OIOpublisher Direct $17 Coupon

OIOpublisher Direct has given me a $17 coupon to save you money on a copy of OIOpublisher Direct WordPress script. This is the best way for a blogger to sell his ad space privately because it automates the sale process.

I have always recommended new bloggers to use ad networks instead of selling ads themselves because of the extra work and customer service headaches. However, OIOpublisher Direct automates the ad buying process so you can concentrate on blogging instead of selling. With OIOpublisher direct, advertisers can order, pay for and upload their ads directly to your blog. The only thing you have to do is approve the ad. The script can be installed on an unlimited number of domains and also works with PayPal subscription.

OIOPublisher Direct sells for $37 but the final price will be only $20 once you apply the $17 coupon. To take advantage of this deal, order OIOpublisher Direct and then enter QWERTY-17 in the coupon field to take $17 off the selling price. Even at $37, this script is a no-brainer. At an after coupon price of $20, you really have no excuse not to buy it. If you can’t make back $20, then you really don’t belong in this business.

The $17 coupon expires on May 5th so if you want to take advantage of this deal, you better move on it quick.

59 thoughts on “OIOpublisher Direct $17 Coupon”

  1. That’s a pretty good deal I’d say… This OIO plugin is a good quality plugin. I was fortunate to get in early and see it develop from the version 1. I’d definitely say good value no hype here!


    1. DeboHobo says:

      Sound like a useful product, but John says he recommends it to new blogger. John you are a seasoned blogger. Are you currently using this product John

      1. I don’t think he is… You’d know from the widgets that are used in the plugin. He’s not. His links are handled by TLA, his ads are private (so far)… I don’t think he uses it even there.


    2. mr nice guy says:

      Many of John’s visitors are seasoned bloggers hahaha and JOhn recommends this to newbies. This means he is not recommending this to his loyal readers. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    3. Yeah its a great plugin and i was ready to purchase it for $37 ready for my redesign…keeping things simple 😉 and now a nice saving of $17 on top too 😯

    4. Syed Balkhi says:

      yes i have this plugin since I started my blog and this plugin has really got me the most revenue… Saves time and time is money

  2. Flimjo says:

    This is an absolute no-brainer. Even for small bloggers, this should be an automatic buy. If you’re not selling private ads yet because your blog doesn’t have much traffic, buy it anyway. Keep it on the back burner while you build up your reader base. After several months, if done properly, you will have high RSS subscription number, better rankings, and good SEO traffic. Then you can use this plugin to start selling private ads.

    1. I’d certainly recommend it and there’s a lite version and a hosted version for those who would like to try it out first or who don’t know how to modify their own WordPress…. It’s a great deal. Really. The publisher works very hard. 😈

    2. Paolo U says:

      If you are a new blogger then why should you buy it when it will just hang out on the storage room?

      Most of the new bloggers doesn’t earn anything on the first month!

  3. I will have to test it out and see if ok with 2.5.. good post though.. thanks

    1. ViralKing says:

      Yep it does work with 2.5

      There was a new release Last night. OIO Kicks ass and is on my ‘must use’ list


  4. Flimjo says:

    Any time you can automate a service or function (like private ad sales), you save yourself so much time, and it makes your own operation (like a blog) more efficient.

  5. Googlelady says:

    I just hope that one day OiOpublisher will integrate 2checkout and other payment processors, I will be one of the first people to buy this product.

  6. Fitness Site says:

    Aha, i was waiting for some discount coupon for OIO
    Thanks man. 🙂

    1. Discount ❓ ❓ ❓

      $37 … don’t take it as a fee take it as a donation for this plugin ❗

      1. Syed Balkhi says:

        Yeah I have recommended everyone to get this plugin .. I just don’t see why $37 seem so much when you are going to make it back within the first week

        1. Chetan says:

          Its worth the original price!

  7. Does it have a monthly subscription fee too? j/k. Great coupon.

    1. For a moment there, i thought you was serious 🙄

  8. melgrif says:

    Thanks for posting this…I am going to use it now.

  9. Doh! I just bought the plugin last week at the regular price. Oh well, it’s still a good deal.

    1. Maybe if you ask nice they will give you back $17.

      1. Flimjo says:

        Yea, I would just ask and see what they say. Maybe promise them some more customers or something.

      2. Yeah, maybe I will. It can’t hurt to ask.

  10. Ashley says:

    I just read the Shoemoney blog on Google’s Ad manager – how does compare to that? Has anyone used both?

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      I haven’t used both, but I will say from using OIO it is the best one.

  11. Paolo U says:

    That’s a lovely deal but I think that I have to pass now because my blog is jut new.

    1. You should just buy it anyway at the discount price and then use it when you are ready to sell ads. OIOpublisher is great, I use it on my blog.

      1. Paolo U says:

        Not everyone is earning on his first month. Besides the real price is just $37. It wouldn’t hurt my pocket if I buy it on its real price anyway once I have established my blog.

  12. Syed Balkhi says:


    Haha and apparently the review price there is only $400. Let me get my review right now lol.

