One Simple Secret To Become A Productive Blogger

What’s your greatest blogging challenge?

I’ve interviewed more than 15 bloggers and I discovered that productivity is what they’re battling with daily.

The internet has ushered bloggers into a new realm of endless opportunities, but it’s also caused a lot of failures for most people – even though they don’t realize this.

I know a lot of people who did so well offline, with their businesses, and decided to expand their frontiers.

But before they realized it, they got distracted and started engaging in irrelevant activities.

The truth is, if you can challenge yourself to become productive, then you’ll never worry about generating blog readers, building an active community or making money.

Maybe you’ve an idea that could shake the world, through your blog, but something is stopping you from taking action. You need to wake up right now.

If there is a magic bullet to build a profitable blog, John Chow would have revealed it to you, since he’s the expert.

But I don’t think there is. Despite his long list of speaking engagements, John is very productive on his blog. He still writes quality content and sets up blog for readers.

A quick action exercise:

Before I reveal the one-secret to become productive in your blogging career, I want you to quickly do something right now.

Don’t worry; it’s not going to be hectic, just a change in your thought pattern and how you organize yourself.

Each time you wake up in the morning, what exactly is your first assignment? If you think hard, you’d realize that you’ve been doing a similar task every morning. For most bloggers, this has become a reflex action.

Yes, setting goals and having a clear plan to achieving them is crucial. But if you don’t do it the day before, you’d miss out on the juice.

I have a blogger friend, who is so skilled when it comes to search engine optimization. I’ve seen him take 4 new wordpress blogs in 2012, and pushed the vital pages to Google’s top 10 within 6 months.

No blackhat SEO tricks whatsoever. Yes I know what you’re thinking…

But recently, he no longer works hard. He procrastinates and this has really affected his income. I don’t know what your challenge is, but I’m sure this sad story resonates with you.

Now that you’re pondering over your early morning assignment as a blogger, let’s unravel the ONE productivity secret.

“Write in the morning”

write in the morning

I must confess, I just started using this secret in December when I read it up from a book. But it’s changed my life.

The most important work to do as a blogger is to write. I didn’t say it’s the only task when you’re running a blog, but writing is the #1. Marketing is #2.

Yes, you need to market yourself, your blog and social profiles. But how on earth are you going to achieve this if you don’t like to write?

More so, writing quality content consistently can actually increase your organic traffic. It’s become my lifestyle now.

When I wake up in the morning, after appreciating God for a new dawn, I’d boot my laptop and start writing. And I’m enjoying this new experiment. You should try it.

But guess what? I had already planned my content in the night, before going to bed. This way, I’m better equipped with ideas and writing wouldn’t be a hassle anymore.

A lot of people might have excuses why they MUST not write at least 800-word post in the morning, and I quite understand.

I had all my reasons too, but I decided to turn my ‘excuses’ into uses. And today, I handle a lot of my clients’ writing projects, and my blog is growing at the speed of inflation.

Knowing when to read and what platforms to on would be beneficial as well. For me, reading on my PC distracts me, but when I read on my Kindle paperwhite tablet, it’s a lot easier and fun.

Your blog can grow when you spend adequate time in the morning, to write.

Mind your business!

Yes, I’m talking to you. It’s time to mind your business. I see a lot of bloggers getting so engrossed on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the likes.

Except Mark Zuckerberg is your friend, I see no reason why you should salute his ‘platform’ every morning.

Yes, social media networks great platforms to further reach your target audience, but making it your topmost priority in the early hours of the day can bring your blog down to zero level.

Tweeting and sharing according to recent studies are effective at noon, and also, between the hours of 3.00pm and 5.00pm.

What about checking your email inbox before writing? I don’t think it’s a good idea, too. Write first, even if you don’t proofread or publish the article. Afterward, log in and check your inbox.

It’s your turn

If you’re ignorant of anything, you’re a slave to it. The first week I started writing in the morning, my daily hit went up. My comment counts increased from 5 – 30 and it’s become the norms at my blog recently.

Do what’s important. Yes, use social media networks as a marketing platform, but don’t forget to mind your own business.

Have you tried my little productivity secret before? Please share your comment below. See you at the top!

