No Sex Allowed on A380 Airborne Double Beds

Singapore Airlines, the first operator of the new Airbus A380 super jumbo jet, has dashed the hopes of sexual thrill-seekers planning to engage in extra amorous activity aboard one of the 12 first-class suites, which boast the world’s first airborne double beds.

Singapore Airlines started commercial flights of the double-decker A380 last week with a Singapore to Sydney route. The first-class suite gives you a double bed, privacy and endless champagne. Man! How can they expect passengers to not do what comes naturally when you mix a bed and endless champagne?

I got even money that all 12 first-class suite users joined the mile-high club. 😳


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75 thoughts on “No Sex Allowed on A380 Airborne Double Beds”

  1. Where do I sign up? Everyone will be joining the mile high with a plane like this…

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    1. It seems to me that this is a marketing play to get these beds talked about. It’s working and I’m sure they don’t have any kind of monitoring system in because that would be very illegal…unless you’re flying over China…or North Korea.

      1. Absolutely. A great way to generate interest. When did any kind of ban stop those interested from becoming mile highers?

  2. Jason says:

    So? How did they dash the hopes? I hope it isn’t the honor system!

    1. DeboHobo says:

      I would hate to be the one on watch duty!!1LOL 😀

    2. John Chow says:

      Maybe the bed has bounce sensors? LOL

      1. Michael says:

        Or cameras? 😈 – no, i don’t think so, that would break the privacy.

      2. TJ says:

        Yah bounce sensor makes sense :mrgreen:
        or how about infra-red sensors? more blood flow, more infra-red emission :mrgreen:

      3. akmal says:

        haha…bounce sensor huh 👿 👿

        maybe if all of the passenger have sex, their plane can’t go smoothly, it’ll bouncing…haha… 😆 😆

        1. WebProxyTalk says:

          Very true, the movement from sex could cause the plane to crash :mrgreen:

  3. DeboHobo says:

    Now that is the way to fly besides who would know! 😈

    1. LoL definitively, i just wonder what would the feeling when they “touch the ground” would be. hehe

  4. Shawn Knight says:

    I can imagine how nice that is… but how much is a ticket?

    1. I wouldn’t mind paying loads of money on a 10+ hour flight to get drunk and use a bed.

      1. akmal says:

        Wishing I have enaugh money… 😈 😈

  5. Vik Dulat says:

    Those are some badass beds. I think people are still going to do things even when it says no sex allowed.

  6. Mike says:

    Man, I’d love to stretch out on that bed!

    1. betshopboy says:

      Just stretching out? 😈

    2. akmal says:

      haha…same as me… 😈

  7. Any idea how much one of those tickets cost?

  8. pro2promo says:

    viva singapore 😛 – not just sleep

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      Upwards of 10K …. you can have a lot of fun in Singapore for that money so i’d rather slum it in economy, save the dollars and hit Orchard Road or Mohammed Sultan Road when i got there.

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        Closer to 5K by the looks of it …. still expensive for such a short flight. Coming from Australia we’re used to doing long hauls to get anywhere. Still rather save my coin and party it up at the other end.

      2. betshopboy says:

        Hey Neil

        You been to Orchard Road and those happening clubs on Mohammed Sultan road?
        The new “HOT” spot is downtown Marina Bay.

  9. easy sell.. hahaha.. i’m sure it will be only high rollers using this flight. I will be there one day, I love Singapore Airlines. They have the best service across the pacific.

    1. betshopboy says:

      You got it bro! Singapore Airlines is indeed a great way to fly!

  10. Blake says:

    What a perfect place for the ‘mile-high’ club! I think they should have an entire airline setup that way.

  11. says:

    Of course they’ll SAY it’s not allowed, but there’s no way they can enforce it. Game on.

  12. haha..what are they going to do, routine checks? haha.

  13. Since I’m from Sydney, this got covered all over the news.

    I’ll definitely try it out one day!


    1. betshopboy says:

      History landed in Sydney and it rightly got the limelight it deserved.

  14. This got covered in Sydney, especially the launch of it.

  15. Shaun Carter says:

    I checked out the prices for a flight in one of those suites and it is low five figures… so I think if you can cough up that much money you should be able to have all the sex you want from takeoff to landing.

  16. ill just take my money to southwest airlines instead 🙄

  17. Etienne Teo says:

    If you don’t know how it works, every 15-20mins a steward or stewardess will be going around even when it is in the wee hours of the flight, unless your quickie can be in less than 15 mins, you may give it a try. How did i know?

    I have never sat on that flight but apparently, one of my good girl-friend is a part of this magnificent flight, i asked her and her answer is don’t try.. 😈

  18. The A380 is an amazing aircraft. I watched the entire process when they built the first one on Discovery Channel a while back.

