Other Advertising Networks Besides Google AdSense

When bloggers think of online advertising, the words Google AdSense immediately pops to mind. Google had done an amazing job capturing the internet advertising market with the AdSense product. However, Google is not the only game in town. As a webmaster, it is your duty to seek out other ways to monetize your site. As we all know, putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t the smartest thing to do. Yet I have come across countless blogs with no other means of monetization other than AdSense. Even my own blog was running just Google until a few days ago.

I was discussing this problem with Bradford Liedel of ModemHelp.net and he came up with an interesting idea – why not make a list of all the online advertising opportunities that are available for blog and site owners? This list will be part of a new webmaster resource site that will feature discussions and ratings on the listed advertising companies. The site will be launching soon. In the mean time, I have decided to give you a preview of the master list. The list is pretty big at 130 companies. I wonder how many will still be around in a year or two?

*Disclosure notice – Many of the advertising vendors listed offers affiliate programs, where the affiliate will get a cut of the income earned by the site referred. I have decided NOT to place any affiliates links on this list. Why? Because I am just too lazy to sign up for the affiliate programs. I’ll probably be kicking myself later for not doing this.

Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

Shopping/Comparison Networks

“Non-Standard” Ad Networks (PopUps, Expandables, Pay Per Post, etc.)

Specific Demographic Ad Networks

NON-US Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

NON-US Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

NON-US Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

If you run an ad-network and we somehow missed you, then feel free to add your company in the comments. When Bradford launches the new site – which you will hear about here – he’ll be sure to include you on the final list. Please only do this if you are an ad-network. I will deleted all comments with affiliate links in them.

128 thoughts on “Other Advertising Networks Besides Google AdSense”

  1. Marco says:

    Theres DGM for Australians…

    Thanks for the massive list… To save time its probably a good idea to stick with the larger affiliate programs.

    But then again, I’m guessing some programs specialise in certain niches…

  2. Dilby says:

    Hey John,

    This Dilby. I’m sure you remember me. I’ve signed up for some of these in the past, but I honestly don’t know which one is the best for me if I don’t have a lot of traffic. Which one would be the best for webmasters who are trying to build an audience. Does it basically boil down to, not a lot of traffic, no money?

    If not, which of the companies that you know of would be good for my site, like possibly $10-$20 dollars a day. That’s all I expect. CPM, CPA, CPC, or another good method for websites that are starving for traffic. Email back.

  3. Lee says:

    I stumbled upon your site after not finding it for a while, because I unsubscribed from your partial feed.

    I would have been back every day if you provided fullfeeds! http://www.fullfeeds.com 🙂

  4. Tony says:

    Dude, this is an awesome resource. But what about Neverblue Ads? http://www.neverblueads.com. I’ve been using them for years, mainly for Search Engine Marketing.

    This is not some crappy Direct Track Ad Network, these guys are for real. They have their own proprietary technology and the service delivery is exceptional.


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  6. Sidhusaaheb says:

    It is interesting to note that most of the ads on this page are by Google Adsense!

  7. Alex Choo says:


    There’s also TicTap Contextual Ads for Amazon products. Earn referral commissions as Amazon associates.

    The demo can be viewed at http://www.tictap.com/tca

  8. Andy Evans says:

    Net Communities (www.netcommunities.com) help tech sites with traffic in the UK. Get in contact if that is you!

  9. Sarah says:

    Another one to add to the list, AdQuick. http://www.adquick.co.uk

    80% Pay Rate For Webmasters, Payments every 14 days by Paypal.

  10. David Kaspar says:

    Great list to sharpen those AdBlock filter sets 🙂

  11. Tim says:

    I’ve created bla.st, a searchable “directory of ads” that’s free to advertise on – It’s more of a directory than a ad network, perhaps an article about directory systems in the future?

    Tim http://bla.st/

  12. vibhash says:

    This a great resource list.
    I guess you forgot AdsMarket.com.

  13. lele says:

    try http://www.zanox.com
    very well done

  14. James says:

    You really, really should sign up as an affiliate for all of these.

