One More Reason To Dump Google AdSense

clickzone.jpg broke a NDA to bring you news that Google is going to bitch slap your AdSense earnings by making it harder to click the ads. In the old AdSense setup, a reader just has to click anywhere inside the ad block to register a click and be sent to the advertiser. The new setup will require the readers to click on the actual ad title or the ad URL. The above click zone map shows what parts of the new ads are now clickable. As you can see, the click zone has been drastically reduced. The main reason for doing this according to Google:

We’re rolling out a change to our text ad formats to help reduce accidental clicks and increase value for advertisers…..This new format will match the changes we’ve implemented on to help decrease the number of accidental clicks and increase the number of ad conversions. A reduction in accidental clicks will keep users on your pages, interacting with your content until they choose to click on an ad. This change will enhance the user’s overall experience with your websites and improve advertiser campaign value, but it’s likely that your click-through rate will decrease.

It’ll be very interesting to see how the new setup will affect publishers’ AdSense earning. I don’t run Google AdSense on this blog but I have it on other sites. What do you think of Google’s new click zone? A good thing or one more reason to dump AdSense?

164 thoughts on “One More Reason To Dump Google AdSense”

  1. Gary Lee says:

    ooh . . what happens to ProBlogger . . . can he get dinged too???? . . . Google gonna be Mad! . . . but damn them for controlling the net like they do! . . drop them to hell i say!

    1. Jasper says:

      most likely they will ban him… 😡

      1. I have banned adsense. I refuse to do business with them 😈

      2. I think that I will be dumping two things myself one is blogrush and second is google

    2. ProBlogger being banned…umm i doubt, he could get sued for breaking a NDA but banned from Google’s index i doubt as it is no way related to Google search engine but it is related to Google AdSense (if he ever gets banned would be from AdSense).

      Anyway back to John’s question how would we feel with the new ads, if those ads have that background behind the title which will most probably make it look really..and I mean really UGLY the ads I will end up most probably removing it if I won’t have the possibility to use the old ads.

      Another thing what I wonder is, what will happen with Google AdSense team’s advice to “blend the ads” will that phrase be valid?

      1. Darren says:

        Actually it wasn’t an NDA. I was sent an email as a publisher by my AdSense rep. When I asked her if I could publish it she said that they’d prefer I didn’t until they published about it on their blog. I reluctantly said OK.

        However when it was broken by others who got the email from their AdSense reps I figured the cat was out of the bag – emailed my rep – waited for a reply – didn’t get one within an hour – so made the call to post.

        I’ve explained it to my AdSense contact and they seem ok with it.

        1. I am new to your strategy for blogging, but I was curiuos as to why you didn’t post a link to other blogs where it was posted to keep yourself extremely clear from NDA backlash? Only because you are a “big” figure in the eye of google and others.

          1. Darren says:

            As I said above – there was no NDA.

            I did email my AdSense rep links to the story that was already broken though to cover my butt 🙂

          2. Robert says:

            Just because others broke the news doesn’t mean that it was alright for you to break your agreement with Google. I would expect you to remain professional and keep your word.

    3. Yup hell to Google, maybe they are going over their heads now…

    4. Blackysky says:

      I still think is the best move they could do and bring quality to the whole system !!! No more crapy cheap advertiser in the long run.. and now only the rich media ads will perfectly work because of this new clickable ads zone..

      So in a longterm , publisher and advertiser can be the real winner .. I don’t see why you should dumb a source of revenue….. however some programs works better with different type of website .. for example adsense is not good for a making money blog 👿 but better on other type of blog we have to see the whole picture before yelling that loud 😉

  2. That’s kind of lame.

    It hurts making money online, but it’s good for all the “regular” businesses that advertise.

    1. Jack says:

      Yes, I think this is a good progress. why we think from the publishers side only? what about you John? as we all know that we can see ads saying “You blog’s money maker, I’ll show you….” anywhere on every blog 🙂

      What do you think as an adwords advertiser. doesn’t this a good thing for you?

  3. DUMP IT! 😈 😈 😈
    Enough with bringing down PR of JohnChow dot com, that’s an insult enough…

    1. Matt Jones says:

      Surly if advertisers are getting a better conversion rate from the traffic that does click on the ads, the bids on buying clicks will increase, so we all earn more.

      Just a theory… for now.

