One POWERFUL Idea To Earn Consistent Income Online

In 2012, my earnings online were not consistent!

In August, I earned $754.22 from affiliate offers I was promoting and in September, I earned less than $450.

Then in October, I was lucky enough to earn a little about $500.

As you can see, I was doing something wrong. If I had known the basic rules at the time, instead of my income going down – it should have increased. What do you think?

I may not know what you’re thinking right now about this post, but it’s going to change your approach to any type of business model you choose. It’s a promise!

There is a way to make good money online. When you understand how it works and plunge your mind and efforts into it, the money you need can come so fast.

This is no hype and I don’t intend to make it sound so rosy – but earning $10k is possible online if you press the right buttons. Which buttons?


Working hard is not the problem

Sure, I believe so much in hard work. In fact, when I coach people on how to make a living online, I tell them to always work hard.

But the reason why a lot of people don’t make at least $3k per month isn’t because they’re lazy or watch movies all the time. Most of these people work tirelessly and this has become their second nature. The problem is how you work hard, not the work itself.

You see, when my income went down the drain, I thought that hard work would save me. Y

es, I started to write articles, do press releases, participate in forum posting and did a bunch of crazy SEO just to get the traffic I needed. Sure, I did get the traffic, but it didn’t convert. Was I lazy or stupid?

The problem is, I haven’t discovered the ONE powerful way of earning consistent income on the internet. If you’re blind to what am about to unveil, I beg you to take it to heart and run with it. It can save your blog, business and life. Enough, what is it…?

“A simple system”

There you’ve it, a simple system is ALL you need to succeed online and make loads of cash. If you’ve it, you can venture into affiliate marketing and make money.

You can create your own product and sell thousands of it within the first few months. You can also attract prospects to your freelance business and convert them.

When I discovered the power of a system, everything about me changed. My earnings increased in the first month and I didn’t have to jump from one business model to the other. All right, I know the question you’ve in your mind right now – let me answer it.

What is a simple system?

You know what “simple” is, right? All right, according the Encarta Dictionary, “a system simply means way of proceeding: a method of procedures for achieving something.”

Does this definition make sense to you? I decided to add “simple” in order to clarify what type of system you should aim for. Because some systems are too complicated – for you and your target audience.

Once you can identify and build a simple system for making money online, it’d be easy for you to achieve your goals. For instance, the way I go about affiliate marketing is thus:

  1. Identify a rabid niche
  2. Pick a profitable and hot product
  3. Build a niche site around the product name
  4. Write 40 quality articles in 30 days targeting the long-tail keywords
  5. Monetize the niche site in the second month
  6. Add an optin box and start building a list
  7. Build relevant high PR links

Now, did you see that? This is a simple system that anyone can follow. I only laid out my simple system for affiliate marketing and it works like crazy.

Even if you’re not an affiliate marketer (but why not), formulate a system you can follow – a kind of principles to guide you. This way, you’ll not be jumping from one idea to another – trying to reinvent the wheel.

Take this home

In 2013, my goal is to build 100 niche websites which can generate passive income for me.

Already, I’ve built close to 15 and the results have been amazing. The same simple system laid out above is what I’ve been using and it never fails.

Formulate your own system. Even if you don’t have plans for building niche sites around in-demand affiliate offers, create a landing page to capture email leads for your small business, nonetheless.

Then follow up, build relationships and confidently recommend the products. Enhancing your brand image is essential as well. You may see the reviews for tips and more information.

Guess what? That’s a simple system – it can work for you. Don’t just work hard, work smart with your simple system and money will start rolling in like a broken ATM.

Do you’ve a money making system? Share your comment below and let’s get kicking. See you at the top!

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35 thoughts on “One POWERFUL Idea To Earn Consistent Income Online”

  1. I was waiting for a post about affiliate marketing focusing how to build a niche site. I want to learn affiliate markt. from a successful leader like you. Thank you for motivating me to start my new affiliate site. Can you please recommend me any product like hosting, domain, WP plugin etc. that should i promote?