  15. d. says:

    Hi John,

    I think you missed adbrite http://www.adbrite.com quite good pay rate, payments only by cheque 😐

    1. manchild81 says:

      Actually, Adbrite allows you to pay via CC as well. I use their interface and it hits my card once my spend “threshold” is reached. They have proven to be a winner for me.

  16. Ivan Minic says:

    Some nice list you got there 😉

  17. Rich says:

    John, all I can say is I’m counting the days until Google kicks you off because you are in violation of their policies. I was doing that same thing and they kicked me off. You cannot mix any other contextual ads with theirs. It is part of the terms of agreement.

  18. JP Russell says:

    Wow ! Quite an exhaustive list, and people still added more !

    Might be usefull to pass along some of the definitions for newbies:

    CPM Based Ad Networks = Cost Per Thosand Impressions
    CPA/CPL – Cost Per Action/Cost Per Lead
    CPC – Cost Per click (Google Adsense)

    You might also find usefull Baby Cade’s article below


  19. This is a nice place to start… now can someone offer perspective on various niches that these might best serve? Is there some easy way to communitize the gathering of such info? We tried to do something of the sort for video hosting services (see http://testinggrounds.loadedpun.com/ ).

    best regards,
    Deirdré Straughan

  20. > Deirdré Straughan wrote:
    > Is there some easy way to communitize the gathering > of such info?

    That is exactly what I plan on doing. The new site will make it very easy to organize, rate, and list these advertisers, as well as making submissions very easy. The page will allow users to submit new categories, rate, discuss, make personal link lists, and more. Of course there will be forums and it will provide other webmaster resources on top of the Ad Agencies list. I am definately looking to build a community of publishers, rather than simply list the different agencies through which you can earn revenue for your site. There have already been several additions thanks to this blog and others that I have found since formulating this initial list. Within the list itself, I will also be looking to examine the various features of the ad agencies, such as how good the publisher tools are, the reporting systems, payment terms, and more. On top of this I will be sharing my personal views as to which ad agencies are best, what kind of ad-serving software is out there, and how to effectively manage Ad-Chains. It is a much bigger project than it seems at first glance and I hope that everyone finds it useful. There was nothing like this that I could find when I started my venture into the world of online Advertising and (like John) I would like to use my experiences to share what I have learned with other publishers.

    Bradford Liedel

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  22. PreZ says:

    Great read, Good to know there are other ways to monetize a site besides google.

  23. Komli says:

    Komli offers performance advertising solutions (CPM, CPC and CPA) for advertisers and CPM payouts for publishers.

    Komli is focused on Indian (as in the country), US, UK and NRI (Non-resident Indian) traffic worldwide.

  24. Adler says:

    Somewhere, somehow there’s a lot of interesting ideas here.

    I’m just a Linux Guru building into this Internet Community.

    What should I do to hear about responses to this post?

  25. Adrian says:

    Request – Please make a comparison chart of the top networks. As a website owner I would love to know which networks have the best click-through rates and best payouts. Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi everyone, I would just like to add that I have a somewhat more complete list on my site, as well as pre recorded podcasts with the company owners of several of these networks.
    See http://www.campaignstreet.com
    Click on p4p directory for the list.

  27. John Yen says:

    Interesting article… I run a currency info site, nice to see a few better adsense alternatives.

  28. Hi

    Great list!

    I’d also like to suggest AdMob, which runs text links on *mobile* websites (sometimes called WAP) on a CPC basis.

    While we’re considerably less than a year old, we already have 300 million pages available a month and starting to generate some serious revenues for our publisher partners.

    Our advertisers are finding that the mobile channel really works – in some cases with 4 x the ROI of online.

    Anyone interested in testing a small free campaign, register at http://www.admob.com/300million and you get $20 credited to your account – enough to prove that it really works!



  29. spankbot says:

    WayPointCash is well known for using spyware/dialers with thier ads. There is no better way to get your site blacklisted. Stay away from them.

