One Simple Idea To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic

You need targeted traffic to grow your blog.

Maybe you’ve tried your possible best to increase your blog’s readership, but failed, I’ve a simple tip for you right now.

The idea in this post is so simple to implement.

Of course, you need to be consistent and add a personal touch as well.

The simple idea is “comments.”

Were you expecting a magical idea? But, merely leaving comments wouldn’t drive traffic to your blog. In fact, it can be a waste of time if you ignore the rules (they’re easy).

I want to quickly show you how to write quality comment, so that people can actually visit your website.

Commenting is an integral part of blogging. I can recall vividly how I felt years ago, when my blog posts weren’t attracting commenters.

Even though comments are not a reliable metric, to indicate that a blog is truly growing, it can boost your ego as a blog owner.

On the other hand, when you leave a comment on blogs, it can mean a lot to fellow bloggers and the owner. But in order to position your comments and attract clicks, follow these 3 simple tips:

1.      Be the first to comment

comment first

How do you ensure that your comment is the first on a popular blog?

The first thing you MUST do is subscribe to top blogs in your niche. As a rule of thumb, subscribe to 5 top blogs with thousands of daily hits, email subscribers and social media fans.

When you subscribe, it means that you’d get notified each time a new post is published. Without this notification on your inbox, you’d always miss out on the benefit, no matter the VALUE of your comment (when it’s appears at #20).

If you don’t want to clutter your primary email, you could register a new Gmail account and use it to subscribe.

I’ve actually generated over 60 readers to my blog within 12 hours of being the first person to leave a comment at In order not to abuse this privilege, see next line…

2.      Contribute to the post

There is no guarantee that when your comment appears at the top, you’d drive hundreds of visitors to your website.

Haven’t you seen web pages that showed up #1 in Google, but barely get clicks? For the organic listing, the headline is the determining factor. But for comments, it’s the value you provide that would determine what happens to it.

Your comment is supposed to be a form of contribution to the post. Too often, commenters would type in “thank you for this post” and expect people to visit their website.

It’s never worked that way, and never would. When a blogger posts an article, he or she doesn’t necessarily want a thank you.

The blogger wants to hear from you. Because you’re a part of the blog and the very reason why they posted the piece in the first place.

A thank you wouldn’t suffice, but a question or contribution would. The length of the comment also matters. I’d encourage you to write a not-less-than-100 words comment. It can make a lot of difference and generate targeted clicks on your website.

3.      Be personal (robots can’t)

Personality is what differentiates successful bloggers from others. If you’re a social media blogger, with an exact domain name, please don’t use it like that. When I wrote the Kindle HD review the other day, I used personal touches to write the review and called to action early. Did you know that my conversion rate increased. You should do the same thing.

You should use your real name or you’d be seen as a robot. Because robots can’t display any personal attribute. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these robots on your blog, recently?

Tell your story in the comment. Your comment needs to be somewhat lengthy. But don’t forget, quality always trump quantity.

It’s good to write at least 100 words in the comment box, but focus on quality. Ideally, share your personal experience in about two sentences. Then find a way to bridge your experience with what the author had in mind.

Most people make terrible mistakes in their comments. They scan, instead of reading through the entire post.

If the post is lengthy, you might read the first and second paragraph, leave a comment and then, come back later to finish the article. This is important – so that your comment can make impart.

Wrapping it up

Writing a valuable comment on a blog that receives thousands of daily hits can boost your own traffic, especially when it appears at the top.

Don’t subscribe to more than five top blogs at this stage, so you don’t burn out. Take baby steps and you’d enjoy rich visitors.

And don’t forget, commenting isn’t a substitute for guest blogging or social media marketing.

If you write a valuable comment and it appears at the top on sites like smartpassiveincome, thinktraffic, copyblogger, socialtriggers and the likes, you’re in for free targeted traffic. What has commenting done for your blog in terms of traffic generation?

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48 thoughts on “One Simple Idea To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic”

  1. sapna says:

    HI Michael,

    This appear to be simple idea but the execution of this idea can really take a toll so to say, but this is the only the best tip by which the naive blogger can use to gain visibility and connection with the fellow bloggers.

    Comment should be meaningful and related to the content. At times I have experienced that comments are totally out of context.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Sapna – you nailed the first step, every time! 🙂

      1. sapna says:

        HI Dario,

        Thanks for that
        Your comment here has touched an important POINT, Michael and JOHN CHOW will agree with me on this.

        if you miss the chance to write the first comment then the other way to get notice is to cling on to the comment of the first commentator.

        JOHN, am I correct on this one?

        Thanks Dario for this point.


