North x East Blog Review

Since we are on a review kick today, I figure now would be a good time to post a new ReviewMe sponsored review. North x East (pronounced North By East) is a brand new blog – started Feb 4th – about small-medium online business, blogging, advertising and net entrepreneurship. The blog is passion of Collis Ta’eed, a young web designer from Sydney. In addition to running his new blog and designing websites, Collis also runs the successful stock Flash site

The name North x East comes from the direction that represents strong, steady growth and profit – a healthy Northeasterly direction. Currently, North x East has a grand total of ten posts, which works out to 1.7 posts per day. This posting frequency is quite good for a new blog and I hope Collis can keep it up, or increase it. Even though the North x East has just ten posts, the quality of those posts are really good. Some of their must read articles include:

The other highlight of North x East is the CSSBites Case Study. This is a case study on developing, marketing and selling a small site – in this case a little CSS tutorials site. What I like about this case study is Collis puts a value on his own time. Just because you the one creating the site doesn’t mean it’s free. Your time is worth money and a value has to be placed on it. In this case, Collis placed a value of $100 per hour. Not bad a bad rate if I do say so myself.

North x East is not monetized at the moment. This is a smart move on Collis’s part since the blog is brand new – best to build up a readership before slapping on the banners. The design is very clean, simple black text on a white background, and very easy to read. Unfortunately, North x East does not offer a full feed RSS. I have become a big fan of full feeds ever since discovering Google Reader.

Because North x East is so new, I may do an update on them at a future date. I may do an update on what happened to all the sites I’ve reviewed – kinda like a “where are they now?” post. Overall, North x East looks like a good addition to the blog community. Judging by the quality of the content, and if the current posting level can be maintained, I think Collis will do very well.