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I recently received a copy of Affiliate Outline by Tim Schroeder. Some of you may remember Tim as the man who misspelled my name in what maybe considered the world’s first Google IM ad. I forgave Tim for that little slip because it seeded an idea to hit other bloggers with IM ads. I’ve done so many that I’ve been credited with the whole idea. However, Tim was the first.

Tim is a multi-talented guy. In addition to running Webmaster Talk, Tim is also an accomplished affiliate marketer. In fact, he derives most of his Internet income from it. Affiliate marketing, when done correctly, is a huge moneymaker. Affiliate sale is this blog’s third biggest income source, accounting for over $1,000 of the blog’s $7,011.05 February income. However, I expect affiliate sale to take a bigger share of income in the coming months.

What Is Affiliate Outline

Affiliate Outline is just that – an outline on how to do affiliate marketing. The eBook, geared towards both beginners and expert affiliate marketers, is a no fluff, get to the point type of book. It’s only 63 pages long and should take no more than an hour to read. If you already have a fairly good understanding of affiliate marketing you can skim over the first half until you get to page 33. That’s when the good stuff starts.

Affiliate Outline is the first eBook I’ve been featured in. I’m listed as resource and Tim use this blog as an example in the section about Google Adwords site targeting. Tim does offer some really nice tips that many newbie affiliate marketers may not know about. An example would be not to brother with low commission offers. Why promote books from Amazon.com for 5% when you can make $200 for getting people to sign up for an American Express Business Gold Rewards Card?

Tim has set his eBook at a special launch price of $67.00. I would say you could get 90% of the information on Affiliate Outline right here on this blog. The remaining 10% you’ll be able to find in forums and other blogs (or I will eventually write about it). For many people, time is money and they rather just pay the $67 to get all the information in one place instead of searching all over the Internet for it. If you’re that kind of person and you want to give affiliate marketing a try, then Tim’s book maybe worth looking at.

This gives me an idea. I should take all my blog posts on making money with a blog, repackage it and then sell it as an eBook. Would anybody buy it?

*Disclosure statement – There’s a couple of affiliate links in this post. Can you figure out which ones? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the eBook and the Amex!

40 thoughts on “Outline For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Jane May says:

    I don’t know if I’d buy it since I’ve read most of your money making posts. But for those that are new to your blog and don’t want to dig around, I can see this be a great product for them and others who don’t frequent your blog. All you have to do is have a tag line “learning the secrets to a $7,011.05 February income” and you’re set.

    We’re putting an ebook together as I write. Our focus is more career driven.

    I would definitely encourage you to that ebook together John.

    1. Packaging a book might not be a bad idea: your target wouldn’t be regular readers, but newbies who don’t want to sift through your entire blog!

    2. That would be some added income to be made into the fray. And, it sounds like a viable option.

    3. Jez says:

      As you say, he has already given most of this away, I dont think an E-Book would add anything for a reader of the blog, particularly as the top posts page provides an index of sorts…

  2. You’d definitely sell copies of your eBook if you did that John. You’d just want to position yourself as an accomplished blogging expert and internet marketer in the site/page you sell your eBook from. I have no doubt you’d sell 10 copies a day at $49 a pop – compare *that* to your AdWords and affiliate incomes – $500 a day, not bad 😈

    1. Jez says:

      10 copies a day for how long though? People are often suspicious of E-Books especially when information is freely available on the internet…

  3. ilker says:

    I think you are even late in creating an ebook. I think it you could title it “How To Abuse Affliates” πŸ˜€

  4. Erik says:

    All eBooks seem to contain information that you can easily get anywhere else free.

    1. Agreed, but these are the type of eBooks that are great for beginners.

      1. Jez says:

        So is this blog…. for free…..

  5. Gary Lee says:

    I think all ebooks and email marketing campaigns feed off the laziness of people who do not want to do the research for themselves. Of course you should make money off it if you’re able to aggregate all the information into a simple, easy to deliver package. With that said, I really think you should package your blogging tips (maybe 1-10) and sell it through another website. I bet you it will be your No. 4 money maker for sure.

    1. Jez says:

      The thing with small E-Books is that you have to often have to research in order to find them, and then ascertain whether they are any good. People want this kind of E-Book to obtain informaiton that is not already available, something new that is not in the public domain, I dont think its because they are lazy

  6. Aris says:

    OK. So now we would see more of this Disclosure Statement at the end of the post. I think that was John’s response to the long comments at his to Aff or not to Aff. Do you really need to ask the question on which one is an Affiliate link? Hehehe, that may give Saman and me excluding Jane to add few comments to increase the counter though. Thank you John. πŸ˜†

    1. Jane May says:

      Hey why the exclusion πŸ˜₯

  7. Michael Kwan says:

    I find the disclosure statement to be more distracting than the (aff) tag.

