New Colors & Advertising Stuff

I’ve been fooling around with the colors on the blog today. I wanted to get away from the green and go to a more business like blue. I also made the blog title a bit bigger so the brand stands out more.

Besides a desire to update the colors, another reason for the change is I’m coming across too many other blogs using the same theme I’m using. There is nothing wrong with this and I tell anyone who emails me where to get the theme. However, I feel it’s time to make the blog look a little different than the default theme. I hope you like the changes. Comments are welcome.

First Direct Ad Sale

I made my first direct ad sale! NewToTech is a forum for anyone who is new to tech (Doh!). The forum is own by my loser friend Jon Waraas. His ad will be on the blog for the next six day (unless he renews). I wish him good luck with the new site. Please check it out and if you are new to the world of tech, considering signing up.

Buying Some Paid Posts

I decided to explore PayPerPost more closely. This time as an advertiser. I ordered up 15 reviews of John Chow dot Com. If you’re a PayPerPost publisher then here’s your chance to review my blog and make some money at the same time.

The review of my blog must be at least 200 words long, the tone is neutral (you can be positive or negative, up to you), and pays $5.00. You can view the full opportunity details here. I hope that you will have more good than bad things to say.

42 thoughts on “New Colors & Advertising Stuff”

  1. Nik Agarwal says:

    I do like the URL’s in blue because they really stand out much more. However, the blue in the background (surrounding your blog) seems a bit too much to me. I would have preferred a softer blue color. But I still am inspired by your blog 🙂

  2. HMTKSteve says:


    That’s it?

    I have an account with them but I have not yet found something worth blogging about.

    The biggest problem I have with them is when I see an offer where someone wants to spend $5 for a spot but they require page rank 6+!!!

    What page rank 6+ blogger is going to work for $5???

    PS: I like the new colors though you chould change the masthead text back to black.

  3. JN says:


    Atleast show links in different color… looks as if world has ran out of other colors…..

  4. John Chow says:

    Nik – I’ll fool around more with the background color.

    Steve – I doubt any PR6 site would accept $5 for a post. I based my pricing on what other advertisers are offering. I’ll see how this first batch of reviews go before making changes.

  5. HMTKSteve says:

    I wasn’t trying to imply anything. In fact, when I get home tonight I’ll see if your offer is still available and try it out.

    I’m very curious to read how this whole thing (PPP) works out on the advertisers end.

  6. Nik Agarwal says:

    The new blue color background is perfect. I think it really complements the tone of the site and it helps keep the focus on the URL’s rather than the background. I find it gorgeous John.

  7. Yan says:

    Change the colour of your background from blue to white. It will look better!

    Overall I prefer the actual colour of the hyperlinks because I have the same one on my blog! 😀

  8. HMTKSteve says:

    The light blue is better.

  9. pfadvice says:

    payperpost now requires full disclosure when someone writes: PayPerPost Press release

  10. Steve says:

    You need a blue car now.

  11. OneLoveNet says:

    I will send you a blue car if you send me that red one. 🙂
    Is the PayPerPost also available for non blog owners? Can I advertise a non blog website?

  12. John Chow says:

    OneLoveNet – You can use PayPerPost to advertise whatever you want, as long as it’s not illegal. They may not allow porn as well.

  13. Yeah great change John… really easy on the eyes.

    Now you should put a blue Murcielago or Aston Martin at the top. It will blend better and make people think you are even richer than you are. HAHHA!

  14. Tyler says:

    I definately like the bluish colour you have going on.

    The content stands out better. Nice Change!

  15. Stefan Juhl says:

    Hopefully you’ll blog about your experiences with payperpost…

  16. John Chow says:

    Steve – How you like the “Blue Devil” Z06? LOL If you don’t see it, refresh or clear your cache.

  17. droo says:

    i like the new color…! was the car going the other direction the last time…?

  18. Michael Kwan says:

    I like the blue theme, but I find that blue is a little overused on the net. The lighter blue you have in the background is different, but it gives me the impression of an infant boy’s room for some reason or another. Maybe just switch it to white, but keep the rest of it as is? The blue link text works great.

  19. John Chow says:

    droo – The car is still going in the same direction. I think I will go back to the red car tomorrow. Blue is just not a good color for a sport car.

    Michael – The blue background is close to the blue MSN use in their Hotmail. I figure, if it works for them, it may work for me. But I’ll let me go for a few days and see how it works out.

  20. Pedro Pais says:

    John, you’re just right. Blue is just not a good car for a sports car. Maybe you could try some orange.

  21. Greetings from Thailand. I would suggest getting rid of the baby blue background and adding something a little more unique making the actual blog stand out. Take a look at the background at one of my sites located at Something along those lines with a different color of course. Remember they either stay and read or move on to the next site, all within the first 5 seconds of their visit. Better yet why not make a contest out of it? Offer $100 to the winner.

  22. Soultrance says:

    Hey John,

    I just created a PPP account yesterday to try things out, after reading your post, and I’d love to take your opportunity, but I still haven’t got out of the bloody Google sandbox. My blog has been running since the end of July, I update on an almost daily basis and at least 90% of my content is original, yet I still haven’t been assigned a Google PR.