      1. I’m inclined to agree, or that it will just be static.

        How many people accidentally click on them anyway? I don’t think I ever have…

  4. Joe Ngo says:

    I would say that its a reason to dump adsense, but I think I’m going to try it and see what happens. It says that we should be getting more relevant clicks, so that might make it more worthwhile to the bloggers in the long run. I would say while they haven’t made me huge amounts of money, it is pretty consistent.

    John, I know you don’t run it here, but have you found it being consistent on your other sites?

    1. Yahoo’s Publisher Network is treating me surprisingly well, with many clicks over $2

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        I wish it could be used by non-US residents. 🙁

  5. Sometimes in the blog world I have a different perspective, because I don’t plan on selling ads, I plan on buying them. Sometimes things that Google does bothers bloggers, but seems great to me.

    Not this time. If I go to the trouble of placing an ad somewhere, I don’t want people to have to play a game of shoot the monkey to hit it. If they want to hit my ad, let them.

    Oh well, there are in fact more and more alternatives.

    1. Precisely. This is poppycock. Accidental clicking? How many bloggers accidentally click? What are they talking about?

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        Whoops, replied to the wrong comment. 😉

  6. Dave Rigotti says:

    As an advertiser that spends a considerable amount on Adwords, all I can say is, “It’s about damn time.” Good news for advertisers.

    1. Poker Sharks says:


      Finally i might get some decent clicks rather than accidential ones.

      Props to Google for being brave enough to make a big change like this. Maybe they’re finnally taking accountability for all the adsense only sites out there that spam the internet.

      I had stopped advertising on Adwords because I wasn’t getting good value for money, i might just go back once they introduce this though.

      You never know John, you may get less clicks, but each click will be worth more as advertisers will be bidding more due to increased value of the clicks. Could work both ways.

    2. Totally agree. I advertise with AdWords and this would really improve my latest experiment with affiliate marketing. Good move on Google’s part, they should have done it earlier.

      “I just use AdWords for Affiliate Marketing?”

  7. Paul says:

    Thats interessting news. The funny Thing is that it seems to be true only for the format “medium rectangle” yet.
    check it out here:

    1. I will check it out 😉

  8. Barry Barnes says:

    Hello John,
    First of all, thanks for all the information that you have made available about making money online. I recently downloaded and read from start to finish your free ebook “Making Money Online With John Chow Dot Com”…facinating…a wealth of information that will take me a while to absorb and put into action. Meanwhile I’m just trying to learn how to use WordPress. Anyway, what do you think is the real reasoning behind this latest “evil” plot by the “Powers that Be” at Google. I mean, sure I’ve accidently click on the wrong link before…I think. But there has to be another reason.
    Thanks again.

  9. worknplay says:

    I am not sure how many people actually click on google adsense anymore. At first when it initially started, it was something of a pioneer in this field but now everybody knows about google and google adsense.

    I can visit any site and no matter nhow relevant ad the adsense is showing, still refrain from clicking on it. I think adsense is old news now. Most of the people have realized that adsense isn’t the way to go anymore. My personal opinion. Once you know what it is there for and you know what you get out of it and you ahve pretty much maximized the use of it, you kinda get out of it and that’s the story of adsense. DUMP IT!!!

    1. But then you are a savvy internet user. A lot of people may not be so blind to the adds. Certainly I seem to get a decent click thru rate – even though I tend not to click onon ad sense ads…

  10. Mike Huang says:

    It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Cheaters can’t just click anything now and earn some $$$


  11. In a way, I do like the new Adsense idea. It gives a better user experience. Sometimes, a reader may click on the ad area by mistake and get directed to another page and this can be very annoying.

    But in a money making perspective, John is right.

  12. Kym Huynh says:

    It’s not that bad. I mean c’mon… seriously… if someone wanted to click on an ad, they’d click on the link part cause that’s where people normally click.

    Adsense just wants to make sure there’s no accidental clicking… and this should fix that. It may have the reverse effect of what is highlighted in this post and in the original post… advertisers get more value for their money… may encourage them to spend more. Everyone wins.

  13. Daniel says:

    I think they should at least increase the CPC atleast if they move to this change.. If they keep cutting our ways of making decent income then what makes them think publishers would stay with em? When is this in affect?

    1. They’re not entirely interested in keeping publishers rich. You might see a slight increase in CPC, but I have a feeling there aren’t that many unintentional adsense clicks anymore.

