New Poll – How Often Do You Update Your Blog?

I have a new poll question for the month of January. I want to know how often you update your blog? As you know, I have always recommend that you keep a consistent posting frequency. Whether that is once per day or once per month, the key is to be consistent at it. However, I am interested to know what kind of posting frequency my readers have.

At John Chow dot Com, I have average over two post per day since the blog started back in December 2005. I’m very proud of the fact that there has never been a single day that has gone by when I did not update the blog at least once. I feel this is one of the biggest reasons for the blog’s success.

How often do you update your blog? Please take the poll. I only went as low as one to three times per month because anyone who updates less than that shouldn’t be call a blogger.

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Results From The Last Poll Question

In the last poll, I asked why you comment on a blog. Amazingly enough, a good 40% (433 votes) said they comment on a blog to drive traffic to their own blogs. I guess that kind proves the point behind my What’s In It for Me post. 🙂

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102 thoughts on “New Poll – How Often Do You Update Your Blog?”

  1. Li Weng says:

    You update your blog quite frequently John, I guess that’s part of the reason why you have so many readers.

    1. I post at least every other day.

    2. Michael says:

      It all depends on what type of blog you have. Technology news sites like TechCrunch have to update daily. A make money online blog should have at least a post once every 2 days.
      Whereas a personal blog will only have to update maybe once per week. I’m more into the idea of lifestreaming though.

      I have a post about ‘How often you should have update your blog’ too. Please check it out –

      1. Jon says:

        TC has writers and serious income so the more they write, the more traffic and money they make… it becomes a cycle. As for me, I try to write something at least once a day across my network of sites.

        Jon Doubling your money one stock at a time

      2. Gossip blogs are even crazier. They have to update at least 5+ times a day.

    3. Ben Pei says:

      Thats his job man.. His rice bowl..

      1. If you are writing by self then updating everyday is not the easiest thing.

        1. Ben Pei says:

          Not actually.. Shouldn’t be difficult if you have been active..

  2. Larry Page says:

    I wonder why people think that if they’ll update the blog daily they will get more traffic. I can think of 10 others things to do daily that will get you more traffic.

    1. Li Weng says:

      But it all starts with good content. You won’t be able to keep the traffic without the good content. And it’s also about managing your readers’ expectations. If you set out to update daily, then all of a sudden start only updating 2 or 3 times a week, and then keep changing it, people will get annoyed because their initial expectations aren’t met.

      1. Ben Pei says:

        Yup thats why consistency matters so much..

    2. It all starts with content, but you have to drive traffic – it must be a balance. At the end of the day, if you want return readers though, you need to have good regular content

    3. I notice that I get more traffic on days I update my blog. So update everyday, more readers everyday.

      Yaro Starak is doing well, but the biggest part of his money and traffic comes from his blog mastermind course.

      Because he doesn’t update everyday, I rarely visit his blog.

      1. Jack Mehoff says:

        That is so true; I don’t visit certain blogs because the owner does not update their website. And the layout of the blog helps with either improving traffic or letting it go down the drain.

      2. That’s true and in fact some bloggers swear that you get even more traffic at a specific time. I’ve yet to rationalize this one.

        Peter Lee

    4. I agree to an extent. The content has to be good. Truth is, anyone can create a blog & update it, but now the real question is how great is their content? If it’s crap, people won’t come back even if the person is updating more than twice a day.

  3. Mike says:

    Larry Page…what’s those ten our things?

    I update every day, have had a lot better results posting on a regular basis like that.

  4. Gary Lee says:

    Probably 2-3 things a week now. One of my resoultions this year was to get back into the game, but not waste too much of my time on pointless posts.

    1. Lizwi says:

      I like the idea of not making pointless posts. It is annoying to search for the blog, find it, only to find that it is a collection of key words, no information at all. We must post what will be worth the readers time. It is also a good idea to check if your links work. It is discouraging to click at a link, wait with hope, only to get a message “Page could not be opened”.

