Off To Las Vegas for Blog World

Good bye Orlando, hello Las Vegas! I have to admit, Orlando was a total blast and I had a great time at IZEA Fest. However, the party isn’t going to stop because we’re doing it all again in the real city the never sleep.

I hope to meet a lot of readers at Blog World Expo. I’m really excited about our Super-Panel session and I’m especially excited about meeting Darren Rowse for the first time. The Super-Panel is happening this Saturday from 11:00AM to 12:00PM. Make sure you get there early if you want a seat. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you enter for a chance to win dinner with the panel speakers.

In addition to the Super-Panel, I’ll also be speaking on Sunday, Sept. 21 on a panel call How to Deal with Trolls, Spammers & Sock Puppets. I will be joining Patrick O’Keefe and Shoemoney for that one. Blog World Founder, Rick Calvert will be moderating.

Blog World doesn’t start until this Saturday so I have a couple of days to kill. If any readers are already in Vegas and want to get together, give me a shout on email or Twitter. I’m staying at the Wynn.

14 thoughts on “Off To Las Vegas for Blog World”

  1. Ryan McLean says:

    Have fun in Las Vegas John. I will be there in spirit and hopefully next year when my blog is much bigger and brings me a full time income I will be there too

    1. Might see you around, John. I’m at Treasure Island, right across from the Wynn where you’re staying.

  2. Have fun and I hope you take lots of videos / pictures to share with everyone. I am almost as excited even though I’m not going to just see all the videos and pictures from BlogWorld next week.

  3. IronBloggerq says:

    John! You lucky little….man. I wish I could go on a trip to Vegas. Oh well, maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to go. I guess I should wait until I’m a little bit older too :).

    Anyways, hope you have a safe trip and be sure to give us some tasty blog videos :).

  4. 100kjob says:

    just wondering what joke will be in the next video (maybe steal something from one of the casinos)

  5. Laura says:

    Hi John!!! I am in Vegas now (Previously in LA) and its HOT!! Just opened an office in front of the Runway. Very busy with all remodel etc…. Yes, I am planning on attending, keeping fingers crossed. This would be my first event. I have a baby BLOG. Not about babies  I have two little ones and things unexpected always occur. So when in Vegas, bring plenty of sunblock (if you plan to be outside). Also, if you have time to spare you have got to check out Green Valley Ranch. Its in Henderson and not too far from Corporate office. You cannot miss the Sign and is also near by. Yes, you cannot miss the logo. Did you know Tony the CEO of is a fan of Twitter? You should have plenty of fun taking video. If you like to gamble the locals have had a lot of luck at The Bellagio….
    Now, I must say, I visit your site regularly, (Yeah!!! first Post) … Here is an idea. Why don’t you guys do a retake of 21????? , Laura

    1. Just read your blog. Nice site. Sold lots of stuff on eBay previously but with all the changes, eBay is killing the small seller.

  6. Alex Kim says:

    Have fun there Johnchow

  7. Gyutae Park says:

    Hey John,
    That panel you’re on is like the dream team of blogging. Definitely should be a good one. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it out to Blog World Expo this year and am really kicking myself for it. In fact I just wrote a post called “7 Things You Can Do If You’re Not Going to Blog World Expo” – for all of us left behind.

    The way you’re branding yourself in all of these conferences is pretty awesome. Blog World is your event. Good luck!

  8. I’m waiting for a Dot Com Pho Vegas.

  9. BenSpark says:

    Hey John, I’m staying at the Sahara and arriving tomorrow. I’m hitting up the Digital Photography School Photowalk that will start at 6:30 in front of the valet parking at Caesar’s palace. Then I may hit Bare at the Mirage for the TechSet party. Looking forward to seeing you exploits this weekend and I hope I win that dinner with you and Shoemoney and everyone else.

  10. I look forward for your videos on the panel and discussions

  11. Vegas sound excellent. Maybe when I am a big shot like JC I will go there!

  12. Vegas Bobby says:

    Have fun in Vegas. The Wynn is awesome. Parasol Up – Parasol Down is a cool bar. Drinks are pricey, but what are you gonna do…

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