  14. Wahlau.NET says:

    this is pretty bad…is this effective already?

  15. Marvin says:

    I’m still a newbie, I wish I could really state an opinion out of experience and have numbers to contrast and compare. Currently I am not making any money on Adsense though it’s probably because I have it halfway down my blog and to the right. I also ignore adsense on other sites so I really am not sure if anyone is paying attention to them anymore.

  16. Michael says:

    This will more then likely effect the amount of money that publishers will get, but I would guess that once advertisers realize that they are getting less and less clicks, they will increase the value of each click.

    In the end publishers will get the same amount and advertisers will pay the same amount, even if it takes a while for this to level out.

  17. 3cpxbro says:

    Doesn’t really matter – I’m not getting many clicks anyways. Status quo.

  18. Good for Google Advertisers.
    Bad for Google Publishers.
    That’s all there is to it.

    1. ms danielle says:

      “Good for Google” period.
      that’s just sort of their mantra all around

  19. webduck says:

    I never made more than a couple bucks from Google AdSense on my blogs Pentimento and iPentimento, so I dumped the ads. Now I am just affiliated with TTZ Media (not sucking up, but I think the TTZ Media ads are much better looking than others 😎 ) and still doing ads for PayPerPost too. Google cares for nothing but the bottom line, as the recent PR debacle demonstrated. Google are weasels. 👿

    1. Ivy says:

      Hey, thanks for the alternatives! Never thought about signing up with TTZ Media Ads before though I see them on John’s posts all the time… Will give PayPerPost a check out too.

  20. True its bad for google publishers but it does seem fair and equitable on the whole. It will prevent lower the incidence of accidental clicks so i suppose it does make more sense

  21. Starboykb says:

    😐 look pretty bad for blogger and site. maybe google fear the blogger most because they can dig their cash out from their bank lol!

  22. SeoVibe says:

    I’ll break the news a little further since it’s already on some sites Google is likely going to roll out some newly tested ad formats too that let you blend better. CSS enabled including choice of logo, it’s in beta accounts now. Heres one example (top right side)

    1. Patrick says:


      Thanks for the mention.

      I just wanted to let you know that that is actually very old. It’s an invite only testing program that gives invited publishers access to code that allows you to further customize the appearance of the ads with the approval of a Google representative. No worries.



  23. I have already dumped them from most of my sites… they are only a last resort.

  24. Etienne Teo says:

    I am delighted to see google moving on and i really hope this move will have more advertisers throwing in more cash so that we will earn more over the time. I just hope so. :mrgreen:

  25. shy guy says:

    I dont think much different than before.. Only it will go to advertiser area if you click in the area…
    I don’t think it will affect more to publisher..

  26. Jeff Kee says:

    From an end user point of view, this is kind of nice. Some ads have too much clickables that I often accidentally do click on things.

    1. Domtan says:

      Agree. Honest publishers have been crying out for Google to do something about accidental clicks on their own sites. This prevents it considerably.

  27. Michael says:

    Aren’t adverts supposed to be clicked if a user is interested? This might actually improve your adsense earnings as users who are interested will click out of interest and possibly buy out of interest.

    I suppose it is two faced, but how I see it, it could actually benefit a blog in some way. I doubt the change will be too great (and I definitely hope so), but maybe it isn’t such a big loss.

    Good luck to everyone for the future.

  28. Budi S says:

    I think this is good news for the advertiser …
    and it’s fair for all the internet user …
    When you get an income from internet advertiser …
    the advertiser must get profit from their advertise too …

  29. Chris says:

    I think google is under pressure by the many advertisers using Adsense. Adsense is all about making money for all parties involved, but this change by google just goes to show that advertisers using adsense bring a greater returns and pretty much have a greater control over googles decision making. 😀

    My heart goes out to the smaller Website/blog with less traffic- like my site :cry:. I believe if google do implement these new google adsense ads – if your low traffic website was making 2:00-a-day, you will maybe make 1.00-a-day. And that means it will take these smaller website/blog twice as much time to get paid.

    So I just goes to show that its all about google and protecting their best interest.
    – less payout to smaller Site/blogs
    – Make the advertisers Happy

    Can anyone tell me what are the benefits for publisher if this new adsense ads are implemented?