    1. Yes, apart from the publicity gained from this frivolous development, it is indeed a fantastic aircraft. I believe that Singapore Airlines and Airbus would have gained a lot more clientele had they focussed on the other great things about the aircraft and the configuration that SA have gone for.

  19. Harshad says:

    They give you everything right for the occassion and then say dont do it. Thats bad 🙁

    1. says:

      I think that is just what they ‘have to say’… but I doubt they have enforcement or penalties… lol. They are suppose to say ‘don do it’ but then they turn a blind eye knowing you will and that is the whole point of those beds…

  20. squaretan says:

    Cant afford such luxury unless i make as much as John’s Blog! 😎

  21. Jerry Khoo says:

    The rules are there but who can do the enforcement? 😆

  22. great008 says:

    i will give my woman the bigh schlong whenever i want thx very much!!

  23. Pity about the rules, that bed seems made for sex! 😉

    1. betshopboy says:

      LOL! “Made for Sex”, that’s a brilliant tagline for selling beds!

      1. Thanks, i thought so too.

  24. The Foo says:

    ha! what if sex if with the stewardess itself… i.e. the person doing the enforcement 👿

    anyways, i’ll be willing to bet that there will definitely be sex on the beds… regardless of the rules. nobody can watch the passengers every minute of the flight. lets hope that the cleaners do a good job changing the sheets and cleaning the bed — airline cleaners have been known to not do a good job — especially for short flights like that. i know because i have friends in the airlines business. how clean do you think it is when a plane lands and has just an hour or two to switch over the flight crew and get ready to fly again.

  25. The rooms better be sound proof. Or maybe they will show on the video screens the new XXX channel broadcast live onboard.

  26. Brandon Harshe says:

    Who’s going to stop you? The pilot? 😆

    1. akmal says:

      Just ask the pilot to join in…haha.. 😈

    2. betshopboy says:

      Maybe armed air marshals?

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the first headlines about a couple being held pending charges for having sex during the flight.

        The air marshals will be praised for keeping the skies safe… lol.

  27. says:

    In a couple years those will be the dirtiest beds above 10,000 feet…. ❗

  28. says:

    Etienne: Surely your friend is mistaken. If someone pays 5 figures for these airborne accommodations, they have an expectation of privacy and comfort that is violated with routine checks. Forget about sex. If I was just flying alone and paid that price, flight attendants had BETTER not knock on the door every 15 minutes. What I’m saying is I think you heard an untruth. =)

  29. LOL… I am sure people are taking advantage over the beds…regardless of stupid rules…

  30. ONwebcheck says:

    lol – double beds in airplanes – but why not…

  31. Domtan says:

    Probably none going to follow this rule, especially if they’ve paid that much for the flight.

  32. It’d be cool to tell your friends that you did it 30,000 feet above the air…on a BED! :mrgreen:

  33. Raymond says:

    Doesn’t that contradict with their goal. Having more babies. 😛

    How to reach their goal if they are not in alignment to it ❓

  34. Mike Huang says:

    So when will we see the evil Mr. Chow join the mile-high club? 😈

  35. Klaudio says:

    Some people would be too loud 😀
    May they didn’t isolate this room perfectly 😕

  36. Daniel says:

    I would totally book that pimp-bed for myself and have sex all night long!!

  37. The sex part aside, it is tremendous to be able to get some quality shut eye on a long haul flight. Beats the *&^% out of swollen feet and cramped sleeping positions and disturbed fitful sleep. So when i am rich… :mrgreen:

  38. rahul says:

    may be in future they advertise like this “more space , more sex & of course more partners – come see your air fantasy going true ” 😈

  39. Online Poker says:

    How will they stop you :mrgreen: ?

  40. Etienne Teo says:

    hi Joe,
    I have not heard wrongly from my friends, like you say they play five figures to get a good sleep and i think you have mistaken me, they don’t know on the door every 15 -20 mins, they just walk up and down without making a sound, making sure everything is ok and no guest on board is feeling that SIA is not providing a service.

    If a guest like you who intend to decline any service on board eg.breakfast to dinner and just want to sleep onboard, you just have to tell the stewardess and they will have your privacy kept at your bay.

    On board flight, they do have “bouncers” and many flights do carry “cable ties”(handcuff-like) to restrain guest who misbehave on board.

    1. says:

      Entienne: I understand now… I misunderstood what you were saying before and this makes a lot more sense. So I guess anyone who is planning to break the “no sex” rule should be very quiet about it. 🙂

  41. Etienne Teo says:

    Sorry for the usage of English and wrong spelling, i just ate nuts which caused my hands to key words too fast and errors occurs..haha! :mrgreen:

    play = pay
    know – knock

  42. Eric says:

    Actually, the real question now is how much? Or would I even dare to ask!!

  43. those planes are sick

  44. bloggernoob says:

    haven’t done on place before. i have on the train tho

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