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GPS Tracking Key GPS Tracking Key

I’ve done many reviews of tech gadgets in my time but I have to tell you, the GPS Tracking Key Pro by LandAirSea is definitely the most evil device to date. The GPS Tracking Key Pro is a passive GPS tracker. You place it somewhere in the car (preferably hidden) and it will record the vehicle’s travel history. This is prefect for the jealous wife who thinks her husband is having an affair. With the GPS Tracking Key Pro, she’ll be able to see if he really came home after the meeting or made an unscheduled stop along the way.

While busting cheating husbands maybe one use of the GPS Tracking Key Pro, companies with a vehicle fleet may find a better use for the tracking device. Chances are, if the employees knew there was a GPS tracker in the car, they won’t be so quick to use the company car for personal business or drive 113.7mph down the interstate.

GPS Tracking Key Pro

The GPS Tracking Key Pro is barely bigger than the two AA batteries that powers it. The device can operate up to 80 hours on a battery cycle, depending on daily drive time and battery type. It can also be connected to the vehicle’s main power supply. The unit comes equipped with a motion detector which will put the tracker to sleep mode after two minutes of non-movement. The tracker records every second, within 2.5 meters’ accuracy:

  • Speed
  • Address of stops
  • Duration of stops
  • Time en route
  • Arrival Addresses
  • Direction of vehicle

The data is stored to the tracker’s flash memory and downloaded via USB using the LAS Past-Track software package, included free with the GPS Tracking Key Pro. There are three data viewing options: a daily text log, route display over animated digital street map or route display on satellite imagery with Google Earth interface.

Personally, I don’t have much use for GPS Tracking Key Pro other than hiding it in Ed Lau’s car to see what seedy places he goes to on a Friday night. However, I can see myself asking LandAirSea for their Victoria GPS Tracking System. Unlike the GPS Tracking Key Pro, which is a passive tracker, the Victoria is an active real-time tracker. If I was at a big event or hiking in the woods, I can put the Victoria in one of Sally’s pockets and then I won’t have to worry about losing sight of her. Should something happen, the tracker can tell me where she is within 2.5 meters in real-time.

At $399, the Victoria isn’t cheap but for the piece of mind it can bring a parent, it maybe worth it. If you’re a jealous wife who just wants to spy on your husband and don’t need real-time tracking, the $269 GPS Tracking Key Pro maybe all you need. Who knows, you might even bust him for murder!

Back in July, George Ford was arrested in Chenango County for the death of a 12-year-old girl. Ford was charged with reckless endangerment. However, authorities discovered there was a global positioning system in his car. The device is called a tracking key. Ford’s wife put it in his truck, because she suspected he was having an affair. Based on the information taken from the tracking key, Ford was charged with murder.

GPS Tracking

30 thoughts on “Newest Tech Toy – The GPS Tracker”

  1. Fancy. I’ve seen this referenced before on America’s Most Wanted. Would be cool to try it out and see how accurate it really is.

    1. And on whom you are going to try this ?

  2. RichardM says:

    Not sure about this exact one but I’ve seen a few used that are dead on accurate.

  3. It become really hard to cheat this days with many like this tools around.

    1. Nope … you should know that there are many machineries and technology which can broadcast wrong information as well about your location.

      Negative minded people are more smart and you will get all solution of laws.

      But thanks to god that positive minded people are more.

  4. Hmmmm, what can I say? There are CCTV cameras everywhere, and GPS devices are cheap and very effective. While I really do appreciate the security aspect, the conspiracy theorist lurking in my heart screams at me that all odf this is going to end up doing us much more harm than good.

    1. I agree, I don’t know about the US / Canada, but I know some European countries where using such a device without the agreement of the person(s) that is/are affected would be illegal. SY

      1. The sort of evidence that will not hold up in a court of law, but imagine trying to explain to your wife what your car was doing at a certain address for a certain period of time, especially if your alibi placed you across town….heheheheheh

        1. Now its time to buy the book of 100+ excuses.

  5. Great gadget, too bad i wont be able to afford it. Once my blog makes some cash im definitely gonna buy some of these cool things.

    1. And for what purpose you will use it and on whom you will keep an eye.

  6. It seem highly technical gadget.. This toy has made with lots of great technical features. Great to have travel history with putting it anywhere in the vehicle.

  7. DaveEvans says:

    80 hours isn’t bad! I wonder how the device fairs in uneven terrain and heavily built up areas where the signal can get bounced around.

  8. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Husband will be more difficult to go for somewhere else without telling his wife. I believe that husband will be not liking this GPS tracker, lol!

    But GPS system is very useful though, it could be sold for few hundreds in my country.

    1. Well husband will manage to handle this kind of situation as well … do not worry.

  9. Hulk Hogan used one of those on his show for his daughter Brooke a few years ago.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the perfect kiddie tracker!

  10. Brian says:

    I think it’s worth it for the price.

  11. You can get a Tom Tom Go for about $200 bucks, why’s this thing so expensive?

    1. John Chow says:

      Tom Tom is just a GPS that tells you where you are going. It doesn’t record the history of where you’ve been every second.

      1. Some relief to husbands … as spending time at particular place can reveal manything.

  12. Kevin Pasco says:

    Haha this is excellent!

  13. I’d better not let my wife know about this.

    1. Dean Saliba says:

      That goes fort me too, only swap the word wife for girlfriend. 😛

  14. fas says:

    So are you tracking anyone??

  15. The thing that fascinates me is how small these GPS units are these days. Only slightly larger than 2 AA batteries! I hear some over-the-road trucking companies are using and loving devices like this for their fleet.

  16. This one will be boon for those persons who have transport business and want to save good amount of money on fuel.

  17. Manga says:

    This is good if you have a driver, you would know if he takes your car for personal use. Also if you have kids and you want to know where they are going/ What they are doing. This will also be of good use.

  18. I recall these had monthly subscriptions, but I am hoping this one doesn’t. They really do come in handy at times 🙂


  19. Free Gadgets says:

    This looks great, a bit pricey though. I’d love to get one when it gets a bit cheaper. I’d be a bit concerned about privacy though – who else gets to see, keep, and use the tracking data? Would the company use the data to send you advertising based on where you live and visit?

  20. chester says:

    Google Maps has a really good GPS for the Blackberry. It’s new. Check it out.

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