  30. bill says:

    you still using adsense although:/

  31. streamcast says:

    Nice list! Thanks

  32. Hi john,

    list seems ok.
    but would have been much better if you would have sorted according to Ad netowrk size (in terms of its inventory, publisher number, reach, pay….,etc) criteria can be many.

    As, its always quality that counts than quantity.
    No offence , but some of the netowrks that you have listed are even SCAMMERS.

    So how about TOP 5 CPM, TOP 5 CPC,….
    may be in PART II

  33. Ben Metcalfe says:

    This is a great list – but the sheer number of options means that some kind of rating and/or description of the provider would make it REALLY useful.

    I mean, how do I know whether AdMax is better than ClikMe1 (I just made those names up – but you see my point).

    If you could turn this list into a small site where people can comment on their experiences with each – maybe include some policy information about sites that they do/don’t work with, their CPM, etc… that would be a fantastic resource.

  34. Ben Metcalfe wrote:
    This is a great list – but the sheer number of options means that some kind of rating and/or description of the provider would make it REALLY useful.

    I mean, how do I know whether AdMax is better than ClikMe1 (I just made those names up – but you see my point).

    If you could turn this list into a small site where people can comment on their experiences with each – maybe include some policy information about sites that they do/don’t work with, their CPM, etc… that would be a fantastic resource.

    That is exactly where I’ll be taking this! Keep an eye on John’s blog, cause as soon as it is ready for the public, I’ll be letting John know.

    Bradford Liedel

  35. Thirdeyequest wrote:
    No offence , but some of the netowrks that you have listed are even SCAMMERS.

    If any of these are known Scammers, please let us know so that I can make note of this for the site.

    Bradford Liedel

  36. Jim Kukral says:

    Hi there,

    Please add http://www.blogkits.com.

    Affiliate marketing network for bloggers.

  37. Matt says:


    Thank you so much for the comprehensive list, I would also like to include ROI Rocket http://www.roirocket.com where possible as well please.

    What a great tool, and whatever support we can help with, please let us know!


  38. SCAMMERS LIST for Bradford Liedel
    Interclick: [Proof: Sitepoint]

    Clicksor: [Not worth, Proof: Daniweb]

    there are still many … but have forgot the case studies of them. you can check on Sitepoint and Digitalpoint for further scannig

  39. Evan says:

    You forgot about Kontera Technologies. If you are going to carry InteliTXT on your site, you shoudl carry their top competitor as well.

    This list seems fairly biased.

    Visit http://www.kontera.com as a primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks.

    I can’t beleive you included a list of pop-up advertisers and you excluded a Kontera as a legitimate advertiser.

  40. Jessica says:

    Hi John,

    You forgot to mention us..

    At IncentaClick Affiliate Network we offer the highest paying CPA campaigns with a proven track record. We pay you Net 15 (twice per month) via PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer. Most importantly, we offer the utmost in personal care with our support team available 24/7. We have tons of offers that accept incentive traffic and use an incredibly reliable, tracking system.

    Great website! Thank you for your time!

  41. Judy Gunter says:

    I think Kolimbo.com is overlooked,to be added to “Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks”.

  42. John says:

    One more for the list:
    Partner Weekly

  43. LinkWorth has launched a link in text ad network leveraging their 9,000 site network.


  44. pittfall says:

    Thanks for the great resource. I think everyone that is trying to drive traffic to our sites might need to find other avenues to generate quality traffic.

  45. Brad Waller says:

    You could add one more under non-standard:

    The twist is that AdJungle empowers the publisher to manage their own default advertising (including from these services on this list) as well as set their own rates for sales. AdJungle makes sales easy through an online interface.

  46. Bill Perry says:

    Seems as if there is a whole sea of options here, how does one stay focused long enough to make any real income/profit?


  47. Evan wrote:
    > You forgot about Kontera Technologies.

    *Smacks forehead!* I have no idea how Kontera missed the list, especially since I use them and not Intellitxt. Thank you very much for catching that!!

