New 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia – My Next Car


It’s been a while since I did a car post on John Chow dot Com. They were always quite popular because I wrote about fancy sport cars instead of minivans. Today, I would like to introduce what I hope to be my next car, the Ferrari 458 Italia. This is Ferrari’s replacement for the out going F430.

The Ferrari 458 Italia won’t be shown to the public until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but the official details on the new car were released yesterday. The 458 is powered by a new direct-injected 4.5-liter V8 that pumps out 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque and the redline is a screaming 9,000 rpm! If you want to hear what that sounds like, check out the video below.

Mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that can shift gears faster than you can blink, the 458 can blast from zero to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 202 mph (not that you would try that on a public road, of course). What’s more, this new Ferrari gets better gas mileage (17.1 mpg on the EU test cycle) than the old one. This is assuming Ferrari owners even care about fuel economy.

The 458 Italia should hit Ferrari showrooms in 2010, which I believe is when the new Ferrari dealership on Burrard Street is scheduled for completion. As long as the Internet doesn’t crash, this new Ferrari 458 Italia is mine. Now, I just have to tell Sarah… Wish me luck.





70 thoughts on “New 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia – My Next Car”

  1. Zak Show says:

    That’s a nice car indeed! Are you serious about buying this car John? How much it cost?

    1. John Chow says:

      Of course I’m serious! Not sure what the final price will be but I’m expecting it to come in at about $300K.

      1. Andrew says:

        John when you do get it, how about a good personal review on it. I’d be really interested to know how stable it is with that big ass V8 sitting right on top of the rear axle. Seems like an overly priced and exotic drifter. Man can you imagine the power slides that thing would pull off.

        I’m going to dream now. 😛

        1. I’m sure Ferrari thought about the stability of a huge V8 over the rear wheels, but then you gotta know how to drive a car with that kind of power.

          1. David says:

            You have to be very careful when driving a car like that. I get a few of them a week being a Valet Driver downtown Vancouver, and when I first started I was scared! They move! Really quickly!!

          2. Andrew says:

            No doubt, like everything they’d have put a lot of work into it but even Ferrari can make mistakes. Just take the F50 for example. Switch of traction control and you basically can’t hold onto it round a corner. You become a passenger very quickly unless your name is Schumacher that is.

        2. its really really worth the price what john has quoted above, a perfect dream car

      2. I thought the Corvette ZR1 was your next car?

      3. And $300 000 is within your budget for a toy? Good luck explaining that to the wife. You may have to up her shopping budget a bit you know.

        1. It’s not a total toy. The Ferrari will get John from point a to point b.

        2. And increase the life insurance…

          If you look at that car wrong, it will kill you with sheer awesomeness

  2. 100KM on a full tank of gaz i guess haha ? I don’t think ferrari are usefull… it goes fast but except in special occasions when do you use it’s full power ?

    1. When do you ever use a car full power? Never! People buy things that want.

      John, I hope you enjoy the car when you get it.

      1. Andrew says:

        Obviously you’ve never owned a performance vehicle before.

        There’s nothing worse than seeing someone with a performance vehicle and seeing it go to waste while they plod along down the road as though it was in a funeral precession.

        These cars are not designed to be driven like you have miss daisy in the backseat and won’t like it if you don’t give them a good squirt every now and again.

        At the very least they should be taken to a track once a month just to clear out the cob webs. But better than that is to find a good country road, no animals and no traffic and open the thing up and have some fun.

        1. James Hilton says:

          Unless you buy the car soley for it’s looks… Which is what 95% of the population would do I’m guessing…

          1. Andrew says:

            OK there is the yuppie element who I totally ignored with my comment. LOL

            Although I used to work for a company a couple of years back. The owner, a 70 year old man, bought the Maserati GT Sport (sedan) with the Ferarri V8, simply because the E-Class wouldn’t fit his golf bag in the trunk. One day he actually got fined for driving too slow, and the only person I’ve ever known to have that happen to them.

            So I probably should have taken that into account as well.

          2. You buy this car just to show your passion and your love towards car as well. Some people also buy it to show their wealth.

        2. I remember seeing pics of Paris Hilton in a Mercedes SLR Mclaren and thought, man what a waste, she’s never going to drive that car at its full potential.

  3. Josten says:

    wow that is beautiful..Hope you get it

  4. Asswass says:

    If you buy that car John I’m going to seriously get mad lol. Can’t wait to see the up upcoming pictures.

    1. Hold on your breath … John will never want that because of his blog and car any one would get mad. Lolllzz

  5. This car rocks… Love the sound and the design of it !

  6. Victor says:

    Maybe you can lend it to TOP GEAR for a review!

    And slap ads on the sides!

    Imagine the exposure your brand will get!

  7. Joseph says:

    Yeah, I’m trying to decide between that, and the Kia Soul.

