New Poll Question – Do You Use Video On Your Blog?

Do you use videos on your blog? If so, then add yourself to the poll. If not, then add yourself to the poll as well. I’m interested to know how much of my readership is taken advantage of video blogging. I use video a lot in my blog. From the weekly Dot Com Pho episodes to videoing the crazy fun at the various trade shows, video can get you message across far more effectively than plain text. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is a video worth?

If you are running videos on your blog, I’ll be interested in knowing what video blogging gears you’re running. Please let me know in the comments. I use a Canon SD980 digital camera and a Canon HFS100 AVCHD camcorder for my video work. iMovie 09 does all the processing, including uploading to YouTube.

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72 thoughts on “New Poll Question – Do You Use Video On Your Blog?”

  1. S Ahsan says:

    my youtube channel is almost ready. Videos speak louder than words :). Btw John, would you prefer canon over panasonic lumix or nikon? I need a good one not more than $400-500 for now

    1. I would suggest to go for the digital camera which have the option of HD … once you establish yourself than go for latest version.

      1. By the way … like your logo …

        Seems to me that your alexa dropped a lot …

        1. Hey John,

          I have posted a 5 minute video in HD on my blog a couple of days ago.

          It’s not the first video there but it’s the first one of many to follow.

          The video features you, John Chow and me at your last regular Dot Com Pho in Vancouver.

          For anyone who hasn’t seen John’s iPad vest which can carry a lot of other things without getting tilted to one side this is a must watch video.


          1. Saw that video and in that video you took all the details about vest …

            John never forget to provide all details about his vest. Seems to me that he really likes it.

        2. S Ahsan says:

          thanks for the input ZK. If you are talking about my logo, thanks! as for the alexa, ill deal with it. i actually never put any work into that. Check it out later 😉

          1. You were working hard earlier … what happened so that you dropped it.

            Any specific reason ?

    2. Sahil Kotak says:

      I would prefer nikon. 🙂

      1. Nikon is good for still photography but for video I think Panasonic or Sony will be good one.

        1. Sahil Kotak says:

          I am using Panasonic myself and ain’t getting results as expected.

          1. I now use the flip HD and it’s really handy and makes high quality videos. It picks the sound very well too.

            My previous videos were made with regular digital camera.

          2. What is the cost of FLIP HD ?

  2. Many are currrently getting into the video marketing issue with the release the Rapid Video blogging. I am hoping of getting into that soon so that i can increase the traffic to my blog.

  3. I am not using video because I have no time to make the transcripts that I feel are necessary for videos being accessible to everybody, SY

  4. d3so says:

    Ive been planning to use video but I don’t have an adequate camera or editing software to use.

    1. Why dont you talk your local studio … to do this for you …

      1. Sahil Kotak says:

        Yes, that’s good idea.

        1. This will be good if you will do video once in a month or once in 15 days because of cost factor but if you want to add once in a week than I would recommend to have your set up.

          1. d3so says:

            Yeah, but money is also a problem 😛

          2. Perhaps you can start saving for that now. Video is going to enhance your blog and you can also start to use it to drive traffic.

      2. They will not do that for free. Even a middle range video recorder will be cheaper than hiring a professional studio plus lighting equipment, SY

        1. Getting your own equipment is a much better way to go.

          1. Why do you will hire lightning and other equipment.

            Just hire a video grapher with his camera and thats all.

    2. Well for the moment normal camera or phone camera would be fine. As for now I am using my small Canon A590 is, it is a good camera to take picture and it has video function too. But when you want everything to be perfect then you would have to buy a better gadget.

  5. SEO Cat says:

    I don’t use video on my post, because right now I don’t need it, but when I think that video could explain better my SEO topics, I will try it 😉

  6. ArdianZzZ says:

    Perhaps someday… 😉

  7. I plan to incorporate more and more video embeds on my website! It is a must for an established and serious website, especially for a tutorial type of site. John I recommend you put some more video tutorials in next period!

    1. I do not think that John is going to provide any kind of tutorial.

      1. There is difference between the skill of a master player and coach.

        To be a coach you need different skill, although he gave speech to many occassions and on many big events … but however … tutorials from John … neah….

  8. Greg Ellison says:

    I do use video sometimes. I just bought a flip ultra hd camcorder and a tripod. I was using my digital camera which had bad audio and video quality. Thanks Greg Ellison

    1. I have the same camera and have used regular digital camera until recently.

      Which tripod did you get? That is the next thing for me to buy.

  9. I have already provided my answer …

    Mine was second one – No, but I plan to add it!

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      Mine same answer as yours ZK. I have no plan for it as well.

      1. ZK have plan to add it.

        Please note that he picked the second option.

        1. It’s better to have a plan to add it than just saying maybe some day.

          It would be cool to see ZK on video.

          1. Yeah.. never see ZK on video too..

  10. CookSpot says:

    I don’t use video on my blog, because, the niche of my blog, don’t permit this 😉

    1. Since when the cooking niche doesn’t permit videos?

      I’ve seen cooking websites with videos.

      1. I can show you thousands of websites which use video to show great recipes.

        In fact your website in need of video desperately … just try it next time when you are going to cook any delicious dish … and post on you tube.

        I am sure you will get the positive results and good traffic.

        Hire us for doing social bookmarking for those videos … .lollzzz

        1. Well it sort of bad if you did not use it in your niche. People tends to watch rather than read @Cookspot. Especially in your niche, the food will looks better if you have it in videos.

  11. I plan to have a video when within next two month after I complete my ebook.

    Thanks For Sharing Poll

    1. Oh great … you are writing ebook.

      Do not forget to hire someone for proof reading … specially from UK and must have experience.

