One Last Chance To Become a Blogger

Just when you thought the doors have closed on Become a Blogger Premium, Yaro and Gideon are re-opening the doors for another 24 hour period.


Because, since they closed the doors on Friday last week, they had over 300 people sign up to their early notification list. This is an unusually high number and they think it’s because of the US Independence Day Holiday that coincided with the Become a Blogger launch.

These are people who were ready to purchase Become A Blogger Premium, but for some reason, got to the sales page too late and missed out. So, Yaro and Gideon would like to give them all one last opportunity to get in. If you missed out last week for whatever reason, this is your chance to get in. The doors are open right now but it will close on Wednesday at 2PM EST. You have until then to take advantage of this opportunity.

Get A Free $500 Review When You Become A Blogger

My free $500 review offer will apply during this 24 hour re-opening. Sign up to Become A Blogger Premium and learn from Yaro and Gideon everything you need to start a money making blog. Then use your free $500 review to kick your blog off to a flying start. Cost of Become a Blogger Premium is $47 a month for Six month ($282 total). Advertisers pay $500 (next month, it will go to $750) for a review on this blog and you’ll get it for free. Add it all up and you’ll be ahead of the game by a whopping $218 ($468 when reviews goes to $750)!

To qualify for this offer. You must sign up with my link. If you don’t, then you won’t show up in my control panel and I can’t give you the free review. To make sure everything registers correctly, you may want to clear your browser cookies before clicking the link. But hurry. You only have this much time left…

Register to Become a Blogger Premium

22 thoughts on “One Last Chance To Become a Blogger”

  1. Cam Birch says:

    Awesome offer to be offered twice. I can understand the general confusion since these guy’s aren’t from North America, but wow I am quite surprised that they didn’t realize a holiday would be interfering.

    Cam Birch’s last blog post: Wasting Time Instead Of Making Money

  2. Jake Stone says:

    The mechanism of making money – limited time and amount often turns into recurring phenomenon.

    Jake Stone’s last blog post: Sales stories carnival volume 18

  3. alquma says:

    For how long is this offer?

    1. The offer is good until the 8th at 2pm est.

      Deneil Merritt’s last blog post: July 2009 Discount Coupon

    2. John Chow says:

      I added a countdown timer to the post. Now you know exactly how much time you have until the offer expires.

  4. EarningStep says:

    i have 16 hour to think whether i join or not. honestly i love to get john chow review here

    EarningStep’s last blog post: Adshack | Next generation contextual PPC banners and revenue streams | unique pay per click program

    1. John Chow says:

      You’re down to 15 hours now…. and counting…

  5. rob, BtG says:

    great, compelling offer to work with two of the best! too bad there was confusion though.

    rob, BtG’s last blog post: Save the Newspapers, Ban Linking !!!

  6. People were probably confused, I’ll have to wait till next year John, cash flow problem

    Stocks on Wall Street’s last blog post: Updated Bullish List

    1. Cam Birch says:

      I am quite sure that also happens to be most peoples problem this year. You do have to spend money to make money (sometimes), but you also have to have money to spend first. And food, food is rather important to the lifespan of most people.

      Cam Birch’s last blog post: Wasting Time Instead Of Making Money

  7. gurtey says:

    Lets see, if i will sign up!

    gurtey’s last blog post: Finally! Contest results

  8. Great idea with the countdown timer John

    1. Hehe yeah, it kinda makes you feel that you need to quickly join the offer before it’s too late 😀

      Michael Aulia’s last blog post: Don’t be a Darren Rowse, Don’t be a John Chow

  9. Dean Saliba says:

    I’ve got six hours left to decide whether to enter or not.

    Dean Saliba’s last blog post: How To Fix WordPress Internal Server Error

  10. Paulo says:

    Hi John.
    I just became a member and join in, become a blogger premium…. throu your link….
    I’m looking forward into the journey and learning how to create my own hosted blog site and use all the resources available, this system offers…… and also looking forward into your offer too…….about (Get A Free $500 Review When You Become A Blogger)
    For now have a good day, and by the way your blog is awesome……so much traffic you have.. 🙂


    Paulo’s last blog post: How Communication Is Important In The Information Age.

  11. look how the time is running out of time. 🙂

    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Act Now And Be a Part of The Winners Circle

  12. Asswass says:

    Since I can’t join the Become a Blogger Premium, I want a free review in your blog John 🙂

    1. lmfao like that’s going to happen!

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  13. fas says:

    Looks like this is your favourite affiliate.

  14. James Hartje says:

    Have plans to sign up next year. I know it will cost more but my site will be more established so it will have a bigger impact.

    James Hartje’s last blog post: Stocks on Wall Street Additions: Personal Finance Section

  15. Hi John, I signed up for become a blogger using your affiliate link during the promo period… However, I haven’t gotten any confirmation from you yet and details about the free review (I was hoping you would send an email). Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

    Yee Shun Jian’s last blog post: Today’s the day!

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