  8. The idea of anyone actually buying one is offensive, but it is a beautiful car.

    1. I take the completely opposite view – the idea of someone owning this car is awesome! If he can do it, so can I.

    2. What’s offensive about buying a Ferrari 458?

  9. Vincent Woon says:

    Real Nice ….You’ll get it 🙂

  10. Giovi says:

    nice car…

  11. EJ says:

    That is a sweet model. I prefer that over the F140 but then again I like all things shiny and new. What’s the waiting list like?

  12. EarningStep says:

    what the…. this is great car for sure. i love the color…really!

    1. Colour of this car making it more attractive and hot as well. Red certainly represents sensual and hot colour.

      1. EarningStep says:

        you mean red = HOT .

  13. NFL 2009 says:

    Quite an amazing car.

  14. Doug Dillard says:

    My wife keeps bugging me that I never tell her and the kids what I want for Christmas. Now I have found something to tell her I want. She will have to probably need to borrow some money from you John though… if you wouldn’t mind?

    1. I do not want such kind of gift for which people have to borrow money.

      I know you are kidding Doug .. so I am ….

  15. Hoto says:

    not bad for a fiat

  16. That is a seriously nice ride at a pretty serious price. I’ll bet it’s closer to $400k rather than $300k You have to let us know when you get it and do a video of you driving so we don’t think you’re BS-ing us.

  17. Greg Ellison says:

    That is one nice car. Hope you post some great pictures. Greg Ellison

    1. Yes we all are waiting to see John in this car … I saw Shoe with hummer as well.

  18. Jeremy says:

    John, buy the Carrera GT instead and come pick me up man. Thanks.

    1. Why you do not like to get pick in Ferrari … lollzz

  19. Hmmm. This looks like one of those cars you need to see in person before you can accurately pass judgement. But looking at the pics, I think Pininfarina (car designer) did a good job. I also believe this car would look better as a convertible. I hope the weight is below the F430.

  20. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    That’s a nice car indeed! John what is your current car? Ferrari too? Mind to share the photo of your current car? Or is it the car that you put in your previous themes?


  21. Nice ride John when you planning on getting this?

  22. Cool, Ferrari !!!

    Great job, john, i like it too 🙂


  23. Very nice car but I think my 69 camaro would leave it in the dust (might actually need the nos but still), maybe we can meet up and find out.

  24. A Ferrari would be a dream for me. I’m not setting my sights that high for the moment though, I’d settle for a BMW Z4.

    1. Ghostwriter says:

      Hey…we have the same tastes. I’m settling for a black BMW Z4 too.

      Although I wouldn’t mind a Ferrrari if I had the dough.

  25. Mike CJ says:

    I’m just pleased to see Ferrari have gone back to making cars that are so beautiful they hurt.

  26. S.K Sharma says:

    Very nice car.John Congrats in advance.

  27. Ghostwriter says:

    I never thought about buying a Ferrari. After reading your post, I’d want one now. Beautiful car. Although I’ll be worried it’ll get stolen every time I drive out.

  28. Joseph says:

    I think I just had an orgasm.

  29. It’s a nice ride, but wouldn’t you rather drive a nifty little MX-5 with the top down on small curvy roads and use the price difference to upgrade/buy a great house? 🙂

  30. fas says:

    John what about getting the California instead?

  31. Eric Tan says:

    When you get it bring it to dot com pho for pics iwth the gang…

  32. Nyx says:

    If you’re spending that much anyways, why not just add a bit more to your budget and buy an aston martin? I think the V8 Vantage is their cheapest, but the DBS is more known.

  33. Sweet looking ride.What`s the wife getting?

  34. mrbeo says:

    so cool !!
    Hope I have a chance to test 🙂

  35. I think red colour is making this car more attractive and hot as well.

  36. Once you buy this car, please make a damn good post about it and make everyone else jealous. HAHA!

    Looking forward to your purchase John.

  37. Shafar says:

    Awesome! I want to see your pic with this car soon! Hope you buy it soon! 🙂

  38. SirNicolaus says:

    Ferrari’s SUCK! Seriously get a real car like a Lamborghini Murcielago they start at 300k and are a lot more car than that piece of crap… Seriously a porche 911 turbo could toast that foul excuse for an exotic… But if I know human nature like I like to think I do, You want the newest best top blah blah blah so people envy you…. Sorry post is so long I didn’t have time to write less 🙂

    – SirNicolaus

    p.s. I guess it’s an ok car.. not my first or last or any choice for that matter

  39. car stereo says:

    Sweet looking ride! Let’s hope the ‘internet doesn’t crash’ (per your post), so we can check out some of your personal pics and videos.

  40. i swear this car is gng to ROCK….

  41. I just saw the Ferrari California at CVS the other day. I am assuming it was the California because I live here, lol. The back of all the new Ferraris all look the same though.


  42. Can’t wait to see a picture of you driving in the car John.

  43. Alex says:

    Fella, you’re not as clever as you think buying big ticket wasting assets.

  44. Mohamed says:

    That is one beautiful car! So the next time I see one in Richmond I’ll have to assume its you driving it… I’ll try and catch up in my Camry and say HI! 😀

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