One Deal a Day for the UK

The Internet is a great place for all the bargain hunters out there, because you can virtually visit every shop on the block without leaving the comfort of your living room. Every so often, you come across a deal that you simply cannot pass up.

There is (at least) one other website out there that operates on a similar model as, but could be the first to cater to the UK market. That’s because was designed exclusively for the UK market. For the sake of the people behind that shopping site, I hope John Chow dot Com gets enough British visitors to warrant the cost of this review.

Only One Item Every Day

The concept behind is pretty much the same as that other site that sounds like someone exclaiming their joy. The critical difference, as mentioned above, is that the other site will not ship to the United Kingdom.

With, you are offered one hot deal each and every day. They sell a limited stock of this single new item for a period of 24 hours. If the product gets sold out before those 24 hours run out, then you’re pretty much out of luck. will not sell that item again.

Your savings will vary from product to product, but there’s a good chance that the price is the best price that you’ll be able to find online. They even do a little shopping around for you to compare the price against popular online stores like Amazon. Also remember that shipping (packing and postage) is free with

What Can I Buy Today?

To get a sense of what kinds of products are available through, you can check out the page dedicated to previous deals. There, you’ll find a listing of the items sold in the last 14 days.

You’ve got mosquito repellers, wireless headphones, digital cameras, MP4 players, RC helicopters, and more. At first, I thought that mainly sold electronics, but scanning through the previous deals page, I discovered things like paddling pools, dominoes, and kitchen utensil sets too. You really never know what to expect.

Updates and Footer

Because these items are only offered on a 24-hour basis, you probably want to stay on top of what the hot deal is each day. You can do this a couple of different ways. There is a Facebook group and email updates. There are some other things in the works as well, and I’ll get to those in a moment.

It could be just me, but the footer to looks almost like a series of 125 ads, rather than sections to the existing website. This could be because 125×125 ad boxes are getting so popular these days that I am given this impression. I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking.

The Buying Process

Purchasing a product is a three-step process. After deciding that you want to buy today’s offer, you first click on the “buy it now” button next to the product price. This will direct you to the order page where it confirms your total cost. Note that there can only be one order, per household, per day.

On the next page, you either log into your existing account or create a new one. To create a new account, they require your name, email address, and password. The email address is not confirmed in any way (as far as I can tell).

On the last page, you fill out your billing address and delivery address, as well as provide your payment details. Payment can be accepted via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro, or Solo) or via PayPal. Items are typically shipped within 24 hours. Remember, this is UK-only.

Features Coming Soon

By all accounts, it looks like could have themselves a winning formula, offering the “one deal per day” model to the people of the United Kingdom. In terms of future developments, they hope to implement an affiliate program, Twitter integration, RSS feed, and “more cool products.” may not be terribly unique, but they’ve got a good foundation. Now Londoners can save a few bucks online too.

31 thoughts on “One Deal a Day for the UK”

  1. That’s smart thinking. Does ship to the UK?

    1. Mickey Mouse Disney waffles, I’m in!

    2. But this is for…where did you get from?

  2. Addy says:

    Yes, a wonderful idea. We need special ideas to succeed

  3. Chetan says:

    Read about it in quite a few places 🙂
    Hope there was something like this for Asians..

    1. how about starting one in India? ❓

      1. Thorsten says:

        before you jump into that market, study the case of eBay first. Much like China and other emerging super-economies, they have huge potential for those that take time to study the market and adapt to its customs.

      2. Chetan says:

        You will soon see one(after a month), being reviewed in this blog and spread all over… And i will be doing that 😉

  4. RacerX says:

    Woot is a great site that can move ton-age as needed.

  5. What’s wrong with us Americans across the pond here?

    1. RC Williams says:

      Damn right…In the words of Bernie Mac: “I like it too!”

    2. I guess they think Americans already have enough affiliate companies? Ha.

    3. They must not like shipping….

  6. G says:

    Grabitnow for Canada?

  7. Retro Garden says:

    As a Brit, I would’ve been interested, but I think it would’ve been better if they launched the Affiliate scheme at the same time as the website.

    Probably would’ve got more interest.

  8. fas says:

    Ya seriously they should ship in other places to. Even Amazon has most items that ship to just the United States.

  9. Thorsten says:

    I’m excited to see that there are more companies competing with eBay and Overstock online. Great news for consumers and marketing opp. for the rest of us.

  10. zk says:

    Interesting concept ……….

  11. Cool site but for uk?

  12. Good post! Sounds like a great deal if they offer a Porsche 911 at a discount I’m on it!

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  14. Promotes splurging.. Just want we need in this consumer driven economy 😐

  15. I’m from London, but I live in the States now. It looks like a cool site, but I don’t think I’d even buy from it if I were still in London simply because of the fact that there are so many shops where you can get good deals & MORE. Me & my friends there used to have so much fun shopping because there were always wicked deals whether they were on clothing, electronics, ect.

  16. Sentences says:

    poor site.. i don’t like it

  17. Andy Murray says:

    Finally a woot like site for the UK – I prob would not have found this site anytime soon without this post, so at least one UK user found it useful.

  18. Glen says:

    Excellent…another one for the bookmarks.
    Here’s another good site for the uk….

  19. fas says:

    I checked the site but it didn’t seem impressive. Usually the deal of the day is something which i am not interested in.

  20. If theres only 1 sale per day theres a low chance that you will like it

  21. Now you all can be happy something thats not just for the US infact its not at all for the US so now us USA people can ask “Why is it only for UK?”

  22. Geiger says:

    Too bad it’s a uk store. Now I will never know the joy of eating Mickey Mouse’s face. At least theirs still Fois Gras!

  23. Zak Show says:

    Very nice review, it look like a great service, unfortunately it’s only a UK store.

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