Ads are geared mainly to big brands but will be available to everyone.

    Audio ads will be targeted to your website unless it is a major brand promotion like Coca-Cola… This brand is not site specific.

    The ONLY reason PPP has launched is because our advertisers (current and new) are demanding way more reach than we had. After 3 weeks that reach has grown to 3,500,000 websites. Many of which are major online ad agencies that serve up billions of ad impressions on a monthly basis.

    Our reach has grown from 43 million ad plays per month to an estimated 100 million per day in 3 weeks time!

    Is this opportunity for real?

    Well, being somewhat of an insider I can say, without a doubt, YES… This is the largest and fastest growing campaign both on the publisher and advertiser side that I have ever seen. I am proud that I was chosen as the launch developer and coordinator.

    Fact: television advertising is dying (tivo, DVRs, Movies on Demand, etc.)

    Fact: Major advertisers are seeking new media channels aggressively. We have already locked in most of the major ad firms on Madison Avenue in NYC who control advertising for just about every big brand that you can think of.

    Fact: These advertisers have ad budgets in the billions and are ready to spend them with us starting February 1st… Between now and then we’re building our reach… Will you take part or sit idly and let someone else claim what you could have?

    Fact: Audio ads have been proven to be effective and are growing aggressively… Be discriminate on where you place audio ads so that you don’t distract visitors during critical sales processes.

    Fact: Geo targeting and metrics are available to all advertisers. Imagine Joe’s pizza (fictitious example) running a 5 second audio ad to a single zip code in their delivery area and knowing EXACTLY how many ad plays were “heard” with the comfort of knowing his pricing is based on only 80% of those plays. The website owner is paid on 100% of the plays whether they are heard or not.

    The same holds true for our national and worldwide branding advertisers. All of PPP’s ad plays are verified through an independent third party… BPA Worldwide.

    Fact: PPP has been running for 2 1/2 years and we already know that only 80% of users will actually “hear” the ad. This has already been calculated into the commission structure for affiliates and the pricing structure for advertisers.

    Fact: Everyone hates advertising but it isn’t going anywhere, may as well prepare for a new era in advertising… One benefit is that it will be 5 seconds instead of 2 minutes (bye, bye TV)

    Fact: Many people hated the idea of AdSense when it was first introduced but now more that 300 million websites run adsense ads. PPP has procured 3 million new sites in 3 weeks. This opportunity is still largely untapped… Wait on the sidelines? … go ahead … more for us that are actively expanding the reach of the PPP network.

    I have addressed these facts because they cover the most common questions/concerns that we have been getting. If you have any others then please ask and I will be happy to answer.

    Thank you,
    Charles Heflin

    1. {Fact: Many people hated the idea of AdSense when it was first introduced but now more that 300 million websites run adsense ads. PPP has procured 3 million new sites in 3 weeks. This opportunity is still largely untapped… Wait on the sidelines? … go ahead … more for us that are actively expanding the reach of the PPP network.}

      SO TRUE !!!! what are you waiting for?

    2. ismabera says:


      I hope you do not mind that I posted this comment on my PPP blog

  37. Simon says:

    I’m sure it would be good for some kinds of websites, and probably quite effective if properly targeted. I’d find it really annoying if it was taken up by many blogs though (imagine stumbling a few blogs, and having audio ads come up all the time).

    I certainly wouldn’t use it myself, and would probably find a way to block them from playing when browsing if needed, but I can see that it could be useful / effective on some types of sites.

    1. Mad Ape says:

      The easiest way to block them is turn the volume down. With other forms of advertising unless you are using some type of ad blocking software, are always in your face.

      To me, other that personal recommendations, audio ads are better than any other form of web advertising. Five seconds and they are over. Five measly seconds. You cant say that about traditional web advertising. It is always in your face. You can’t hide from it.

      Traditional advertising is obtrusive, you lose visitors when they click an ad. Lost traffic can equal lost sales.

      Humans, by nature, always are skeptical of something new. Lucky us apes are not.

      The Mad Ape

  38. Mad Ape says:

    I signed up and already have over 50 sites under my name. This is a good advertising idea and I think it will work.

    Look at the benfits 100% conversion rate
    – The ads are supposed to be targetted
    – Only 5 seconds long
    – Unlike a click your site visitor does not leave
    – No visible space used on your site. More space means you can trade advertising for content.

    I put a test ad of by Taco Bell on one page of my blog and it is not annoying at all. It is professionally done, short and sweet!

    The Mad Ape

  39. says:

    I also have already joined it. hope can make a profit with them. 😉
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2008!

  40. Whenever I sign on to e-mail I get those stupid smilely faces screaming at me through microsoft ads and it drives me crazy, I would definately have to think about it before puting my audience through the same conditions


  41. Larry Host says:

    I enjoy reading these posts and really appreciate being able to add my $0.02.

    I want to clarify three common misconceptions:

    1) Our CPM will be determined by the results of an audit by BPA Worldwide. One thing really missing from Internet advertising is the time honored tradition of ‘Third Party Audit’ to assure advertisers that the placements that they are paying for actually occur. We are having this done. This is why advertising will not begin until mid first quarter of 08.

    2) We digitally smooth and manage every audio we play so there is no BLASTING of the eardrums. Most audio on the net is played as it was recorded, without gain control, noise reduction or any other professional editing making it comfortable to hear. We spent several years and hundreds of millions of audio plays getting this part right. Why do you think we gave away Voice2Page for personal use for free all this time?

    3) Overuse – This is the most valid concern mentioned here. The temptation to place an audio ad everywhere is quite strong, but that would be extremely counterproductive for all concerned. We have built our engines to determine, as best as possible, each individual website visitor and to insure that they receive no more than ONE ad and if they remain on that domain more than three minutes, another, different ad may be played.

    As with all advertising, there is a segment of the population that abhors it. This cannot be avoided. In a free market society, advertising is essential for growth. We truly feel that the concept of the ‘Adlet’, a 5 to 6 second branding ad, is one of the least intrusive means to keep a label in peoples minds.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what the truly crazy ad agencies can do with 5 seconds and ONLY 5 seconds of airtime for their message.

    Thanks for the spirited discussion.

    Larry Host
    CTO and co-founder of

  42. Seems like a decent ad network. February 1st is still a ways off, though.

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