Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Income

I’ve received a lot of emails and comments over yesterday’s post about me making $128,804.40 in six months with MOBE. Most of the feedback were extremely positive. There were a few “Well, you can do this, but what about ordinary people?” type emails, and I want to address that with this post.

Can Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Income with MOBE?

Whenever I hear people say it’s easy for me because I started early, have a big following, huge list, etc., I always tell them that we all started from zero. However, I can understand their desire to find out if an ordinary person, or newbie with no experience, can make a go of it with MOBE.

Fortunately, MOBE must have been thinking the same thing because they have a page filled with case studies of ordinary people making extraordinary money with the MOBE Licensee program.

The average MOBE licensee is not a super affiliate, but just an average person who took advantage of the opportunity when it was presented. Of the 51 case studies on the page, only one person can be considered a super affiliate. The rest of the people are just like you – normal everyday people that you can relate to. If you don’t think you have what it takes to do this business, then go check out some of the case studies. You can use it as proof that ordinary people can make extraordinary income, as motivation, or both.

Great for New and Experienced Internet Marketers

For new or experienced Internet marketers looking for a turnkey solution to make money online, MOBE is the best system out there. With MOBE, you don’t have to worry about creating the product or sales funnel. It’s all done for you. And when you’re getting 90% commission, why would you want to spend the thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) it takes to create a new product? MOBE has over a dozen products, ranging in price from free to $15,000, that you can make money on. You don’t just get paid on the front end sales either. You get paid on all the backend sales as well. This is very important because the backend is where the big money is made.

Now is the perfect time to get involved with MOBE because I’m offering an Apple iPad 4 and a $9,000+ bonus package to readers who enroll as MOBE licensees this week. In addition, MOBE is offering free tickets to the Supercharge Seminar when you pay upfront. The offer expires on Friday April 26, so act quickly to make sure you get in.

Enroll In The MOBE Licensee Program

35 thoughts on “Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Income”

  1. Nothing is easy. You need to have what it takes- patience, constants learning and hardwork.

    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t believe that at all. Many things are very easy. No one has what it takes. You learn it over time. I don’t believe in working hard. I believe in working smart. MOBE is working smart.

      1. Md Mehedi says:

        True, I also believe in working smart

      2. Oh yes, working SMART is a sure thing John!

      3. Tom Lua says:

        I kind of agree with you, John. But for those starting out, you still need to put in consistent effort when starting your online business.

        1. John Chow says:

          Yes but consistent effort and hard work are not always related. Consistently working smart. Now that is a formula!

          1. Hendri says:

            Well you consistently working very smart John. I like your lifestyle and your honest opinion. Nothing impossible for you all.

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    I believe newbies are afraid to join such a good program due to many fake programs they’ve seen in past.

    Otherwise I cannot understand their hesitation. Is this true John?

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

    1. John Chow says:

      That has something to do with it, but it’s not the main reason.

  3. Prakash says:

    Yes if we are working smartly then it is easy to generate revenue from our online business. So time and hardwork can be replaced by smartness.

  4. kamal yadav says:

    thanks for the post it is valueable post

  5. Dr Bikash says:

    HI John, I would like to add just my 2 cents. People always start from zero, but few could reach upto becoming HEROes. So people who can not get in to the elite zone always say that time is against them. But then as you explain her MOBE is definitely something to look into

  6. Michel says:

    You are right guys. In this field it really needs perseverance, patience and real willingness to advance. I am a newbie even though I am trying since over 3 years. I trust NOW in John Chow and his products. I will enroll in MOBE as soon as my financials will allow me to do so. Anyways a great thumb up for John and thanks for teaching me step by step how to claim the ladder.

  7. dan says:


    These guys were able to achieve so much because they worked so hard.

    There’s no secret to success, than working hard

  8. Hi John
    Unfortunately that page FULL – of MOBE case studies (51) I believe, simply AINT – Case Studies — just Testimonials – and Good and Honest ones too, granted, – I DO know some of those people, but Case Studies are really what we need, in order to see what successful people are actually doing.

    Sorry 2 B picky — but I R an Injuneer after all. — Pete

    1. Ugo Okonkwo says:

      I…R..an..enjin…what?? hrh??

    2. John Chow says:

      I’m going to be talking to JunJun Li about doing a case study on him.

      1. That — would be very helpful I am sure John, I will look forward to that.
        A typical case study should ideally start out along the lines of :-
        ” How I made $xxx in xxx days by doing such and such and YOU can too.”
        – and run to about 10 pages at least, with some screen shots and proof of claimed earnings. Just LEAVE OUT — the happy snaps of Big homes and Flash cars and all that pure Fluff !