  2. Nino says:

    Yes I have money making system… Regarding niche websites, aren’t they dead? My opinion is that niche websites are dead after Google Panda and Penguin update…

  3. Quincy says:

    Hi Michael, great post. Your goal for 2013 sounds good. I have told my boss that I will be leaving the company to start for myself. From that moment something changed my mindset..from having doubts..into the believe that I WILL SUCCEED online. My goal for the upcoming 6 months is to create a strong youtubel channel, with 41 playlists, 10 videos. (400 videos) and monetize this channel with affilliate marketing.

    Do you build all those sites yourself, or do you outsource some of them?.

    Great post,

    Keep them coming

  4. Hi Michael,

    You’re right, no matter what your niche is, what your goals are or what you’re focusing on, you need a system and you need to follow it consistently.

    I’ve heard Alex Jeffreys say many times: “Work smart, not hard.” That doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t work hard, of course, but it’s the quality of what you’re doing with the time you’re spending that is key. As you say, it’s HOW you work hard that’s important. As Alex often says, “Are you a busy fool?” In other words, are you busy ‘working’ on your business but accomplishing very little?

    Working on the right things in the right way is essential for success. Then once you’ve found something that works then you need to hone your focus on that and ramp it up.

    Thanks for another great post, Michael 🙂

    Kind regards,

  5. Jim says:

    Only 4 months left, 85 more sites to go

  6. I. C. Daniel says:

    This thing is working 100%

  7. Gugulethu says:

    I believe this is a good guide no matter what type of business or site you run, you do need a simple system like the one outlined above. Yes you have to put a twist to make it work for your business.

    Niche sites work if you know what you’re doing. A lot of people fail in the backlinking part and talk about Google Panda and what not. If you do it like the way described above (with 40 posts in 30 days) and do the same for 3 months then you have yourself a winner. I did 25 posts for 3 months and most emails I get these days are from people who want to buy the niche site 😀

    It works if you know what you’re doing. But I have to warn you, it’s not that easy the site I’m talking about has got strong PR3 to PR5 backlinks… that’s the secret to high rankings hehe

    Look at the history of Google. It was not the 1st search engine. So what made them big?

    If you know that answer then you have your key to high rankings and good organic traffic.


    1. Quincy says:

      Gugulethu, that is interesting. Are the people who are approaching you for your site try to negotiate a deal/, or simple asking you to name your price?

  8. Your post really motivate me to start my affiliate. I have long time plan to do it. I believe i need to study more before the move.

    Thank you for your post.

  9. zubin kutar says:

    Niche sites are a great way to make affiliate sales , but Google does not value blogs or sites that have affiliate links. You’ll need to ad work hard to make affiliate sales with weak content sites…..

    1. You’ve a point that’s valid Kutar. Thank you.

  10. faisal says:

    Systems take time to perfect but you can try.

    1. Writing, blogging, keyword research and not just “system” takes time. Life itself takes time to bring you the benefits. But you’ve to do what it takes today. I value your comment.

  11. Chris says:

    I’ve been looking for some structure in my marketing. This post has quality information that I can implement into my routine. Great post Mike.

  12. Edson Hale says:

    The big task is to select the rabid niche. In this age of stiff blogging competition no any such niche is left for which you build a micro niche site because already several bloggers have uploaded more than several killers posts covering all the highly searched long-tail keywords. Therefore, to select a niche in whicy you hope to earn by posting 40 quality post and then just get back links is quite difficult. Yes a few years ago it was an awesome idea. What do you say???

    1. I appreciate your comment Hale. But no matter the stiffness of the competition, if you do the right things correctly, you’d still make money from it. The steps I highlighted is what I’ve been using for the past 3 years to promote any affiliate offer and it works. Yes, it’s not going to work instantly because nothing does, but over time, the results would show. Valuable content is still essential. Other people may have written about it, but that shouldn’t discourage us to use our head to make the content better. I hope you understand now?

  13. Lucas says:

    Hi John! Thanks for share.