    1. Jane May says:

      I would agree with you Michael. I say just leave the aff be..

    2. I agree with this … I told Matt over at NBB that his astericks were way more distracting than the simple (aff). It’s true!

  8. Scot says:

    I might not buy it but I’m sure the ones who haven’t read anything in your blog may πŸ™‚

  9. Justin says:

    OK Mr. Chow. Add to your total. I just bought the book, so we’ll see what all this is about. I also, buy the way, bought a review from you yesterday. So, I guess March is going to be good, with my help! πŸ˜€

    1. Jez says:

      Sooo, can we look forward to a blow by blow review ❓ 😈

  10. InvestMe says:

    reading your blog is already the best guide for moneymaking blog, john. πŸ™‚

  11. Tim says:

    I think i would by your eBook – just to add to your funds which i hope would help contribute to your evilness πŸ˜†

    love your site john keep up the good work!

  12. Mike Panic says:

    It will be on bittorrent tomorrow…

    In any event, affiliate marketing – you are right, $200 for one AMEX sign-up is great, if that is where your demographic is and you now people will do it. That being said, the conversation ratio for an AMEX card is prob about 1,000 times less then that for anything from Amazon, which pays 6% if you do more then 7 products sold in a month.

    One of my blogs is nothing but a “deals” site and nearly every dollar made on the site is from affiliates. Some make more then others, Dell for example only pays 1% while Amazon will often pay 6%. If you are running a blog that gets most of its income from teenagers, you’ll never convert an AMEX card. If you however run Wii ads for Amazon or Wii games, you will make money.

    For what it’s worth, eBay has become one of my most favorite affiliates over the last 3 months or so.

    Disclaimer: there are no [affiliate] links in my comment, lol.

    1. Jez says:

      “It will be on bittorrent tomorrow…”

      I wish I had thought to say that, very funny :mrgreen:

  13. You know what? The “John Chow e-book on net income”.. sure to generate interest and sales for it. I can almost envision it. πŸ˜› Go for it, John!

  14. skintube says:

    I wonder if Jon (http://www.aojon.com) will be interested in giving it a review for us all? πŸ˜‰

  15. troy says:

    Well regarding the Review-Me “high price” , lets not forget the blog topic , and audience

    Do you know what the price range of professional trading software ?, etc….?

    300$ is not that much.


  16. max says:

    Hey, I’d buy one of your books John,
    blogging is becoming serious now and people need to know about it. Kinda like ebay, remember how many books on ebay there were 5 years ago? Now there’s a whole section dedicated to ebay on every national bookstore. I really believe this will happen with blogs and probably bigger than ebay.

  17. Sounds like a great how to guide for someone that’s never done affiliate marketing before.

    I think the only reason I haven’t made all that much money from affiliate marketing is because I don’t promote any sweet AMEX offers. 😎

  18. trekker says:

    I bought the book and I have a fairly good knowledge of affiliate marketing. I think Tim did a great job on it and it presents a good overview of the many options available to marketers. Yes, you could find much of this information by searching the many forums and blogs on the web. However, if you’re new to the whole affiliate game, it would take you considerable time to figure out all of the terminology and processes involved. In my life, time saved is money and extra hours I could be doing enjoyable and enriching activities. It’s worth the money. Great job, Tim.

  19. John,

    Thanks for reviewing the Affiliate Outline. πŸ™‚

    trekker, Thanks for that testimonial. Please drop me an email because I’d like to use it on the sales page.

    You can find most of the information found in just about every affiliate marketing ebook somewhere on the internet. But the question is if you know WHAT to look for, WHERE to find it and want to spend a LOT of TIME doing so. What’s that time worth to you? Affiliate Outline certainly doesn’t include “everything” you need to know about affiliate marketing but it will be you on a darn good track IMO. πŸ™‚ It’s a small price to pay in the big picture of things. The bonus book is pretty good as well.

    I know my sales page could be better. I’m no expert at those. I know those kind of hyped up sales pages can be annoying but, well, it’s sort of what works. It’s my first ebook and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about the whole experience.

    FYI, There is going to be a price increase in a matter of hours.

  20. azwanhadzree says:

    that ebook idea is good but it will be great if you add something that’s not in any of your post dont u think.

  21. carl says:

    tim sure makes a lot of $$$, I hope some day i’ll be like him 😈 hahaha

  22. David says:

    Consider this…
    Turn all your blog entries into “how-to videos”
    It would be a coplimentary product and not just a re-hash of your blog which can be viewed for free.

    I’d buy that!

  23. erika says:

    how’z everyone.

  24. Santosh says:

    Help needed to upgrade my blog 😯

  25. farid says:

    honestly iwant to generate money from the web but i dont think that there is some way to do with out invest .of some one can give me some good idea i’ll be happy if the information is in french it will be better for me. ❓ ❗ πŸ˜‰

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