        1. Simon says:

          Or cling onto the string of comments? =P For those of you who visit Reddit.. this will look familiar.

          Sorry John, I had too. I just created a new blog and read this, unfortunately I wasn’t first though!


    2. Sapna your always be the first commenter, 🙂 that’s too interesting.

    3. Hey Sapna,
      so you followed the instructions here to grab the first place huh? I see you are getting it and congrats 😉

    4. Bob says:

      Most people do not read the article, so they put up a generic comment thinking it will help by adding a link. I have found that when I leave a comment that can directly help someone increase their income on the net that I get emails from them asking questions. The answers are already on my blog, so they have not gone there.

  2. Kade says:

    I just started blogging, and my niche is movies. I have a problem with posting on other blog sites in my niche due to the fact those blogs are usually just comments on the movie that their post is reviewing. Some of them don’t even have a place where I could fill in my website. I am not sure as to how to get my blog out there by posting on blogs in my niche. The only idea I have is posting comments on blogs that are not in my niche, but give tips, and talk about how those tips have helped me. Anyways if anyone has some advice it is much appreciated.



  3. Hi. Really useful post packed full of great tips and advice. I have definitely noticed on my blog that commenting has helped to bring new visitors and generally drive some more traffic to my site. From my experience I find that provided the comments that you leave on a blog are contributing genuine value, then this helps to position yourself as a leader in the eyes of the reader.

  4. Yasmine says:

    Ok, I have to say, I smiled as I read ‘the blog owner doesn’t want to hear you say thank you’. Point taken! Even though I struggle a bit with this notion, because I like to be polite, but I do understand that commenting is more about getting in touch. You are absolutely right: people make a difference, not robots and if it is only by saying ‘thank you for this valuable post…’ 🙂

  5. brayan says:

    I agree with you on the 3 board, many are looking to import enalces nofollow trash if they post comments on different blog, always look to contribute to the article that produsca comment and feedback,

  6. DesignSkew says:

    I do the same, I have added feeds of my favorite blogs in Google Reader, and whenever a new post pops in, I just jump to the new article and read it, and make an insightful comment. This is very helpful for sure.

  7. Jason James says:

    Blog commenting does not work to bring you traffic, sad to say.

    1. Anup says:

      It DOES if you take some moment to read what Michael has written in the post..

    2. geekmom says:


      It works if you bring something meaningful to the conversation and other people are reading the blog. It’s working here for people posting comments and others visiting their blogs. It works here. I get views on my sites from blog commenting all the time.

  8. John david says:

    Another great article Michael.

    I am subscribed to several different blogs in my niche and I will look into the ones that you mentioned in this post. I will take action on all three steps and eventually work my way into guest posting. I already make money online doing other things but I feel blogging is something anyone can do if you enjoy and the long term gains are second to none.

    Thanks buddy.


    John David

  9. Linda Jordan says:

    How do I incorporate my site into the comments so that someone will visit? I don’t want to just put my site out there. Do I put it in the content?

    1. Glenn says:

      Linda, when you’re writing your comment just put your website address in the “Website” field and this will turn your name above your post into a link. Then people can visit your website by clicking on your name 🙂

  10. Well Explained…But i don’t think by commenting other blogs we don’t get that much of traffic…i am also following these three process but i didn’t a good traffic from it…I am getting traffic from Google search and social media..

    Any way thanks for a good post….

  11. Trying to be first is good, but more important is to write a good and interesting comment, otherwise I might as well help and not post a comment.

  12. Keith Carey says:

    You are actually right Micheal! Blog commenting is one of the most reliable sources of getting a lot of traffic, especially if your comment is useful and related to the topic, that will also engage to other readers who comment to your blog.

  13. I. C. Daniel says:

    It seems I receive from one comment 2-5 visitors from every article, these visitors interests is how I make money with my site I guess.

    So the chance they will click ads on my site is smaller than 10 %.
    Waste of time if I may say so in the reason of getting traffic from comments.

    I lke comment. I feel FREE. Best regards!

  14. Yeah, thanks for the great article John. You should never underestimate the power of blog comments. I mean that’s where we get most of our traffic, and it’s an easy way to get highly targeted traffic for free.

  15. faisal says:

    Comments are a good way to get exposure.

  16. mohd akbar says:

    Yes i agree if we comment to the top site then definitely visitors come to our site, commenting is most important to increase a traffic.

  17. Glenn says:

    Thanks for the useful info, Michael. I knew much of this already but I hadn’t really considered subscribing to a few blogs in order to try to ensure the number one post. Makes perfect sense! For anyone who’s not keen on having yet another e-mail account to check, a useful tool that I use for monitoring multiple e-mail accounts is called POP Peeper. You can set it up to monitor many different accounts across many different providers. It’s been a lifesaver for me!