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38 thoughts on “One Simple Secret To Become A Productive Blogger”

  1. geekmom says:

    That is a great suggestion. I love blogging in the morning. I brew a pot of coffee and then sit outside on my porch with my laptop and blog while everything is fresh. Unfortunately, I can’t do this on many of the tech articles I write on geekmom, but I can with other blog posts and the fun stuff. Well, okay, it’s all fun but I think you know what I mean.

    1. Definitely, I do understand what you mean. Thanks for being the first to support me in this post. I like supporters a lot. Lol!

      1. geekmom says:

        LOL! Thanks for writing a great article 🙂

  2. One simple secret to becoming a productive blogger?

    Go to sleep an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier. Set a timer in for 30 mins and start typing non-stop about your chosen topic. Even if it doesn’t make sense, you can edit it later.

    What you’ll find after is that when you’ve finished, you’ll have a more detailed and interesting post then you would have had previously.

    1. Nice tip you’ve there. Thank you Rahat.

  3. Hey John i recently started reading your blog & found really helpful information about blogging. I really like your idea about writing in the morning but i do full time job, from morning 10am to evening 6pm in India. My daily schedule is very busy. I am very passionate about GYM so i go to gym early morning & i don’t have much time in morning to write. Earlier i was not much passionate about blogging but from last few day’s i have decided to move forward with it. I recently read your book “Make Money Online”. It was really good. Please share some tips about time management to be a successful blogger…

    1. Alex Shaikh says:

      Hey Sachin,

      There are many pro bloggers, who lock themselves away all day and do nothing but write and promote their latest posts. But if you have a hard time relating to those bloggers and if you have a day job …’re not alone.

      Do you go to gym every morning? You Need to Sacrifice Almost Everything to Achieve Your Goal. I think going to gym three times a week will keep you fit because body does needs rest. During that time you can write a post. Think about it!

      1. That’s a great idea Alex. Thanks for reminding us to rest.

  4. Yes michael, This a great information for a blogger like me, thank you for such an information.Let me try to implement your ideas on my blogging & writing.i will try to change the way of blogging. 🙂

  5. sandi says:

    Michael, this is interesting article.
    I agree what you wrote, only this point “Write in the morning” is a bit impossible for me. I always write at night.

    1. I also write at night most times, but morning tends to work for me in terms of quality and how I get new ideas. I do appreciate your comment Sandi.

  6. Uche says:

    Hi… Thanks for such a productive tip. I usually write late a night when everybody is sleeping. But am definitely going to start writing in the morning…

  7. I. C. Daniel says:

    Hello Michael, I’m I. C. Daniel your ”funny fellow”! Remember me?

    I guess not. Anyway thanks for sharing the info. Apologize I didn’t subcribe your blog but I’ll go now as it seems you share only valuable information.

    ”What’s your greatest blogging challenge?”

    My biggest challenge is to get motivated, I’m telling myself I have to read more and more on a daily basis to finally understand what’s blogging about.

    I just read 6 hours ago a free marketing guide from Adrienne Smith and it took me around 30 minutes I think to read parts where I didn’t understand from first time.

    Most information I already have it in my mind from here or other blogs. Than I went to sleep, after 6 hours I wake up and here I’m again understand what’s blogging all about.

    The only one secret which I didn’t read on John Chow blog is that super blog owners don’t show how much they care about their readers and their comments by simple ignor them and reply only once a while.

    The article might be here but I didn’t see it so far.

    I also don’t see commentluv and I wonder why John don’t enable such?

    Despite the fact I deleted all post from my blog and now I have post only 3 little articles I enabled commentluv as it seems is very valuable. I guess you know why.

    I bet if John enable commentluv he will have 100 comments in few minutes after publishing an article like this.

    John if you read this let me know why you don’t enable commentluv?

    Thanks in advance. Best Regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

  8. Ferb says:

    Got this great secret, I don’t put a specific time whenever I start to write a post but love so much to hear this secret and definitely try on it to see what will change.

    Thanks – Ferb

  9. Zubin Kutar says:

    Writing content on a daily basis will get you high traction from your audience. You can check from your analytics on the best time period to publish your post

  10. Edson Hale says:

    What a huge paradox; so far I heard the best creatiion can be made in the night but first time you proved with empirical evidence that morning time is the quality time for writing a blog post. Just make me clear is it proper time for creating a post or just writing a post with the ideas you conceived overnight. Overall very niche and unique tips for newbies like me to follow thanks a lot

    1. I may not say is the “best” time to create content for your blog, because our perception and state of mind varies. But I’d say that writing in the morning will make you more productive – that’s the title for the post.