  30. Ivy says:

    Oops, I just realised John has an entire list of recommended money makers at the bottom of the page… I wonder if he will remove Adsense from below since his last report showed that Adsense contributed to more than half of his earnings… 😈

    1. Chri says:

      Great Question…. JC …we need a answer on this one…. Is Google adsense still one of your recommended money makers ❓

    2. Poker Sharks says:

      Ummm, Adsense accounted for 0% of Johns earnings from the blog last month.

      1. Ivy says:

        Oops, my bad. I mixed it up with Private Ad Sales. I wonder if John will do a post on the Techniques of Getting Private Ad Sales, or did I miss that as well?

    3. Ivy says:

      Another reason to ditch Adsense – there’s a discrepancy in the reports they generate and other trackers. I have MyBlogLog tracker installed on my blog which tracks the clicks made by visitors. According to MyBlogLog, I had 4 clicks on Google Ads in the past week (my blog is only a month old or so) which was NOT recorded in my Adsense report.

      Sadly, MyBlogLog reports only up to a week’s worth of reports, and I had 3 stumbles earlier than that. So if there were other earnings lost, there is no way that I can track it. 👿

  31. Etienne Teo says:

    He will not remove adsense, since he have other sites that are using them and i believe they are doing pretty well for him. :mrgreen:

  32. SpinDigg says:

    Whilst adsense is one of the easy monetizing options for bloggers and webmasters it will continue to be used even if it does make less money. Webmasters need to learn other ways to monetize by trying other methods and stick to what makes the most cash.

  33. Online Poker says:

    I think it’s good for advertisers, but for webmasters it’s a bad thing. Most probably the CTR rate will drop, hopefully not too much..

  34. Michael Woo says:

    Why are they making everything hard to webmasters?!
    PR drop,
    Adsense changes,
    No selling text links..
    I wonder when is this gonna end… Did the entire blog community did something bad to Google that they are slapping us hard?

  35. Mubin says:

    Being a publisher myself I am sure that this will lead to my CTR falling, but thinking of it from an advertisers point of view it will lead to more successful conversions rather than accidental ones. Which will in effect lead to advertisers paying more for CPC, and that will in effect HOPEFULLY be passed onto the publishers.

    Google is a advertiser and what they are doing is servicing their clients, they have to keep them happy if they want them to stay with them instead of going to someone like Azoogle.

  36. vexx says:

    Adsense became less and less useful for publishers the past 1-2 years,but in my opinion it still brings a good income stream for many blogs/websites.This new click policy will surely start some fights,while the advertisers will be very happy, the publishers won’t

  37. Retrolum says:

    I guess it is in general a good change. Although at first only adwords customers will profit from this change, in the end I guess also the publishers will profit: More value will cause (hopefully) higher clickprices.

  38. I think will is a good thing for the advertiser, google are doing the right thing. I know this will make it a little harder for the publisher to make money. But i cant see it making a major difference to there income.99% of people are only making $? a day anyway,me included. You just have to work at it to keep it rising. Go with the changes and keep moving forward!

  39. I just wrote a review about the situation. I think that they are going to lose some targeted visitors. This will bring a bad result for publisher in short term.

  40. Cheryl says:

    I don’t think this is nearly as bad as it appears… As someone who has used both Adwords and Adsense (that is, been an advertiser and a publisher,) I can tell you what my two biggest problems were…

    1. As an advertiser, the value per click was absolutely abysmal. And copy didn’t help all that much. There were many, many accidental clicks – clicks that I had to pay for that brought me NO revenue. It was horrid. Thus, I stopped using adwords as an advertiser.

    2. As a publisher, the amount I received per click was lower than almost every other ad network (yes, I tested this.) Publishers simply weren’t willing to pay $0.50 a click when it took 200 clicks to make a sale (or whatever action they were trying to get.) And those were the advertisers who even bothered to put their ads into the Google content network – a number which is getting smaller every day.

    So, what will this mean? More quality clicks = higher conversion rate for advertisers. Higher conversion rate = higher break-even point. Higher break-even point means they can pay more per click. More per click = more money for you. 5 clicks worth a penny vs. 1 click worth a dime? You know exactly which one you would pick.

    Oh, and because you’ll be getting more targeted traffic from the adwords ads that YOU run, you’ll likely end up getting a higher value per visitor than you were before. Which also means more money for you.