  18. I write using a moniker and that’s the same name I use when I comment. It’s easy to recognize when you visit our blog, especially if you’re only interested in reading posts from a particular writer.

    I’m not sure why this would cause someone to ignore my comments, or think I’m a bot. I’m not a bot. I’m real 🙂

    I like the “first comment” idea, except I’m not online long enough throughout the day to ever be the first one to comment.It’s either something I’m going to have to make a priority, or I’ll have to find another way to build an audience.

    Thanks John.

  19. I’ve just started recently commenting on popular blogs in my niche and have seen a surge of traffic coming back to my site as a result. I’m on a Mac and use the free program NetNewsWire to organize all of the rss feeds I’m subscribed to.

  20. Harmony says:

    So here is what I am thinking at this point. WHOOPS. By the looks of it, I didn’t get the memo. Big Smile.

  21. rakesh kumar says:

    First commentator always gets the attention of all the reader of that blog post. Another very important point is always write long and descriptive comment, if this is not possible then write down some small comment on the same post. one more point answer the reply of writer more than once. These are some more point that can attract the attention of the post reader as well as the administrator of that blog.

  22. Zubin Kutar says:

    Do not forget that Google is not harsh on links. You should also consider that point while doing blog commenting.

    1. Zubin Kutar says:

      Typing mistake –
      not = now

  23. Jocuri says:

    Hi. Nice tips for guest blogging you have here. I new at this and it helped me very much.

  24. Matthew Kane says:

    I’ve always considered blog commenting as good for SEO especially now with Google looking for a more natural link profile, however I must admit I have never considered the idea of commenting first on a very popular blog to get traffic, very very interesting. I may give this a go….many thanks.

  25. Kate Kutny says:

    Blog commenting is definitely the way to go. It helps you gain respect from others when you contribute helpful information in your comment and respond to others comments as well. Being social when commenting helps you create new relationships with people, and possibly a new visitor to your website.

  26. geekmom says:

    Comments are a great way to target your market and get exposure. It might not generate a ton of clicks per site, but if you do 1 or 2 daily with meaningful comments they do add up and people do notice.

  27. Hi Michael,
    You are absolutely right. My blog gets comments like “Nice design, nice post.” Once in blue moon someone would take part in the discussion of the top explained in the post. I used to let the comments published but now I just delete them. There is no point in publishing them. I read somewhere that Google takes note of such comments ans may penalize the blog.

  28. Wadud says:

    I guess I was a bit late on this one with comment 37. I will do my best to get the first spot next time.

    Thanks John.

    Insite Online Cash

  29. Keral Patel says:

    Would have to agree that robots cannot do it for you. All that footprints and spintax and all stuff is useless when it is compared to a comment made by real person.

  30. Alberto says:

    I am really new at this, but subscribing to the top blogs in my niche to be notified of new posts and appear at the top of the comments list makes perfect sense. SEO wise this is possibly the best tip I have been given so far. Thank you Michael, most appreciated and will subscribe immediately!

  31. Kris Walters says:

    This site never disappoints. I am very green to the blogging world and worry that my niche may be a bit saturated. I have started to look at other blogs in my niche to see which ones get the most traffic. I was wondering if Tumblr would be a good route to take. I will start to implement the tips above and see how it goes.


  32. Kashif says:

    Commenting on blog post does wonders. Even comments like this one can bring tons of traffic back to my site 🙂

  33. I rarely comment, however after reading through a few of the comments on this page
    One Simple Idea To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic. I actually do have some questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be just me or does it give the impression like some of these responses come across like they are written by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional social sites, I’d like
    to keep up with you. Would you post a list of all of your social networking pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page
    or twitter feed?

  34. Susana King says:

    This was very interesting and helpful.

  35. Dollars Box says:

    John, you’re totally right comments are amazing for traffic, you just need to be first to get the most exposure, one way of doing this is by setting up google alerts about your niche.

  36. Very interesting points you have observed , thankyou for putting up. “Lefty Wise guy dont carry wallets, they carry their money in a roll….beaner on the outs” by Donnie Brasco.

  37. Rick says:

    I guess Im a long way from being the first post here lol must say tho John your blogs are helping me I am learning more every time I read your blogs bloging is just some thing im learning on my spare time I own a gaming community have a quick look lol I know what it looks like but its not spam.

  38. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.
    Look advanced to far added agreeable from you!
    By the way, how could we communicate?

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