  5. Paul U says:

    5 times a week for my entertainment blog
    6 times a week for my MMO blog
    2-3 times a months for my newest blog tecnhology

    1. BrandC says:

      you’re a busy man Paul

  6. I post once every second day, and my partner posts once every second day. So while my blog gets updated once a day, I only update it about 4 times a week.

  7. I increased to six blogs this year so if I can get 2 posts a blog in, I’m pretty happy. Once the funds are there, I am going to outsource some of the writing.

    1. Lizwi says:

      Please outsource some to me. I will be very glad to help you.

  8. AverageGal says:

    I usually update my blog(s) 6 times a week. I’m actually in the process of writing a blog post about this very subject.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Quick quick.. get going!

  9. I normally updated about twice a day on average..

  10. Sean says:

    I post once a day even if I have more than one idea. I save those extras as drafts for another day when I have problems with topics. That way, I have a higher percentage of high quality posts.

  11. Since I have several blogs, I update as much as humanly possible in 24 hours without frying my brain. I manage to squeeze in a life some how too.

    1. Jack Mehoff says:

      I don’t believe it is frying the brain. I feel as it is a tool to express myself. As if I am talking to friends. I feel that by writing, it relieve stress and tension. But that’s just me though; I can’t say the feeling I have is mutual.

  12. jesse says:

    I try to update my blog atleast 3 times a week , usually when I have something I would like to share with readers that may benefit them. I find updating daily is quite the task as I have many other tasks to take on. But it has helped posting 3 times weekly as my PR went from a 2 to 3.

  13. trisha says:

    During m-f, I update about 6 articles a day.


  14. I shoot for 2 to 3 posts most days of the week

  15. Well, as I don’t have personal blog but do have more than 200 blogs so it not possible for me update each blog regularly

  16. I post in my Affiliate Manager blog once a day. It’s still a new blog though and I may slow down to every other day or so in a few months.

  17. Rahul says:

    I try to update my blog as often as possible.

  18. Miser says:

    It’s tough with a full time job. My blog is 1 month old today and so far I average just over 1 a day. Hopefully I can keep it up to 1 a day.

  19. I personally update my blog daily, with an average of 2 posts per day!! I figure go big or go home, so I’m gonna start off doing it right from the get go!!! 🙂

  20. J.D. Meier says:

    Well, thanks to you I’ve been updating it daily.

    You said it was one of your success patterns and I believed you.

    My day job sucks up a lot of energy, so it’s tough, but I want to test how effective daily posting is. My blog is just a baby (4+ months old) so I think I have to help bootstrap it for now.

    I also like the idea of working out daily on my writing skills. I think it is like a muscle and does get easier to use the more you flex it. As long as I stick with my passions, burnout shouldn’t be an issue. I just have to make sure I keep my focus where it belongs …

    … one pitch at a time …. not the scoreboard.

  21. Reyn Aria says:

    I’m writing 3 times a week now, but from next week intending to increase to at least 4x per week.

  22. I’ve always tried to consistently post once a day, but I have missed a few here and there. Overall though, I’m almost at 100 posts and have had my blog since October, 2008. I know the math doesn’t make sense, but that’s because I had posted more than once a day from turning articles into posts in the very beginning.

    Beyond traffic generation, at least for me, I also enjoy being part of the community, joking, learning, and adding value to the conversation.

  23. says:

    I only update my blog when i has thing to write.

  24. Jack Mehoff says:

    Although I don’t have a blog, however, I think people should update their blogs everyday. Because people tend to stick to a habit or routine they are use to. So with that said, It would be wise to start off strong with two or three post a day.

  25. Yea I am trying to update my blog frequently. So busy with my other job as a web developer. I am just thinking though. I get about 1-2 organic hits to my post a day. If I have 20,000 pages. I would get 20,000-40,000 visitors a day which could definitely generate me good money since i already generate cash from my hits i receive now. So I see in the future I will be making a good income from my blog. Now it is just going by. I am only 22 so I got some time. So I learned SEO for my entertainment site and recieve 100-200 organic a day. So hopefully one day my online efforts will start to pay off more.

