No Limit SOHO HO


We went to the SOHO HO party tonight at Azure lounge, Plaza of Nations. SOHO is a local promotion company that brings like-minded business people together at events (like the SOHO HO) for face to face networking and for making new business contacts. To liven things up a bit, SOHO set up some gaming tables offering Black Jack and No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

The games are all for fun and no real money changed hands. It’s a good way to relax and network with other business associates. Since there was no real money involved, and you can get more chips if you run out, the betting gets pretty funny – I highly doubt anyone would go all in with just a pair of two’s (yes I did that).

In addition to the games and networking opportunities, sponsors of the event also give away door prizes. I won some golf balls and a golf towel. It would have been a nice prize if I golf, but I don’t. I do plan to take up golfing sometime in the future however. When that day comes, I’m sure these balls will come in handy.

There was finger food at the SOHO OH but it wasn’t coming out at a fast enough pace to keep us from getting hungry. So after the event was over, we headed to Memphis Blue BBQ for a big Memphis feast. We couldn’t eat it all and had to pack the reminder home. I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.