    Brad Waller wrote:
    > under non-standard

    What is non-standard about AdJungle? Most of the ad agencies allow you to manage your own defaults and many of them allow you to set at what price you will move to defaults (Tribal and Burst being big ones for that).

    Everyone wrote:
    > alot of additions

    Thank you everyone for the additions, updates, and changes! Keep it up! I’ll let everyone know via this blog when the site is ready and you’ll be able to then submit updates via the site.

    Thanks again,
    Bradford Liedel

  48. Rick says:


  49. Brad Waller says:

    Bradford asks what is non-standard.

    I use Tribal and others and what we do is different. With a network, you set the ads up and let them show default ads, and you show yours only when you the network can’t meet a certain target. In other words, they show their ads at $X CPM and up. If users don’t already have relationships with networks or affiliate ads, they can choose to show AdJungle remnant ads.

    An AdJungle publisher sets the CPM (or cost per day) that they want to sell ads on their site for, and they set the default ads they want to show until there is a sale. For example, one of our sites shows AdSense, TribalFusion, and a few other ads when there is no direct buy.

    I’d be happy to go on, but I’m sure you don’t want this to turn into a sales pitch. This list is great and has a few I was not aware of, but I have kept a list and have some (mostly CPA?CPL) you might want to include (no endorsement of the competition from me!) as well:
    and dozens more CPA types.

  50. Brad Waller wrote:
    > Bradford asks what is non-standard.

    Thanks Brad! I took a look at your site and received your e-mail and definately understand what makes AdJungle different now. Also, thank you for your contributions to the list.

    Bradford Liedel

  51. Luke says:

    Here’s another one for your list:


  52. Nice list. For the Dutch amrket there’s http://www.kliks.nl/ for example..

  53. David says:

    Consider doing a list of mobile ad-network co’s? .. Thanks!

  54. Kamilla says:

    Small PPC Se, but good if I may so myself 🙂

  55. Boban says:

    You should add adversal.com to CPM networks.

  56. G. B. says:

    Great list, Thank you !

    I’ve been using CBprosense for some time now with great results.


  57. Ed says:

    Hi Marco,

    ho big is DGM? Any suggestions if I would like to target the australian market?


  58. Hi John,

    A lot of us at LookSmart read your October 16 post “Other Advertising Networks Besides Google AdSense” with great interest. You’ve got excellent coverage–many companies I need to learn about!

    I noticed that LookSmart’s AdCenter (formerly LookListings) is not on your list. Our service belongs on your “Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks” list. We are the third largest provider of outsourced ad services after Google and Yahoo according to OMMA Magazine estimates published in August.

    We’d like to be included on your list. Thanks for the consideration.


    Allen Hammock
    Product Marketing Manager
    [email protected]

  59. Michael Kwan says:

    What do you know about Blogsvertise? I recently signed up and did a couple of posts. The return is minimal, but it gets the juices going for topic ideas.

  60. Ken says:

    eBay is currently beta testing a contextual CPA system called AdContext that pays between 40% and 70% of eBay’s revenue on auctions. The revenue share percentage depends on the monthly volume you drive. eBay pays for winning bids, completed Buy-It-Now transactions and new registered users.

    You can get more information on AdContext and apply to enter the beta program at: http://affiliates.ebay.com/ads/adcontext/

  61. Great list John, thanks for sharing!

  62. Allen – Will definately add Looksmart!

    Ken – I’ll definately add this one!


  63. Ron says:

    LinkWorth.com offers traditional, month to month text link ad network, as well as a CPC network called LinkWords.

    How could you miss us, we’re one of the biggest in our industry !! 😀

    Great post John Chow.

  64. Ron – Don’t know, but I have you now. 🙂

  65. Rose says:

    John you have done your homework. Excellent post.

  66. Ray La Foy says:

    Here is another adsense alternative for you


    Provides text ads with related images
    PPA via clickbank

    Non Contextual – ads pre selected via keywords/and or categories. So adsense compatible

    Costs – free to $16/mo

    If you have questions let me know.


