New Blog Milestone – 38,000 RSS Subscribers

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Wouldn’t you know it. The day after I wrote a post about increasing subscriptions with the Aweber Lightbox, the blog sets a new subscription record and broke 38,000 for the first time. It was only a month ago when I wrote the post on how I broke 33,000 RSS subscribers. That’s a growth rate of 5,000 subscribers per month. The amazing thing is it took this blog 18 months to get its first 5,000 subscribers.

Your Subscription Base Is Your Blog Foundation

Building the blog subscription base is my number one priority and it should be your number one priority as well. A blog subscriber is far more important than a reader who drops by from a search engine or a link from another site. Your subscription base is your blog foundation and the only thing that you can control. As hard as I’ve tried, I can’t control Google (if anything, Google controls you) so I don’t worry about it. However, RSS is something within my control. I know that if my RSS base is big enough, then nothing can take me down. Not even Google.

Much of my recent growth in RSS stems from newsletter sign ups. Aweber reports subscription count to FeedBurner if you turn on the Blog Broadcast feature. Offering a free eBook or free incentive to get people to sign up to your Aweber account is the most effective way to increase your RSS subscription base.

At this rate of growth, it won’t be long before I break 40,000 RSS readers. Anyone want to take a guess on what date I’ll reach it?

58 thoughts on “New Blog Milestone – 38,000 RSS Subscribers”

  1. Great Job John!! Keep it up!! Im waiting for the post about you hitting the 50k mark

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        Yepp! CONGRATS MATE!!! I’m sure you’ll be able to get 45,000 even faster then you got to 38,000. Now I need to get that many.

      2. AverageGal says:

        Amazing! 5,000 readers in 1 month… 50k is right around the corner. Maybe by the end of January?

    1. I’ll also be interested to see if you can hit 50k.

    2. I can see how having your newsletter subscribers count toward your feedburner subscriber count could be misleading, now that I think about it.

      I wonder what the chances are of all of those newsletter subscribers are also rss feed subscribers.

      If it’s all of them, then you’ve really only got 19,000 unique subscribers.

      I’d be interested in the statistics on that one.

    3. Thats awesome man…
      I guess you will reach 40k on 11th november 😀

      1. Ben Pei says:

        40k is such a crazy number.. i m having a hard time even reaching 4k

  2. well congrats on the subscribers – BUT! i actually just had an odd problem with the lightbox. i’m already subscribed via RSS, though i usually access the site from a different computer. what i assume is the lightbox popped up, but far down the screen, most of it below the bottom of the monitor. i had no scroll bar in my (firefox) browser, nor was there a scrollbar on the lightbox. only thing i could do was close the whole tab, and come back a second time. the lightbox didn’t reappear, i assume because it then recognized this IP.

    you’ll want to look into that glitch!

  3. Akmal says:

    it might take you 10 to 15 more days.

  4. Kenny says:

    Man that’s crazy. Great job John. I hope to reach even a half of that on my site. Again great job. I look forward to reading all your old post AND new ones……

  5. Alberto says:

    That’s fantastic! I’m thinking maybe I should offer a newsletter or something as an incentive to subscribe to my feed? I’m not entirely sure what kind of other incentives I can offer.

  6. While building your RSS Subs is important I disagree that it’s the most important thing. I would say the most important thing to always focus on is writing good content. But that’s just my opinion.

    1. Actually come to think of it, RSS Subs is definitely more important to you since you don’t get any traffic from Google…so I see your point there.

    2. Andrei Buiu says:

      I’ve just visited a site with pretty decent content but no traffic at all, so, in my opinion RSS subscribers are more important.

      1. Yeah but you need the content to get the subs.

        1. Ben Pei says:

          But having a good number of sub gives you and your blog a better status.. and your readership will only grow from there..

  7. TheMoneyac says:

    Congrats John.

    Woohoo, now I can only have to complete my milestone – 100 RSS readers.

  8. andy says:

    John – Awesome!!!! I wish I could get past 250 blog subscribers. It will come someday!!! I would predict that you get it by mid-November


    1. Ben Pei says:

      lol andy.. how motivating is it..

  9. MAtt Borden says:

    I guess that you will reach 40,000 RSS readers on Nov 13th. 😀 Thanks for the great tips.

