Our Top Commentators For February

Huge congrats goes out to this month’s Top Spammers Commentators. You guys (and girls) are the driving force behind this blog!

John Chow dot Com pens

For your reward, each one of you will be receiving a set of John Chow dot Com and 1234Pens.com pens.

To prevent some evil person from trying to claim your prize by pretending to be you, I will be sending each winner an email asking for your shipping information. Reply to that email. Please do not email me.

Changes To The Top Commentators

Starting in March, the Top Commentator list will be reset every week. This will give readers who come in mid-month a chance to make the list without having to wait for the month to be over. I really don’t expect the names on the list to change by that much.

*Update – I have just reset the Top Commentators to weekly.