  67. mark says:

    My question is this: how do these other companies compare to adSense when it comes to th e money you get per click. If google adsense pays me 50 cents each time and ad is clicked, can i expect anything close to this with any of the other ‘adsense’ – like companies?

  68. Edouard says:

    May I suggest an alternative to monetize US and Canadian audience : https://adsclick.bo.ads-click.com/?page=login
    you can select the keywords you want to publish with and the value of the clicks is displayed on your back office….This is the opportunity to publish with highest CPC ads….do you follow me ? It is the control on the publisher hands and not anymore a black box ! By teh way they have an extensive list of format available : IAB, RSS, Tag clouds, Intext ads. A one stop shop for Text ads !

  69. dykai says:

    I’m banned from google…. and my 150$ too … why?.. my contry not in list… but i find another good adsense program ==> AdBrite … http://www.adbrite.com/
    OK, if google not want make money with me, I find another verry good partner.

  70. Jack says:

    This is a great listing.
    Does anyone here knows about some program a webmaster like me could join that supports English, Danish and Latvian language ads or at least allows ads being placed on pages with those languages?

    Google Adsense is rather good, but very restricted with the languages. I use Google already, but the money stream is not as I could have hoped for and after some investigation I found that most of my traffic goes on my Latvian part of the web pages. No wonder the revenue isn’t that good.

    So now I am looking for an ad network that will allow or supports all three languages.

  71. Kevern says:

    Hi John,

    Please include my
    fairly new CPC / PPC ads network …


    in your updated list.
    Thanks …

  72. 1stgirl.com says:

    What about ModernClick.com?

  73. iyiz says:

    great contribution for webmasters and advertisers…

  74. waqas says:

    Any Publishers network that displays ads relevant to the page content ……like adsense………..

  75. Erik says:

    Don’t forget Clickdiario http://www.clickdiario.com a full service, leading spanish language Ad-Network.

  76. vladimir fv says:

    So many adveritising networks, so hard to choose between them..

  77. Ana says:

    Thats a great list. Do you have a link to the resources site that was launching soon?

  78. Benja says:

    You are missing http://www.exoclick.com 😉
    Great list.

  79. It’s a comprehensive list. When it comes down to Adsense V YPN it all depends on the category of your site. I’ve heard payouts for arcade sites and the like are best with YPN.

  80. Not sure if you’re ok with it John, but I’ve seen people reposting this entire post in forums… it’s got a bunch of attention… Perhaps those aff links would have been a good idea 😉

  81. Toni says:

    Great list John,

    And great discussion.

    Still. Google has like 99% of the market?


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  83. pmaster says:

    Thanks for the list and an interesting article. I’ve translated it in russian. I guess that would be useful for russian bloggers.

    Thanks again.

  84. Rick says:

    thanks for this useful article…

  85. Samker says:

    Great list, John. TNX !

    Personaly I use AdSense for my site http://www.SarajevoCafe.tk and have pretty much success for the first three months, but on the other side second site http://www.SCGames.tk related to online games have problem with low price CPC.

    So if someone have suggest for other CPC program related to online games better than AdSense please post here !?

    And one suggest from me to other visitors, don’t work with Adult Friend Finder Network because they are cheating me.

  86. Mani_n says:

    I like fastclick, adsense and cbprosense best.

  87. Martha25 says:

    I have tried a lot of alternative to Google on my skin diseases website – http://skindiseases.uv.ro and all I can say Google is the best.

  88. Very interesting list, very helpful , thank you for taking the time.

  89. james says:

    You also may try our affiliate program

  90. Jewel says:

    Rockbottomprices.com has a program for bloggers that pays a lot for referrals, and you get a free membership to their site. Contact [email protected] for more information. They are really nice and can help you get it working.

  91. A Word says:

    John Chow.com: Great list of Ad Networks, Affiliates, CPCs, thank you.

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