Online Profits Opens with 50% Off and Twitter Contest

My buddy Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips sent me an email to let me know that his new Internet marketing and online business training program, Online Profits, is open for registration. What makes Online Profits different from other online training programs are the trainers. It’s not just Daniel. Instead, Daniel brought together a who’s who list of Internet marketing professionals to help 2009 your best online year ever. The list of mentors includes:

Yaro Starak, Neil Patel, Hamlet Batista, Michael Gray , Tamar Weinberg, Daniel Scocco, Zac Johnson, Courtney Tuttle, Nathan Rice and Skellie Wag.

The Online Profits course is six months long and made up of 21 training modules and 66 lessons. Daniel sent me a preview from some of the lesson and I have to tell ya, it’s good quality stuff. But then, you’ll expect that given the level of talent backing this program.

50% Off This Week Only

The Online Profits training program will be open to new members from now until January 16. The launch price is $48 per month for six month. After January 16, the program will close its doors. If you miss this sign up window, you won’t be able to join until late in 2009. However, the price will jump to $98 per month. If you join now, you’ll get in for half price.

Online Profit is backed by a 30 day no question ask guarantee. If you join the program and within 30 days find out that it is not what you were looking for, Online Profit will refund your first payment immediately. Additionally, if you go past the first month, you won’t have any obligation to pay for the 6 months of the program. You can quit at anytime and won’t be charged again.

$2,880 Online Profits Twitter Contest

I said I will be adding more prizes to my Twitter contest and this is another one. Daniel has agreed to sponsored my contest by allowing me to give away 10 free accounts to Online Profits. That’s $2,880 in prizes! To enter the contest, do the following:

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. Tweet the following message to your followers

    Just entered a $2,880 contest from @JohnChow and Find out how to enter here:

Please make sure that @JohnChow, and is in your tweet. Otherwise, your entry will not registered with my script. Like the other Twitter contest, this contest is open to anyone in the Twitter world. The winners will be announced this Saturday, Jan. 17 at Dot Com Pho. That’s only a few days away, so enter now!

Don’t let this contest stop you from signing up for Online Profits. If you really are interested then by all mean, go registered. If you get selected as one of the 10 winners this Saturday, then you can just cancel your registration and get your money back.

Sing Up for Online Profits

43 thoughts on “Online Profits Opens with 50% Off and Twitter Contest”

  1. Sounds like a great contest to enter πŸ™‚
    The training program is aimed at the beginner though, isn’t it?

    I’m more into more focused training programs, like Wealthy Affiliate or PPC-Coach for example.

    I’m a member of PPC-Coach and can tell you that it’s worth every penny.


    1. Ryan McLean says:

      I signed up for wealthy affiliate recently and I am loving it. Love the way you tried to subtly throw in your link there to try and make affiliate sales πŸ˜‰

    2. I am always skeptical of these kinds of programs – I’d be curious to see someones review of the program to lay out if its worth it or not

      1. Well people say it works.

        P.S Entered the contest.

      2. icedub says:

        Taris- I agree. They are so tempting but the over-the-top, 50,000 word, flashy marketing pages make them look like scams. In the back of my mind, a voice says “the only people making money here are the people selling the course”.

  2. Ryan McLean says:

    Hey John,
    I got that email too, but I decided not to sign up. Don’t really need to at the moment, my blog is going great guns though.
    I haven’t been commenting much lately because I have been really busy doing freelance writing.
    But I am back so expect a lot of comments from me πŸ™‚

  3. Mann!! you’re doing such a greaat job with your contest!! am lovin it!

    I wish i could be one of the lucky people

  4. @Alex, yes the program is geared at both beginners and people that have some experience BUT that are not happy with the results he is currently getting online (either in terms of traffic and exposure, on in terms of revenues).

    1. Hey Daniel.. I’m sure it’s great value to those struggling. But, imo, a complete beginner may be a bit apprehensive with paying the monthly fee.

      I remember a year and half back when I was discovering everything I thought to my self “what? $19/month for an autoresponder!?”.. lol… πŸ˜€

      Every expense looks monstrous to the beginner.


      1. Yes, you need to evaluate the value that you would get back from the investment.

        For some people the $48 monthly would be more than worth the money because it would save them time, and put their websites and online projects on the fact track.

        For others this might not be the case though, I won’t deny.

  5. James Ting says:

    This contest sounds interesting, some of the mentors listed above are really my heros, just want to know how do you track back my tweet? Anyway, just sent to my followers, Cheers!

  6. mary_ann says:

    It’s a great chance to get popularity and money, of course. But then I decided not to sign up because I had this big project. As a designer, focusing my brain needs more energy and attention. I can’t lose this project right now.