    1. Andrei Buiu says:

      I guess you will reach 40k on 17th Nov.

  10. Mike Huang says:

    Wow, another 5,000 subscribers within 1 month.


  11. John D says:

    Awesome. Congratulations John, 38K is a huge amout of subscribers!

    I will guess that you’ll hit the 40k on the 12 November (random guess). Good Luck!

  12. Daniel says:

    Being a total patriot, Obama supporter and overall superstitious Muppet I say you reach 40k on November 4th

  13. Greg Ellison says:

    congrats on this milestone

  14. Zak Show says:

    That’s amazing, Congratulation John.

  15. Scott says:

    Congrats man!!! Thats HUGE!

  16. Dwayne says:

    November 5th, that my little girls Bday. And yes I remember those good old days when you had less than 5000 readers and was being very evil trying to out smart Google. The good thing is you did win.

  17. Harry T says:

    That is awesome how quickly you hit 38,000 cause I started reading your blog recently after you hit the 33,000 mark. I guess I contributed to that growing list by 1 for signing up just the other day.

    I’d put in a safe guess that it shouldn’t take longer than two weeks to reach a 40,000 milestone. Keep up the good work.

  18. Mario says:

    Bravo John!!!


  19. Trevor says:

    Congratulations. You sure did hit 38K quickly

  20. Sohail says:

    This method is working for everybody, shoemoney is also using it.

  21. Arfan says:

    Keep up the good work!!!! CONGRATZ

  22. waiting till you hit 50k

  23. Sahil Bhalla says:

    Congrats on getting so many RSS Readers.

    I would like to know how many total RSS Readers you have got? Included the ones that are not readers anymore..

    Also, you will hit 40K by November 5th.

  24. Keral Patel says:

    Great milestone. Congrats for your 38000 feed readers.

  25. Shikari says:

    Wow man

    few days back i was reading an article which said Reached 33,000 readers and now 38,000

    Great Going man

    all the best

  26. Andrei Buiu says:

    Well, I’m still trying to reach 100 subscribers. Hopefully I will be there soon.

  27. Do you have a draft post ready for 39K and 40K ready ready?? 😉

  28. Elise says:

    Congratulations John. I will guess you will hit £40k on the 3rd November, good luck

  29. I read about the lightbox popup to increase of subscribers. However, the problem that I found was the lightbox causes some problems with the display. I just put mine as the regular popup with a delay about 20 seconds. I’m going to try the pop up right when the person gets online and see if there are any differences are.

  30. Lyla says:

    Wow! Congratulations. That’s amazing news. I’m still waiting to celebrate my first 100 subscribers.

  31. Haha, and I’m still trying to reach 1K subscribers!

  32. BusinessX says:

    November 10th will be the 40K mark.

  33. Wow that is incredible looks like you keep growing your rss readers faster and faster John.
    Keep up the good work, your blog has such great content I am not surprised the amount of readers.

  34. Serious RSS readers. It seems like you’re gaining subscribers faster now than at any time since you’ve started your blog.

  35. Nice going, John! I think you could even end up surpassing 40K faster than that.

  36. It is understandable that your readership is very important, but aren’t unique visitors the most profitable? I guess it does not matter though since you are not worried about the money. Good for you John. Plus I’m sure you get plenty of uniques anyways.

  37. It’s interesting how quickly things have grown, pretty much exponentially they last few months. That’s a good illustration on the power of the 80/20 rule. Focusing on the 20% tasks that increase readership the fastest and it boosts the overall results a lot faster than wasting time on the 80% that doesn’t produce.

  38. To increase the RSS subscription, I don’t think giving free ebook will help unless you have an ebook with good content. John Chow is successful and has proven that he can earn his living by blogging, people subscribe to his RSS.because people are curious and wanted to know how John Chow succeeded.

    For ordinary blogger like us, it is hard to increase RSS by just offering free stuff. Success comes with hard work and patience. There is no short cut!

  39. whateverebay says:

    Congrats! Well deserved and more subscribers to come 🙂

  40. Ben Pei says:

    This is such an envy… 38,000..

  41. Well, I’m still trying to reach 100 subscribers on my new blog. Hopefully I will be there soon.

  42. Dfunda says:

    congrats every time your blog have new thing to celebrate 🙂

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