New Pagani Zonda R Renderings


Most car people know that the car in my header is a Pangani Zonda F. What many may not know is the production run of Zonda F is now finished. If you didn’t get one then you’re pretty much out of luck. Don’t despair however. Mr. Pagani will be replacing the Zonda F with the new Zonda R.

The R in Zonda R stands for Racing. A funny term considering this new Zonda will make no concession to any racing regulation or governmental constriction of any sort. The R shows just how much higher the performance bar can be raised when you throw out the rulebook.

The first drawings of the R was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show back in March. Since then, not much news has been released, until now. Today, Pagani Automobili showed off five new computer generated images of their 7.3-liter, 750 horsepower missile.

If the Zonda R looks like a race car, that’s because it pretty much is. The R will not be street legal in any country. However, since it isn’t built to any racing regulations you can’t race it in any racing leagues. The leaves two choices: rent a track and have fun or park it in your living room for static display. With an estimate price of around €2 Million, my guess is many owners will opt for the second option.

You think any of these images would make a good header? If so, which one would you use?





60 thoughts on “New Pagani Zonda R Renderings”

  1. Michael says:

    When you getting your first exotic car? I know you want to get one. It seems like you are making a few thousand more than previous month with your blog? What exotic car you going to get when can afford it?

    1. Steven says:

      John can already afford one as his blog income is shit compare to his real income. He just chooses not to until he has build a set amount of wealth I suppose.

      John, use the 3rd image out of the 5 shown (2nd down from the set of 4 shown above) for the new header image.

      1. I would vote for the 1st image (zonda-r_render-4.jpg) but it will need some retouches as i don’t like the background of the image. But i do LOVE the curves of the Zonda in that image.

      2. BigMeep Joe says:

        Alas, I’m stuck with a mere Lotus for the moment. I second the vote for the third one down from the top, 2nd one in the list of 4. That is a bad ass car. How about an Ultima GTR to hold you over until you pick up a Zonda? I think you can grab a GTR for only around $100k.

      3. I’ve agree with that – 3rd one (2nd in the big group of four) – zonda-r_render-3.jpg 😀

    2. No kidding! It’s about time John bought another fancy car!

    3. Sean says:

      A lot of John posts lately have been all about money and materials since it look like he is making a lot of money now 😛

      Keep up the good work John. 😮

    4. Wahlau.NET says:

      I believe this is IT! it is superfine!

  2. The Foo says:

    nice! are those gullwing doors? i prefer this to the bugati.

    1. John Chow says:

      A Zonda has normal doors.

  3. Niiiiicieeeeeeeeeeeeeee carrrrrrr

    $2 mill what? That’s insane. I need stats now!

    1. 2 million Euros, which is like 4 million bucks…and it’s not street legal or legal for any races lol

  4. Word Hugger says:

    What do you drive? 😛

    1. Me? I never knew you cared Word Hugger 😆

      I drive (well…really ride) and electric powered scooter. Not quite as sexy as a Zonda R.

    2. I currently drive my wifes Ford Windstar SEL, the ultimate in luxury family minivans. The Ferrari’s in the shop getting an oil change. 😎

  5. tere says:

    whoooaaaaaaa… cool & devilish looking car. 👿 🙂

  6. I reckon the second pic will work as well as a header. It shows off the second behind of this beast just enough 👿

    1. That should say “Sexy behind”. Doh!

  7. chtanxw says:

    I will use the first picture (cornering pose) for my header if given a choice.

  8. Egon says:

    Actually it’s 2 Million Euros; so almost $2.8 Million USD.

    1. Oops, I thought the conversion for the Euro was higher than it is!

  9. I didn’t know that it wasn’t street legal 😯
    It is a stunning car and I think anybody who buys it will just want to add it to their collection of supercars and treat it like a work of art – just to be admired and as an investment.
    Regarding images to use, I like the first one.

  10. whats the point if it isnt street legal?

    1. To show it off, it’s a status symbol. You’re saying I have so much money, I can spend 2 million Euros on a car I can’t even drive.

  11. grabbed from the dealer website:

    Interestingly, the Zonda is the only true Supercar that can legally be fully registered in any State in Australia and driven on the roads daily.

    1. That’s probably referring to the Zonda F

  12. David says:

    good that the speedlimit is 55 mph :mrgreen:

  13. john choe says:

    Thats a sexy back 😈

  14. Second image from the bottom would get my vote.

  15. Click Input says:

    I looks PHAT. Not road legal in any country though? That sucks!

  16. BMW Blog says:

    Definitely the 2nd one. And people are really crazy for paying over $3mil for a car they can’t use.
    Honestly, I rather get this one:
    Pretty fast car, way cheaper and kinda unique also

  17. GettyCash says:

    Everyone will look at you when you drive the Zonda R 😎

  18. car lover says:

    Chose image #2 out of 5 and crop to remove the text. The other four look like they are toy models a little too much in my opinion. Fast cars should look like they’re haulin’

  19. Hoto says:

    :mrgreen: is this a car, an toy or just a small rocket ??? looks nice but much to small for me.

    1. Shaun says:

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing. It’s like an f-16 without wings. 😛

  20. Renault Twingo is my favourite… since I am 207cm tall I have tested many cars and Twingo is the one where is most space for legs and head. So I think this exotic car would be unusable for me. 😥

    1. But anyway it looks realy nice so you might need residence where you could park it.

  21. MR-Gee says:

    I think the best ones for the header would be second and fourth image.

  22. Wayne Liew says:

    Nice, thought of changing my car to this from a Nissan Fairlady but still, I guess I will stay put with Nissan! 😛

  23. Tim Fuchs says:

    They are all bad for the header, the contrast is to low. The car should stick out, keep your current header image.

  24. Hello John… I would like to add a third choice to the 2 you have already given.
    1. Rent a track and have fun
    2. Park it in your living room for static display
    3. Wish that we were part of a Matrix and plug the computer interface behind our neck and drive that baby all we want. 😈


    1. Also, you know if you’re rich enough to buy one, you can probably pay the fines if you are caught driving it around.

  25. Rob says:

    i’m still for the Cizeta Moroder… i guess both are italian cars

  26. kanak says:

    woooaaaaahh !!! Damm good looks …and devilish car. I would like to go for the first one as far as header is concerned .. but alas it doesn’t match my blog’s theme 😀

  27. Klaudio says:

    nice car!
    it rembembers to a lotus 😕

  28. Farinha says:

    The second image would be the best one for the header.

    And btw, this is another entry for the forex book contest.

  29. I vote for the first one. It sorta has a “racing ahead!” feel to it, which works well with the blog theme. The 2nd image looks like the car is stopping and the driver is about to get out and say “Hi!” while the last 2 are just plain bad angles.

  30. Shaun says:

    If that was a girl, I’d marry her.

  31. David Savage says:

    Cars like that are worthless to have, over expensive, and not even street legal. But still damn pretty 😎

    1. Yah, what’s the point in having a car you can’t drive on a street? Pointless.

  32. Alan says:

    The first or second pictures would look good, I think. The other ones are good, but I just don’t like the angle on them quite as much. Of course I like the current header a lot, too.

  33. ziggy says:

    They all look horribly cheesy. I could see how a 14 year old boy might like them, but beyond that, just pure bad taste.

  34. Alex Shalman says:

    This is the sexiest car I have ever seen! Nice!

    John, maybe you can arrange a photoshoot with you next to this car to use as a header image?

  35. Aditya says:

    It is never gonna work on Indian roads i guess 😉

  36. Success says:

    You have to change your header now. 🙂

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