    Any idea why I still don’t have a PR? I average 2k – 3k pageviews per day and 1500 – 2k unique visits a day, I have a decent amount of incoming links, I have a bunch of outgoing links and I still don’t have a PR. Any suggestions or comments, or really anything you can offer advice wise would be awesome!

    Thanks a lot John!


  23. Eli says:

    The blue is a damn lot more appealing than the old green. I approve *thumbs up* 😛

  24. Eclipse says:

    Perhaps a darker blue background/sidebar, not quite navy? But I’d go darker and match the Site name up top with the side colors. A graphic designer once told me. “No more then 3 fonts and 3 colors to a design” No exactly sure what context that works in, but I think it was just a comment on continuity. Its nice you parked the Red corvette though. Its incredible how you got the high speed camera to capture the blue one at the exact same spot on the track!

  25. skintube says:


    Stick with the blue! I just updated to Windows Vista today and your site was the first I visited. I thought there was something wonky with my display settings until I saw your post! =) Looks great like this, nice change. – a NSFW site you meatbags!

  26. Bill says:

    Very nice modification John 🙂

  27. Derrich says:

    New color looks great. Blue is the new black. Wait. It’s gotta be your bull…or… =I

  28. Liking the new colors John – I use blue across several of my sites. Probably my favorite color scheme would be various shades of blue.


  29. John Chow says:

    Michael Glatz – Light text on a black background went out of style in 1999. It would be suicide for me to follow that color scheme.

    Soultrance – You have a Google sitemap running? The next PR update is expected in January. I rank your site through the Page Rank predictor and it said you will be a PR6.

    Eclipse – It took nearly 50 shoots before we hit the exact same spot. 🙂

  30. mad4 says:

    Soultrance – PR hasn’t been updated since July so you won’t have any PR yet.

  31. Soultrance says:

    John + Mad4 – Thank you both very much for the help. I didn’t realize they update the PR rankings so infrequently, I must have just missed the last one.

    John – I do have the google sitemaps running and I can only hope that PR predictor of yours will turn out, PR6 would be fantastic.

    Thank you both very much!


  32. Reckless says:

    Nice color update, looks much better 🙂

  33. congrats on the new look, and the new car looks awesome too… but pls consider changing the background to something more bright. The blue windows which uses is kind of darker isn’t it? Read somewhere that they use it to instil confidence and serenity with their colours.
    As far the wordpress themes go. I found this amazing theme used in this site. Its a really nice eye candy and looks very different.

    Any idea where to get a theme like this?


    I found this review on the net bout you. . .he seems to be pretty “disappointed”!

  35. John C (not John Chow) says:

    I like the updates, or at least the idea of the updates. However, Red is just better for a sports car, yes, and the background still screams baby blue to me, like some of the others mentioned.

    I agree with you John, blue is more business, but not this color of blue. Further, if you choose a color of that brightness, you lose the subtle but very design-effective border that the theme was designed with. This border color by default, is the same on the main body of the page as well as around the page tabs at the top. For visual comparison, you will see that the search box on the top right has a nicely defined border, and that it is darker than what it surrounds. Dark colors recede, which makes sense, as if the edges are further back than the element. (this is one reason light text on black kills some people, because the text looks like its cut out instead of standing up) The other thing you are doing currently, but may not be aware of, is that having a very light grey color in there between the blue and the white actually softens the transition, almost creating a slight blur effect on the white main body. Its a great tool to use for web design, but make sure you know you are using it.

    I would personally go with a grey color that is more subdued, but hopefully not to dreary. Try #d5dbe1 and see how it suits you. If you do use that though, I’d suggest that you also take that outside border color and move it from #dddddd where it currently is, up to maybe #999999. This would match it to the current color border that outlines the search box. The more subdued blue will also help to better match the colors you have (default) for the alternating post background colors and text entry boxes.

    For a quick way to test and implement the changes I suggested, I have a copy of the style.css file for this theme hosted temporarily for easy copy and paste access. 😀 I shouldn’t need to say keep a backup etc etc.

    Also, if you don’t use it, the developer toolbar for firefox is very handy for testing out css on websites, even if they are not your own, its lets you live edit the css of other people’s sites for your own viewing perversity.

    Once installed just go up to the CSS dropdown and click ‘Edit CSS’

    Sorry this comment was so long… 😛

  36. John Chow says:

    Hey!! I like it!! Thank you very much. I think I will be switching back to the red Corvette soon.

  37. David Mackey says:

    I’ll be fascinated to see the results of this campaign for you as an advertiser.

  38. Andy says:

    Great Idea – but you may want to change the color of the Corvette – maybe to read to make it stand out or something

  39. Andy says:

    edit: whoops didnt see you guys had already talked about changing the color

  40. Jane says:

    I can relate. I really hate our header since it is a template and I’ve seen it on 4 other blogs. We’re thinking of having a header design competition to see what comes in…any suggestions on how to solicit participation?

    Or I was thinking to go to the Grapic Design place at the local university and getting one of there student workers to do some freelance work. Youl’d be amazed at what they would do to build their portfolio for almost nothing.

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