    I think Google has made a smart move here. I may be wrong, though – so I’ll be watching this closely. 🙂

    – Cherilyn Lester, Copywriter

  41. I just checked out the ads at and the clickable area is even smaller than in the image you published. Only the titles are clickable, even the green links can’t be clicked anymore 😕

    1. Wow, this is amazing but I think this’d be great for affiliate marketers who won’t benefit from crappy clickin’ :mrgreen:

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    We even got an affiliate program so….

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  44. Michael says:

    Guys, be a little more optimistic here. Google is cutting down on the available pixels to click, but maybe they’ll change their TOS to allow publishers to say “Click here” or “Support the advertisers, click here”.

    /end sarcasm

  45. Jason Green says:

    I don’t think this will have too much of a negative effect on earnings.

    It will improve advertisers ROI meaning they will spend more per click anyway so it will all even out.

  46. I am neither a buyer nor a seller. I am a reader of blogs. I think that it insults me when they talk about accidental clicking. I prefer a larger area to click on. Saves wrist and finger movement and consequent fatigue.

  47. bmunch says:

    Oh nooo!
    now my single digit earnings from adsense will stay that way for a long long time. 🙁

  48. Jonathan says:

    😎 I think we are exagerating this change on clickable zones.
    How much can your earning drop?, 10%? if it drops below 50% then you are having some serious issue with ‘accidental clicks’.
    Anybody who really wants to click on the ad, will click the url, that is for sure, how dumb youhave to be if you click on the area next to the url and think…..oh, this site doesnt work.
    Nothing bad will happen.

  49. aop says:

    At least the link ads won’t be affected. Properly placed they can big big income providers.

  50. Andy says:

    It’s a good move as long as our web real estate is not wasted in any dead zones.

  51. knupNET says:

    I think it’s a huge deal. Reducing the click area by that much is significant. I use adsense on a lot of sites but have been looking for an excuse to switch. This might be it… Thanks john.

  52. Well if this avoids accidental clicks, could it mean that the advertisers could get a better ROI? And if they get a higher ROI, would that mean that the publishers may see their AdSense income increase?

  53. Brad K. says:

    This article seems silly. Most people intending to click on a link already aim for titles or URL’s. Getting alarmed about Google’s ‘change’ seems .. silly.

  54. says:

    I’ve noticed some interesting things with my AdSense that I’ll be reporting on my linkbait blog soon. In short, I’m pretty sure Google is not paying out on most (sometimes) all of my clicks for a day.

    1. Ivy says:

      I’m absolutely with you on this. There are discrepancies on their reports as opposed to other trackers. They are not registering for quite a number of clicks on my blog.

  55. Mike says:

    Well if it makes it a little more efficient than maybe the payout will go up a little bit? mmm Maybe not.. well hopefully google will pass on the savings in efficiency on to both advetisers and publishers.

  56. Webmasters shouldn’t give Google the satisfaction of using AdSense.

  57. James says:

    I don’t think it will reduce your CTR that much if you were not playing on the fact that the whole thing was clickable before.

    I try to blend ads and although I don’t have proof, I think the click I get on the ads are from people who want to click on that link, and after the change it will be the same, they’ll still want ot click on that link.
    I don’t think they click on the white space because they want to click somewhere else than the ad.

  58. Hey John!

    I met you at the blog world expo! You’re a funny guy! I didn’t get to speak with you as much as I would have liked there, but I am featuring you on my blog and would like to know just HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE???????? Please send me an email, and I’ll send conference instructions. Let’s chat!!!!!!!

  59. Steve Poland says:

    This will likely reduce CTR, but only for the sneaky sites — the sites that purposefully embed these ads and make them look like something the dummy end-user should click on. Yes that makes money, but that’s not the user-experience the user wants, nor is it the users the advertiser wants to be paying for [clicks that shouldn’t have occurred].

    I like the change. It’ll likely lead to more innovation in the field; other ways to monetize, etc.

  60. Mark says:

    It sounds like Google is just trying to be more inline with TLA, after all, TLA uses links only for visitors to click on. So why should Google have to use the whole ad to make it clickable.

    If you wanted to make the whole ad clickable, then just go to video or image ads. It doesn’t make sense to dump it when Google offers you plenty of choices.

    I have been browsing through some website on my mobile and it appears that link ads are showing better than image ads so it may be a good thing. They are already using link ads anyways.

  61. Chip says:

    I think only people trying to profit from the old ad behaviour, such as hiding the ad units inside texts or placing them over or under some paragraphs, will lose from this change.

