New Pagani Zonda R Renderings


Most car people know that the car in my header is a Pangani Zonda F. What many may not know is the production run of Zonda F is now finished. If you didn’t get one then you’re pretty much out of luck. Don’t despair however. Mr. Pagani will be replacing the Zonda F with the new Zonda R.

The R in Zonda R stands for Racing. A funny term considering this new Zonda will make no concession to any racing regulation or governmental constriction of any sort. The R shows just how much higher the performance bar can be raised when you throw out the rulebook.

The first drawings of the R was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show back in March. Since then, not much news has been released, until now. Today, Pagani Automobili showed off five new computer generated images of their 7.3-liter, 750 horsepower missile.

If the Zonda R looks like a race car, that’s because it pretty much is. The R will not be street legal in any country. However, since it isn’t built to any racing regulations you can’t race it in any racing leagues. The leaves two choices: rent a track and have fun or park it in your living room for static display. With an estimate price of around €2 Million, my guess is many owners will opt for the second option.

You think any of these images would make a good header? If so, which one would you use?