    But hey, good luck for all contestant, hope you all lucky! πŸ™‚


    Mary Ann.

  7. The list of mentors you have there is very impressive. I met Yaro once. He’s a great guy.

    I think I’m going to have to sign up for twitter!

    – Dave

  8. Ben Pei says:

    Man.. You make getting sponsors sound so easy and you always manage to get good stuff john!

  9. $2,880 ? Well. Not a bad amount (for doing almost nothing). lol. So, I m entered John.

  10. SEO Tips says:

    Excellent job with these contests. It seems more people are starting to do Twitter contests as it becomes more and more popular. Interesting really.

  11. The Dude says:

    I like it Chow! Count me in – just followed you and will post in a sec. You get some good sponsors! Just started running my first contest too on my site, just as easy to enter! Like what your doing Mr Chow.

  12. That’s great John! I read about online profits on Daniel’s blog and what he shared about the program. I definitely think its worth to check out so like John I endorse and recommend this course – I mean, by looking at the list of trainers/experts you can imagine the value that you will end up with – worth far more than $48.00 a month.

    Thanks John!

    -Ruben Ricart

  13. yanjiaren says:

    This is really weird I had a dream about you and one of your online Buddies and that I turned this key and just ejected myself into your garden, that was funny, a bit like Stargate lol so I entered even though I am a complete Internet Marketing newbie. I copy and pasted this comp thing and put it in my twitter updates. Is that what I am meant to do? I am going to check all your contests out every day. I only don’t understand where the question of the day is? I was looking for it but couldn’t find it. God Bless.

  14. sounds like a nice package.

  15. Very interesting – I’d be curious to see if this is worth it in terms of the price you pay etc, and whether or not you could get the same info from simply reading the mentor’s blogs

  16. This sounds like a great training program. I have entered the contest.

  17. Mike B says:

    Seems easy enough. Might as well give it a shot, it won’t hurt anything πŸ™‚

  18. GP says:

    Sounds really good to me. I have entered as well.

  19. Melissa says:

    I’ll definitely enter the contest, but I just finished up Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Lab over the summer. It was so full of content and worth the money. He also sent all the modules on DVD after the program was over so you can go back over the training course.

  20. Sweet, another Twitter contest! It really sounds like they tried to cover as much material as possible regarding internet marketing and even though it may seem overwhelming to people just starting out, laying down the framework of the tools at your disposal will greatly help in their success. At that point, students can pick and choose specific techniques that most interest them and run with it.

  21. Jake says:

    I wonder how come some find this offer irresistible and some can’t be bothered less. I recall my long lasting stance on SEObook, but finally I just bought it without any specific reason.

    Kudos to you John for whipping up these contests. I suppose some day I’ll also enter one of these things.

  22. Mann!! you’re doing such a greaat job with your contest!! am lovin it!

  23. Thanks for the news and the contest, John. I send out my tweet. Are we allowed to send out the tweet more than once?

  24. Feeling in a good mood lately, huh John? That’s already 11 lucky followers, I hope to be one of them.

    Best, D.

  25. J.D. Meier says:

    It sounds like it has the right set of people and that’s key in today’s info-overloaded world.

  26. Its sounds good i am getting awesome training class @ 50% discount Nice to hear that.

    Previously i planned to buy that but i am not in a position to at that time. I feel its the right time to grab it.


  27. Hi John & Daniel,

    I am in need of this training course…
    So I am participating in all the contests that gives membership for FREE!

    Wish me luck..
    And I am into the contest again πŸ™‚

  28. Greg Ellison says:

    I just enetered the contest. Thanks Greg Ellison

  29. nice offer john, count me in.

  30. Reyn Aria says:

    Are the winners out yet? Can’t wait to see the result =)

  31. John,

    I am so grateful to be named one of the ten winners of the Online Profits Course!

    I am a new Affiliate Marketer, and hope to make some sense out of all the avenues for generating a steady online income.

    I just met Zac Johnson and Shoemoney again at Affiliate Summit 2009 in Las Vegas. They were kind and helpful to me there, and their Facebook Advertising panel with Alex from Facebook was very lively!

    I just DM’d my email address to you.

    Will be sure to blog about the results from using the Online Profits course-ware.


    Nicholas Chase

  32. Hi John

    Just wanted to say thanks for being named one of the 10 winners. I received my login info today, and have just started going through all the information. I’ve been online for years, but have just started working with my blog, and hope to turn that alone into a full time income by the end of the year. Thanks again.

    Lori Osterberg

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