    1. Fitness Site says:

      lol. good catch.. I think its because of $100 take by reviewme as fees. So i am not sure if advertisers will go through reviewme. :mrgreen:

      1. They take 50% and John’s just not updated that pag 😆

  13. Sarah Hughes says:

    I don’t think John uses any of the crap he tries to sell all the blind newbies on this blog.

    BTW John, you always post your earning but never your expenses. How much are you spending on Adwords to bring people here? You are banned by Google and don’t get any search traffic and I know you spend thousands on Adwords. Fess up John.

    1. Zero and Up says:

      He does place very well for many terms on Yahoo and other various search engines – his hosting of course is free (sponsored by his host)

      That is a valid question though, how much he spends on ad campaigns.

    2. Paolo U says:

      His spending $500 for his ads campaign on BidVertser and Adwords. You must be new because you don’t know his earnings and expenses. He always says this whenever he has an income report.

      1. John Chow says:

        Some people just don’t know how to read a simple income report. Either that or they don’t read the full report.

        1. Sha says:

          Yeah, I don’t get why this question was asked. Come on. The most recent income report is always listed at the top under Popular Articles.

  14. Zero and Up says:

    I’ve done just fine so far selling ads directly, even without a plugin. yeah, it takes a couple minutes to confirm that payment has been received and then to place the code into the page, but if you are confident in editing code, it’s not that big of a deal.

    1. Yea, but OIOpublisher is so simple to use, why go to any extra trouble.

  15. Jim says:

    Note to John, everyone got this coupon that has the plugin 😉 This is a fantastic plugin though, it is my personal favorite and has saved me SO much time. Check out my blog post about the best monetization plugins you can use on a wordpress blog: http://www.thenetfool.com/wordpress-plugins-monetize-blog/

  16. Wade says:

    I was going to buy this anyways, looks like I am going to right now. I hope that it is worth the money! I also hope that I can keep the ads I have showing unless someone pays, then it goes into rotation.

  17. moserw says:

    Thanks for sharing. Signed up for AdSense on my blog. Never tried to sell ads direct or with anyone else. Guess there is always a start to everything.


    1. Adsense on blog’s suck.

  18. Sha says:

    Hmm. I’m trying to decide between this & Google Ad Manager.

  19. Jason says:

    I was definitely going to purchase this until I found out about Google’s Ad Manager yesterday. Being able to sub-in Adsense for open ad spots is going to be pretty cool………Guess it depends how long Google plans to take on this beta project.

    Anyone know of other advantages that the OIO might have over Google?

    1. ViralKing says:

      OIO has a new ad network partnership called ViralBlogAds coming

      This will enable you to fill default inventory with PPC ads automaticcaly, so you eanr n clicks and they are banner ads too, so will be VERY cool

      1. Sha says:

        That’s a cool idea. I’ll have to check that out when it’s done.

    2. Simon says:

      Speaking as the developer of OIO, I’m not going to say it is a clear-cut choice. Someone like ShoeMoney for example, just switched to Google Ad Manager, because he has a lot of sites and simply wants to manage all the inventory in 1 place.

      Whilst you can do that with OIO too (you can define ad zones, and place them on other sites using javascript, using the Ad Server tab), it may not be as suitable for very large scale operations.

      As for google putting in adsense, as Colin says above we have an ad network partnership coming. But even without it, you can define default ads (image or html) to run until slots are purchased – adsense, Pepperjam etc – whatever you want. So I don’t think OIO is at a dis-advantage there (it’s possibly the opposite, given the choice).

      As far as other advantages go, I guess “we” are a lot more WordPress specific – so you can put ads in places you can’t with Google’s offering. OIO automates the entire purchase process too, as opposed to just controlling inventory.

      We also have plans (and development work) that goes beyond just ad management, which may be of interest at a later stage, but that’s another story…

  20. Jhonny says:

    Thanks….,very good!

  21. Yatzee! This is literally one of the 2 pieces of software I’ve been thinking about buying this month. Nearly half off is even better.

    Well good, I’ve recommended this site at least 4 times in the last 2 days and this is one of those crystal clear reasons why.

  22. min says:

    Yah Very tempting buy, i think i might wait for couple
    more reviews!

    1. Dude, it’s $20, don’t wait for another review, just buy it.

    2. Syed Balkhi says:

      I’d agree with Alan .. this product is not worth the wait .. Just BUY IT

  23. Terry Tay says:

    The $17 coupon does make it an attractive offer. $20 isn’t much at all and if it can save you some time and make the process easier it makes sense.

  24. Xtradosh says:

    Thanks John, this is great. Was just about the buy OIO for the full price. Good thing I stopped by your blog and saw this post.

    Nice one 😉

  25. Wade says:

    I bought this last night and it is worth every penny! Check out my site and test drive it for yourself! Don’t forget the coupon code, and don’t miss out. Hurry, it is only until May 5th!

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  26. MCruz says:

    The coupon says it’s expired when I entered the code. It’s still the 5th! 😥

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