    Other than that, the advertiser value will increase, and so will the click value.

  62. Does anyone really know the percentage of ads clicked by mistake because the clcikable area is large? I don’t think this will change much anything as the percentage of clicks by mistake can not be that big.

    1. Kalle says:

      indeed, thought about that too

  63. Kalle says:

    well if you think one step further you understand that the ads will be worth more if they are even harder to click like that. which will mean you will get more money for them, and if not you will ban adsense and in that way force them to give u an acceptable amount for the ads.

  64. lee says:

    I hope this doesn’t make too much of a difference because that’s all my blogs money is coming from at the minute. What do you think here is my blog take a look

  65. This change might suck for bloggers, but it’s great for advertisers. More intentional clicks = more money for them.

  66. Domtan says:

    This is actually a good move by Google. If a reader wants to click your ad, they’ll click your ad. Good news.

  67. glisk says:

    “…accidental clicks…” what a joke, 😥 , I believe the reasons are:
    1. reduce negligible garbage/fake/self manipulated clicks to zero.
    2. expanding Adsense to CPA with reassurance google is not taking risks (in CPC mode they realy don’t care…).
    3. pre-testing the upcoming graphic deployment of the new google ads before changing it (after all it does became a bit boring and phased out with all new web 2.0 standarts…).

    Eventully friends, I guess we (web surfers) are just ‘guinea pig’ right before changes to come… ❗

  68. Let’s just stop complaining all together. Google hasn’t yet resolved to pop-up ads, so I think we’re safe. =D

  69. ms danielle says:

    “As you can see, the click zone has been drastically reduced.”
    but the ad space hasn’t.

  70. Do you think the cost per click will go up since there will probably be higher conversion rates on the websites paying for ads?

  71. Chad says:

    Great, anything they can do to clean up the content network will save me money and hopefully increase conversion rates.

  72. This is a good idea. I don’t know how many times I accidentally clicked an Adsense ad while my page was loading. I don’t think advertisers should have to pay for people accidentally clicking their ads. People will just go back to the original page because they weren’t interested in the product and the advertiser gets to pay for their mistake.

  73. Dustin says:

    Looks like I’ll have swap out my AdSense banner for the affiliate ad’s now, not like I’m making much from it anyway (maybe .50 cents a day.) Oh well, Google is going to lose a lot of publishers in my opinion.

  74. Leremy says:

    It doesn’t matter to me because I believe everyone in my site REALLY CLICKS what they REALLY intent to click.

    See my Ads placement and color, I purposely distinguish it from a normal link, and I still get a lot of clicks everyday… (CTR of almost 5%).

    I want to make my visitors LOVE me, and I hope they enjoy staying in my site.

  75. MoneyNing says:

    Doesn’t matter what they do. As long as advertisers like them, they will give out the best CPM and there will be blogs/websites that use them.

  76. Etienne Teo says:

    I am sure adsense will never die even if they change their system and ways. People get too used to them and since they are still making money for some sites, there is nothing to complain.

  77. Mike Huang says:

    Google still makes it easy to put ads up on a site or blog, so I highly doubt this will drop the users…


  78. Patrick says:

    Way to go Google! I think its a damn good idea. I spend quite a bit on ads and I don’t want my ads being clicked on by accident. Also, I’m sure advertisers who have ads on my sites don’t want their ads clicked on by accident.

  79. cash says:

    I think publishers should not worry about these new changes. If the visitor really want to visit the advertiser’s site, he/she won’t mind clicking on the ad one more time. So, we blogger shouldn’t be that worried about it.

  80. James says:

    Actually, I don’t care. I hate trying to find an empty place on a page and hitting an ad a mile away from any text.
    I think it will be easy enough for someone who might click an ad to hit a link zone. It’s not like no one knows what a link looks like nowadays.
    I do not see this as something that will make much difference. But hey, I could be wrong.

  81. Paul says:

    who knows, maybe they will jack up the price for advertising, and if clicks are not accidental it may generate more revenue, for me the jury is out. If it ends up a bad thing then it’s easy to remove adsense, if its a good thing then it’s easy to keep.

  82. Developer says:

    Good for Advertisers, O.K. for Publishers, except this way only the good quality sites make money not MFA’s.

  83. I’m inclined to believe people are thinking google are more evil than they actually are on this one.

    If people click less and bloggers get less income then google get less income too.