    I have a similar system, but I keep updating the blog with new content daily. You leave it with 40 items only?

    1. 40 items is for a start, I usually update at least once in two weeks.

  14. 100 niche sites would be a lot of work, I think that it’s better to have 5-10 and make them really good instead of trying to have 100. Anyway, great post!

    1. Great advice, with the way Google is going, I don’t think I can continue building more niche sites. I think I should make the ones I have stronger.

  15. Sunday says:

    The ‘simple system’ as highlighted in this post is powerful. It is very important that online marketers blog smarter and not ‘harder’. Thanks for sharing these insights Michael. They are elaborate and actionable.

  16. John says:

    This is a money post.

    Keep it simple; get up and do it!

  17. M Luqman says:

    Wow, nice post man.. Its really motivate me to make some money from affiliate marketing! Your article have great information for me 😉

  18. Michael says:

    Hi John,

    This is what I call enlightenment. 🙂 I start to make money online and I don’t how to start it. From 100 visitors that read this tutorial, only 10% will take action, 1% will success.

    Create 100 niche site with 40 quality articles are wonderful but do you still publish an articles consistent if you already have 40 articles?


  19. Riza says:

    Nice! Anyone coming here looking for some secret method is bound to get disappointed. I agree that for some people, it’s definitely the work itself that is he problem, and not the working attitude. The steps you’ve given are reasonable and doable.


  20. Jestine Yong says:

    I focus only on my niche that I’m passionate about and now it had turned into an authority site. You are into different mindset when starting a mini site compare with an authority site.

    Most people start their minisite with the hope to make fast money. If they don’t succeed they will give up and move on to another niche. When one starts an authority site, their mindset is different and they know fast results will not come, so they invest their time and effort by providing quality content that people will share to others and that’s what makes them a success.
    Always think of what value you can give to your visitors. They will become your fans, followers, customers, readers or whatever. Once you have build a sticky communities and growing so does your income.


  21. Couple of questions. Where are you posting these PR Links and how or did you build your own opt-in page?

  22. Nice and simple teachings, however the steps are hard to achieved, such as building high PR links. This is the toughest part of all. 1 wrong move and you’ll get banned by Google forever!

    It’s possible, but definitely not easy.

    1. Yes, getting high PR links may not be easy. Even blogging is not easy. But web 2.0 sites are the quickest ways to get high PR links. But when linking to your niche sites, also link out to wikipedia using a generic anchor like “check it out.” This way, Google spider when crawling the content would discover the authority you linked to, and reward you. Your own anchor text could still have keywords in them, but make it longer with other generic phrases. E.g. visit my website to learn acoustic guitar. The anchor link can be that long.

  23. Hi Michael,

    Love the article, I think it’s best to focus on actually teaching people and helping people make money and producing high quality websites that people actually can benefit from. Then just trying to make a quick buck. As corny as it may sound, there is no short road to success.

    Good luck

  24. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    I personally think that we should master a particular topic first and then move to different one!

    This will not only make your income consistent but also you will have knowledge about those things. This way you can guide other people to make money online! 🙂

  25. Enzo Testa says:

    The ultimate in affiliate marketing is to of course create your own product. ie; ebook or so. This will enable you to keep 100% of your profits on any sales. For newbies it’s best to find a product close to your niche website and go from there. It’s not rocket science. Take baby steps to start off, perfect it, rinse and repeat like john says.

  26. FERNANDO BIZ says:

    Good ideas and some inspiration to start the week of blogging. Thanks for sharing some of best links via this posts. is going to be really beneficial.

  27. Tiffany says:


    Wonderful tips, building a site and add affiliate products won’t convert anymore,building a niche site with highly converted traffic will do better and your 100 niche site idea is good to earn $$$$$.

    So you’re going to 5 or 6 figure earner soon.

  28. Metz says:

    I think to earn consistent online is to work hard and accept advises that will surely help you to improve your work. It’s never too soon to develop your marketing plan and don’t get tossed around by the voice of the ego.

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