  26. Four20 says:

    Oh come on. You might ‘average’ over 2 posts a day, but I bet there has been at LEAST 1 day that you didn’t do a post here.

  27. Sire says:

    I used to post every day but conditions have changed and I don’t have the time to do that and so I post up to three times a week on each of my 6 self hosted blogs, less frequently on my community blogs.

    In the second poll I would have preferred if I was allowed two choices because even though I chose to drive traffic to my blog I won’t comment unless I can add something in order to part of the community.

  28. David Wei says:

    I usually update my blog every 2 days. I am not a quick writer and sometimes it is hard for me to wirte something meaningful.

  29. Jonathan says:


    I dont have a blog but i want more cuality trafic for mi site Do u have a good tip or guide for adwords o keywords spending less money ?

  30. Mike B says:

    Everyday is ideal, but sometimes stuff just comes up. But 6 days a week is the minimum.

  31. Vincent Chow says:

    Normally once or twice every 2 days. By the time I got my idea, do research, draft it out, refine it several times, add images, it’s already the other day.

  32. Hi John,

    I will update my blog normally everyday. If i am busy with other things, i will have at least one post in two days.

  33. Depending on the topic of your blog. Sometime it may not be possible to post daily without posting some crappy contents. After all, who is interest in what you have eaten yesterday night for supper while your blog is about stock investment?

    1. Oops! made some typo bobo here…

      John, why don’t you install “Ajax Edit Comments” so that your visitors can make amendment to their comments.

  34. Sanjo-chan says:

    I post updates every couple of days, or more if I can’t think of anything. I also write updates to be posted in the future. 😉

  35. We think the most important thing is to update it regularly, not necessarily often. But, ideally, the best rate to update your blog is once a day.

    John, I notice your posting schedule is subject to a lot of change…?


  36. Harry Tran says:

    I make an industry update post daily M to F, and one or two writings of my own over the weekend.

  37. gladys_cute says:

    I admit that I seldom update my blog, but reading this article encourage me to update my blog everyDAY! Thanks John..

  38. ahmad says:

    daily update for my entertainment blog because it easy and for my technology blog, I usually update at least 6 posts per week.

  39. Ajay says:

    I update my blog atleast once a day as part of the daily series I run. Besides this, I do have times when I have one or more extra posts.

    I update my personal blog 2-3 times a week on a minimum.

  40. Unos Tips says:

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    The error is produced by the enews popup that appears at the end of the page.

  41. The Moneyac says:

    I make around 1 post per 2 days. It leaves time for people to comment and for me to advertise and market my blog.


    The Moneyac

  42. Antonio says:

    Is like chicken and the egg, cos; you want to drive traffic to your blog, but also to get that you need to be involved, make feedback and be recognized as a voice in the blogosphere. Traffic will come much later… is my guess.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      You still need to work on your marketing.. Takes lotsa effort and time..

  43. Melissa says:

    I try to post every day. I definitely have more than one idea to post about every day, but I think there’s been two or three days last month I didn’t get a chance to post.

  44. Jugsi Funny says:

    Well except for weekends I post daily all the new funny stuff and more. I guess it will help me get constant users on my blog. Daily is really good…

  45. Greg Ellison says:

    I post everyday and that works for me. Thanks Greg Ellison

  46. Timon Weller says:

    One to three times a day usually at the Buyers Web Blog ..:)
    I polled it above too..

  47. sometimes i love to blog then other times I just dont get the motivation to blog its strange :/

  48. When i start new blog i post one article every 3 days,
    after 4-5 articles i post 1 article per week, and then less and less.

    It all depends of what your blog is about. I thinks some topics are just limited.

  49. Ben Pei says:

    I try my best to update everyday.. Just dont want to let my readers down when I know they are checking back..

  50. Wink says:

    I just started my blog, I will try my best to post at least 4-6 times per week. But I will try to automate most of them to reduce my workload.

  51. David Hobson says:

    I at least try and update twice a day if possible.

  52. I think I blog as lease 2 times a day… can be tiring but it’s fun 🙂

  53. I try for one update/day but will do 2 sometimes. I think its more about content than just bombarding a blog with posts.