    Google obviously think advertisers will get a better service which means a higher premium which means more money for bloggers.

    1. Jason says:

      That is what I am hoping! And I hope there is zero learning curve for things to get up to speed on this new format.

  84. Shawn Farner says:

    This sucks, plain and simple. Maybe advertisers should whine less about click fraud or accidental clicks and start looking at poor landing pages or just poor site design in general as the reason for their crap conversion rates.

  85. The Mad Ape says:

    Google is a behemoth whose very success has created an unhealthy influence on the Internet. They control the bulk of advertising and advertising revenue. Further, they can dictate policy on a whim and are doing whatever they can to strong-arm the little guy.

    I speak from the voice of experience, as I was recently strong-armed by them on my blog and in their usual lame-assed vagueness, failed to respond to my questions of where I went wrong.

    Although I did not get banned by them, I removed them from my blog. Too risky as I have another site that relies entirely on them for revenue.

    The Mad Ape

  86. I think we might see a lot more CPM companies take over vs CPC if Google is going to pull this stunt. 🙄

    1. Ryan Shamus says:

      Widescreen – I agree. I’m very curious to see how this pans out over the course of the next few months. Can anyone really over take such a monster though? Only time will tell, I guess.

  87. says:

    I banned Adsense a long time ago.

    1. The Mad Ape says:

      heh heh
      Maybe we should all follow your lead! Google is the Evil Empire.

      The Mad Ape

  88. Goog lord! 133 comments! One way and another, Google gets reactions for people; positive or negative!

  89. David Mackey says:

    Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

  90. Joel Comm says:

    This is a big to-do about nothing. Changes to the system that benefit the advertiser will ultimately benefit the publisher as well.

    It’s where you click that counts

  91. BareFly says:

    Good for google 👿 but bad for end publishers 😡
    I guess I should look forward to ban google from my list.

  92. Satish S says:

    Google sucks allright. I just came to of John Chow and this awesome blog and i’m gonna try whatever he has mentioned in his fantastic eBook

  93. Raymond says:

    Well, it depends from which perspective you are looking at. Publisher or advertiser.

  94. ahu?? i doubt if its the real score.. they’ve already canceled my adsense account! 😈


  95. too bad for publishers.. tsk tsk..

  96. squaretan says:

    Can’t dump Adsense yet cause my blog is still small in numbers. Without Adsense it will get worst. So ill be sticking with it for the mean time. ^^

    1. Ed says:

      yeah i agree. i’m still small in numbers too. That being said I dont think accidental clicks are that huge of a percentage are they? i guess it would be a hard thing to test but I’m assuming people arent clicking willy nilly like drunk monkeys. Im guessing maybe 2% are accidental clicks? i dont think its a big deal. if people are interested in the ad, they will click it.

  97. I agree with David Mackey.
    It doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

    If it cuts down on accidental clicks, then you are less likely to have your site ‘smart priced’ so it is not a bad thing. In fact I don;t know why they did not always have it like this!

  98. Aaron says:

    Some how I don’t see them implementing this in’s own Adwords results…

  99. iamned says:

    off topic, but wow this blog gets a lot of readers

  100. yha ryt no big deal.. but we startup’s are the one’s usually kicked out! now i’m rooting for other sources..worst i can’t event stick to it since a startup are always startup .. we might have the grand idea about blogging still won’t work..

    and this is good.. top performers such us uys like Shoemoney, John Chow, Zac Johnson and Problogger have found, and proven, that using Adsense on their blogs is a waste of time? can we run a cause for this.. hihi

  101. I didn’t know this until I read this post. Now I’m thinking of another PPC network to put in my blog. Too bad, I like Adsense very much.

  102. just wanted to get even with google.. hihi

  103. bloggernoob says:

    already got banned by google so this is great news for me

  104. I have really dumped them a long time back. Really sad… they really dont care of the publishers.

  105. stranger says:

    well let me see if i can manage to make it 100$s by the end of this year.. else even i’ll have to dump it along with you guys…

  106. payperpost has been slapped as well.. 🙂

  107. My CTR has dropped with the new ads. I had nearly 1000 visitors (one months traffice) and got 2 cents for that. I usually earned 200 x that! But then I noticed the new ads…. and Cheeky John has an ad on my blog!

  108. Maybe click zone now dont look too good cause brings less clicks but is more natural for people.

  109. Well.. I think this is a good thing 🙂

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