  12. Jeff Caceres says:

    I only use LG Cookie KM555e touch phone as my own video camera, but it totally sucks! I have videos stored in my blog, but not in good quality. Anyway, I think it’s just the beginning for me John. Soon I would get a quality video camera for myself. 🙂

    1. This is good that at least you started … sooner or later you will get high quality and professional equipment.

      Here is more important that you remove your hesitation.

      1. Jeff Caceres says:

        Yeah you’re right. But the problem right now is that my video camera on my Wi-Fi touch phone doesn’t support night mode, and it’s pixelized when I set it to camera. I experienced that when I convert my video from 3GP to AVI, the video and audio sometimes are not synchronized. 🙁

        1. Dan Lew says:

          Hey Jeff, take your comp to their nearest pc shop and get it synchronized!

  13. Dan lew says:

    Hey John, I use a sony dsc-h2 cyber shot, it is good for what it is, but sound could be better, I need to get a more professional mic!

    1. Jeff Caceres says:

      Hahaha! You’re better than me mate! My video camera on LG Cookie really sucks! Someone said to me that my video was so LOW QUALIFIED! I hope when I have funds I could get a better one.

  14. fas says:

    Using a Sony H20 video camera with HD video.

    You dont need much high def for the internet.

    1. Dan Lew says:

      Most video cameras these days have high definition anyway, but the mic’s are not very good on most!

  15. Well if you are a professional blogger and want to leave your mark in this blog world than you should and must use video.

    In this world trust and faith is important thing and this can be possible once you provide your existence.

  16. Sagar Rai says:

    I don’t use it right now. If I have to use than I search at youtube for related video and post it into my blog.

    1. That is definitely better than not using any video at all.

    2. Dan Lew says:

      If you want to do some video and don’t have a cam, you could go the free route and use

  17. Michelle says:

    I love video and plan to use it more and more! I think it’s more interesting for the person visiting my blog, and it’s definitely more fun for me to do :-)!

  18. well i haven’t started making my own video posts but i do sometimes add relevant YouTube videos to my posts for further illustrations.

    There are a couple of WP pluigins that posts related YouTube videos onto your blog such TubePress and AddYouTubePosts 😉

  19. Videos are vital to help demonstrate the topics on my blog. Although I’m just getting started, I host videos on Vimeo and YouTube. The cameras I currently use are the Canon PowerShot SX200 and Canon EOS 7D. Both are excellent digital cameras that shoot HD video. The 7D has a microphone input which is a plus.


  20. I don’t use video yet but I know it’s something I need to consider in the future. One step at a time…

    1. Dan Lew says:

      baby steps? slow and steady wins the race!

  21. Question to the ones that use videos on your blogs / web sites: Do you provide also transcripts or not? And if not, why not? SY

    1. Hi SY,

      Are you talking about the videos audio transcripts?

      I’ve just started getting into video now so I don’t do them but may do them for some videos in future. If there is a need or requests for them.

      Gideon who’s the video expert does transcripts but first he does the videos. Then he has the audio portion put into mp3 and out of that he has transcripts made.

      I don’t think that you should let the transcripts issue worry you and prevent you from making videos.

      Not every video will need transcripts. When you need them they can be made anytime later.


  22. PPC Ian says:

    Great question! I use video on my blog but with far less frequency than traditional text posts. Why? It’s a lot more time consuming to create a solid video. I shoot my videos with my iPhone 4 and edit them in iMovie ’09.

  23. Kate Kutny says:

    I’m one of the 41% that said they plan on using it. I can’t wait to start using videos on my blog of myself talking about what I’m writing! It will be exciting. I always enjoy watching the videos you have on your blog John Chow! It makes everything seem more personal and you have branded yourself! And that is what videos help do. Brand yourself! Thank you again John for the great Article!

  24. Well taking video is one thing, editing the video is another one thing, and one other thing was upload and write about it. This really makes video blog quite hard to do if you are doing Making Money Online as a part time since lots of other stuff is in hand.

    Getting the idea of what to record is another important thing, since people won’t be watching something weird and nonsense.

    Btw, I’m gonna start using it soon since some of my readers request me to use it in the tutorial. Urgh! Time so pack..

  25. Michael Kwan says:

    I use video where it’s appropriate, like if I’m covering an event and “just” words won’t do it justice. I’m much less inclined to use video for, say, a top on a career in freelance writing if said video is just me talking into a webcam. A video at a speaking engagement or a presentation of some kind, on the other hand, would make more sense.

    1. Dan Lew says:

      Yeah doing video takes time, you need to set up the camera, look pretty, etc etc, its not something you can do in just a few minutes every day, well for most people anyway!

  26. Dan Lew says:

    I prefer to publish youtube videos on my blog, they come up nicely in the search results, better crawl-ability I noticed.

  27. a says:

    Some of my blogs using youtube videos, as to blend with the topic of content.To increase backlinks and get viewers rise up quickly is a good way using this technique.

  28. Kavita says:

    I have not added any videos to my blog so far. But soon I am thinking to add a few on my blog as they may help in getting more traffic.

  29. Michael says:

    Video helps, it helps a lot, but unless you don’t want to see the big picture (No pun intended), then go ahead and stay ignorant.
    Ex: forums were big back in circa ’98, now – Youtube dominates blogging and now vlogging.

  30. I am not a big fan of video cause you cannot skim it or just read the bullet points, you have to watch the whole thing.

  31. Hugh Kimura says:

    I just started doing more videos on my site. I’m using:

    – Camtasia Studio 7
    – Kodak Zx3 HD camera
    – Sony Vegas Studio 10.0
    – Plantronics headset + mic

    It took me some time to figure out how to make videos that were clear and easy to see on my blog but now I can crank them out.

    As soon as I started creating videos, I saw an increase in traffic.

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