  54. Glen Hughes says:

    I often comment on other blogs to drive traffic to my own but I wonder if it’s worth doing that with blogs that have no-follow links (like your own).

  55. Max says:

    Up date please, we need more money for sexycrack dot com. THX

  56. jan says:

    In my first month of blogging, I wrote every day. My reasoning is that it’s embarrassing that my cupboards are threadbare so that keeps me posting – to stock up on posts. Now on my second month, I’m easing up a bit and posting only every other day but regularly.

  57. I guess I should be known as the part-time blogger. I update once per week. However, it may be worth noting that I will get out of blogging what I put into it 🙂

  58. Dean Saliba says:

    I post on average once every three days which is not good enough. I need ot get my finger out.

  59. Eathan says:

    i update 25+ days a month.. That seems to work for me.

  60. I only post a few times per week, but I always target an especially strong or perhaps, revenue generating post, at least once per week. That way, anyone landing on the page will still see that post, even though a quick mid-week post may not have been the strongest. The key is good content, somewhat routine posts and not regurgitating what’s already out there.

    I’ve had some mild success and will now be starting two new blogs. Biggest challenge is finding the time at night and weekends to keep the posts fresh.

  61. Caleb says:

    I think at first one should post maybe 3-4 per week of link-baiting content,then as readership builds post more or at least do some guest posting. Otherwise, you’ll be putting out a bunch of good content that no one will see 😉

  62. mark says:

    Well, I guess this would and should be different dependent on the style. For instance since my blog is related to insurance news, there’s a ton of stuff to post about and the frequency is only increasing. I’d assume a more analytical and less news-oriented blog would post less often.

  63. Absolutely true consistency plays a vital role it helps to drive more traffic …which i dont have i need to create a plan for that so that i can get good traffic

  64. I update my blog 3times a week. John you seems like update very often, stay cool! 🙂


  65. At least five times a week for my motoring blog, which has increased from my old routine and is more consistent too. Maybe 1-2 times a week for my gaming blog.

    As always its about finding time between the 9-5 and family.

  66. SEO Tips says:

    I generally update my blog every day or every two days I definitely try to add at least 5 articles a week.

  67. Liza Lee says:

    I blog once a week on on Vancouver fashion, art, design or food.

  68. Pete says:

    Of my larger sites…

    The World War II site gets one new article daily (sometimes an extra news posting) and usually gets about three or four new photographs daily.

    The programming site gets a new entry about once every 1-2 weeks.

  69. Matt says:

    I am aiming to switch to a new post schedule as a new years resolution over on my lifestyle magazine

    I think that if I update every week day, it will give me the weekends ot source good quality content and allow my readers to catch up so they arent bombarded?

    Does any else have a simlar posting schedule

    Great poll John


  70. Sumter SC says:

    I try to update daily but sometimes i just am blank and dont have anything to write about.

  71. munawar am says:

    Why Do You Comment On A Blog? I Think this is my original answer too; to drive traffic to my blog and also to be a part of community

  72. I have other blogs where I post at least twice a day. Consistency is king & very important. I wouldn’t get anywhere if I hardly posted.

  73. It’s always good to update your blog even better when you got a huge audience too 😉

  74. Lizwi says:

    I update every second day. I hope this not too bad, Isn’t? I need more help on SEO anyone with a quick tip?

  75. I have improved now and trying to post three time a week. This will help my visitors to get the latest news every time. But honestly speaking I try to make one post everyday. This will help with the view of SEO and people will get latest updates as well.

  76. Once a day is all I do. People are reading so many blogs these days that if you have too many posts it will turn people off.

  77. BusinessX says:

    Sadly I have been posting once a week. Accepting what John Chow says about consistency, I would like to be steady with a daily post.

  78. I post twice a week, 3 if I find more time. I would have loved to blog daily but as I hold a full time job, that’s near impossible as I get to work 3 to 4 hours a day only. I try to console myself I write quality posts not quanity.

    Peter Lee

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