      Thanks for your comment Hale!

  11. Theodore says:

    writing in the morning is one of the greatest tips for this week! i was thinking some time ago to start writing, but there are so many ideas and must know about everything you are writing about…but this article here it is an impulse to start this, because – indeed – after the night, will be more organized thoughts.
    as a amtter of fact, you will be the model i will follow, but i am still learning…
    anyway, thanks for share some interesting points of view!

    1. Yes, after the night, you’d be more energized. Thanks for your comment Theodore.

  12. faisal says:

    So the first thing u do in the morning is the most important.

    1. Definitely, if you do most of your writing in the morning, you’d have created enough time in the day to network and promote the content.

  13. Jason Rogers says:

    Writing can be a challenge to many for sure. Blogging is about writing so if your not into writing should you be Blogging ? Any way writing first thing in the morning with a coffee works for me.

  14. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m not a morning bird and I think I do better at evening. But I’m not saying it cannot work maybe it would but for me it will be very hard if I will try this.

    But this is something new so it is worth to at least try.

    And who knows, it may work well, thanks for this tip.

    See you on top.


  15. Glenn says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for an interesting, insightful and useful article. I saw a few areas in there in which I could definitely improve.

    I think prioritising is essential. As you said, write first and then market afterwards. The danger is we can get absorbed in all the marketing stuff but what’s the point in marketing if we don’t have anything to send the traffic to? So yes, we absolutely should write first and market second. And by writing in the morning, as you said, then we have the rest of the day to do the other stuff, such as marketing and so on.

    I think this highlights the importance of planning for the following day. This is something I know that I should do but I need to knuckle down and discipline myself to do it. Not that I don’t plan, because I do, but what I’m not doing is actually writing it down. I think that is such a valuable thing to do and it’s something I’m going to get into the habit of doing – at the end of each day writing down my objectives and a plan of how I’m going to achieve them, then following that plan the next day

  16. Abhishek says:

    I really liked the idea of writing in morning because that is the the time when you get least disturbance and you can be very productive. As a blogger we have to be very productive else it will be tough to survive in todays competition.

  17. Charles says:

    Great article. I have already put your suggestion into practice. When I wake up in the morning, I make my coffee, eat by breakfast, brush my teeth and finally, BLOG. I have list blogging as one of my regular daily chores.

  18. Micheal says:

    I think keeping things simple and doing one thing at a time will be a good strategy for productive blogging. One must dig deeper as he goes around.

  19. Jerry Handy says:

    Very nice points John and much appreciated. I tend to fall into the checking inbox , social media platforms pitfall everyday. But as they say knowledge is power and its even more impactful when you act upon it. I think also that we get distracted so easily when we don’t have a plan for our business. A day to day plan and not just some fly by the seat of your pants kinda thing. It’s time to really mind your business. Thanks.

  20. Buddy T. says:

    Well I have a day job so I write when I can. Is it fruitful? No, but bills have to be paid so I write after work.

  21. As Always, Great Advice. Thank You For Sharing.

  22. Shayan says:

    Wow……it’s a reallyyy nice article and it really helps especially writing in the morning part……I never thought about that


  23. Whitney says:

    Great tip..with the right amount of focus anyone can become more productive at blogging. I think it all comes down to how bad you really want it.

  24. Chris says:

    One small thing I’ve found which increases my productivity is to change my default browser home page from Facebook or Email to whatever blog or site I need to focus my attention on that day or week. It’s little things like that which I find can make a big difference!

  25. wow!
    This is called information.
    Added you favorite.

  26. David says:

    This is an eye opener for newbie bloggers. Thanks.

  27. I am more productive in the morning myself and agree that for me settling down to writing first things would be great, but I have to delay until I have got the family up, got their breakfasts organised, made lunch boxes, taken them to school and done any necessary grocery shopping! I could get up earlier to do it, but with all of those jobs on my mind, I think I am more productive once I am alone in the house knowing everyone is safely at work and school.

    I also believe that some people do work better later in the day, despite the fact that I tend to get tired and grumpy in the evenings!

  28. Great post! I am a writer so find getting down to writing actually fairly easy at any time, but feel that doing it at a time when you are awake, alert and not distracted will be best!

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