New Contest – Win Up To $4,000 CASH!

I am pleased to announce the start of new contest to give away up to $4,000 in CASH! That’s right! You can win up to $4,000 of bankable, spendable, cash money. This is not one of those win a prize “valued” at $4,000 crap. No way. The winner of this contest will receive a guaranteed minimum of $2,000 cash. However, if I get 200 or more entries (shouldn’t be hard), the grand prize will double to $4,000 cash! OK, it’s really a cashier’s check but it’s as good as cash. Imagine what you can do with an extra $4,000 in your pocket!

This contest is sponsored by Online Radio Stations is one of Richard Lau’s websites. You may remember Richard as the guy who sent me $5,000 out of the blue because I blogged about his URL shortening service. Since I wasn’t expecting the money, I donated it to the Union Gospel Mission. Now Richard wants to give me up to $4,000 to give away to you!

Here’s How To Win Up To $4,000 Cash

To enter our contest, you need to perform the following task:

  1. Register for an account at
  2. Write a blog review about including what your favorite station is on the site.
  3. Richard suggest that you link to using the keyword “Radio” because that is what the site is about. However, you are free to use whatever descriptive keywords you think is appropriate. Maybe “Radio Station” or “Online Radio” or whatever you think best describe what the site is about.
  4. Link to this blog post telling everyone about the contest.

Here’s an example of the kind of post we’re looking for:

John Chow dot Com, a blog that helps you make money is giving away more cash through another wild radio contest. They are giving away up to $4,000 cash! The contest is sponsored by I’ve checked out their site and they are an online radio streaming site with [insert the rest of the review].

I browsed around their listings and my favorite station is [insert name of your favorite station].

When your blog post has been published, finish your entry by sending a trackback to this post. If you link to this post, the trackback should send automatically. If it doesn’t go, then please enter the URL to your post in the comments. All four conditions listed about must be met to be a legit entry. The deadline for entry is May 31.

The winner will be selected by a random drawing of all entries received. The winner will receive $2,000. However, if there are 200 or more total legit entries, then the winner will get a big fat check for $4,000! Good luck and enter now!