        1. Ravi Kochhar says:

          You have raised some very valid points here Peter. Today the web is full of all that crap its hard to believe the cases John Chow is referring to (Don’t take me wrong John, I mean it may be true but very hard to believe, though everyone interested would be willing to give it a try) unless you have very sound and real proof for those.

  9. faisal says:

    There is no ordinary, extra-ordinary, its all about hard work.

  10. Hey John,

    Thanks for posting the studies. Will be taking a look at those today and hopefully will make our decision today.

    Thank you again!

  11. Ken says:

    John I got both blogging with John chow and the bootcamp. Now I am an ordinary person trying to make money holiness. So far $1.09 from AdSense 0.00 from clickbank, Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction and all other affiliate programs. I have gotten beat by clickbank link thieves. Each time I put up my WordPress blog. It get hacked and start spreading viruses, and did mention the CB press plug in it is useless. So how can you help me in turning things around.

  12. We all start from Zero that’s true but some of us are more dedicated than others! It should also be something you really enjoy doing otherwise it can turn into a “9 to 5” J O B very soon and then motivation goes down!

    I wrote lots of article in the past about topics I was not interested in just because I was “told” to go where the money was! It was ok, I did make some but I quit rapidly because I didn’t like what I was doing!

    It’s also good to set yourself up for a challenge sometimes! I do so when I feel like my motivation is slipping down and that helps!

    There is no shortcut anyway and I really believe that everyone can make big $$$$ if you work hard enough!

    There’s also strategy and planning but as I often say, “planning is good, but doing is better”! LOL!

    Best regards,


  13. alex says:

    show how can i make money like you john?

  14. Chetz Togom says:

    This is awesome.

    I believe everyone can make money online and the best way is to use the system that is already there and learn from the ones who already making it … like John 🙂


  15. I have recently started a blog that relates back to my working days as a TV news Journalist, — It reflects a common saying that we in the News gathering Biz said several times a day. — Its simply called :-


    I have had NO COMMENT or participation in or on it whatsoever — so HOW can I get it out into the BIG wide world. — it AINT — sellin NUFFINK — so it really should be easy Eh ?

    1. John Chow says:

      Your content is fantastic. What you need is marketing. Your blog is missing a sitemap and robots.txt file. I doubt you’re getting much traffic from search engines or if Google even knows you’re alive. It looks like you’re hosted on a 3rd party (pure leverage?) that doesn’t allow root access. This will really hamper your SEO and marketing process.

      1. Thanks for your valued observations John, I will see what I can do to remedy the probs you mention. Its hosted on GVO, but I am at absolute pains to avoid the ” Pure Leverage ” thing, cos I think its somewhat Suss personally.

  16. Anupam Reddy says:

    A small question John?

    would suggest me to join this; “as my blog is just 1 month old….!”

    if yes/no , just explain me if you don’t mind?!

    please ; will be waiting for your valuable answer.. . . . . . . . . .

  17. Sunday says:

    Its good to know that MOBE is also for ordinary people that can make extraordinary income. I am one of those who had thought that MOBE is only good for established Internet Marketers. I guess, with the case studies highlighted in this post, my perspective on MOBE has changed.

  18. VKool says:

    MOBE seems to be great for both Newbie and experienced marketers. I see that MOBE is offering 90% at the front end and 50% on the backend sales. However, I see many other vendors offering 100% commission on every sales your referrals made. So what’s your thought on this John? Thanks.

  19. PeteH says:

    Great post John, wish I could earn the same in 6 months – hey maybe now I can 🙂


  20. Jade says:

    There is no question that you don’t have to be in any way extraordinary to make a lot of money online. You do however need very specific knowledge (about backlinking and SEO, writing in plain English, how to use social networks, etc, etc).

    And there is so much…..detail to each aspect of mastering blogging, that people get discouraged and give up. Or rather, they genuinely believe it is not possible for them, and since belief governs action, the the only sensible thing to do, is to give up.

    At blogbods.com the idea is that newbie bloggers, get together to blog about blogging – they learn from other bloggers and get to share their posts. However, in addition to that, it is so important to have some sort of system you can use, to keep you on track.

    Whether it’s a John Chow system or one from M.O.B.E or Problogger, I can’t advise. I just say – find someone who has achieved what you want to and get their system. And if you can’t afford to? Study what your heroes do, not what they say. Look at where they position adverts on their sites, see how often (or seldom) they send out emails, check out the affiliate programs they’re using.

    You can learn a lot if you learn by example. Success leaves clues. And actions always speak louder than words ever could.

    1. Jade,

      Great reply and right on point to.

      Thank you for sharing that.

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