Pagani Zonda Roadster F

Zonda F Roadster

After unveiling drawings of the $1.6 million Zonda R, Mr. Pagani showed off two Zonda Fs at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show, which is happening right now. On displayed were a deep-blue coupe and this amazing Zonda Roadster F.

The Roadster F has to be the ultimate automotive statement. It is so over the top, it is awe-inspiring. The entire body is unpainted so you can see the fine weave of the bare carbon fiber. Imagine how many ostriches gave their lives to create that eye catching yellow interior. Yes, this Zonda uses leather from an ostrich, not a cow.

While the Zonda F maybe the highest performing Zonda (at least until the R comes out), the Zonda Roadster F would the be one I would put on the most wanted list simply because it provides the number 1 reason people buy these cars – to be seen in it. How much will it cost to be seen in a Roadster F? Only $550,000 EUR, which at today’s exchange rate works out to $725,783.72 USD. Better start saving those pennies.

Here are two more pictures. You can view 29 high-resolution Zonda F images over at the AutoBlog galleries.

Pagani Zonda Roadster F

Zonda Roadster F

77 thoughts on “Pagani Zonda Roadster F”

  1. caplondon says:

    That is the sharpest car I have ever seen!! The future is here!!! That would be a great sight cruising down the Las Vegas Strip!!!

    1. Except that, on the Strip, your top speed would be 5 MPH max!

      1. David says:

        and unfortunately, the majority of these cars that are sold, will never really be driven to their potential. Only a few will actually take them to the track…most will be driven on sunny days at 30MPH in the city.

        1. So true, but I don’t know if I would push 200+ if I paid that much for a car…

          Well, maybe once or twice!

          1. David says:

            True…a small mistake…and thats an expensive fix…but just for fun every once in a while, I would go to a track and open it up. That would be too much fun 😈

          2. IF only there was even a race track in my local context. There aren’t many high speed cars lying around here!

      2. Jez says:

        I bet it would be very difficult to do 5mph in a car like that ❗

        1. True, I bet it’s torquey as hell!

    2. I think it would look good in my driveway!

  2. kenny says:

    Beautiful! Unpainted just like it should be.. but the yellow interior is pretty gross. I guess it does accomplish what it was designed for–to get as much attention as possible. :mrgreen:

    1. All of the carbon fiber is amazing – that stuff is so hard to work with!

      1. Jonix says:

        I do you know, saman?

    2. Jez says:

      Yeah it really adds something leaving the carbon bare, stunning, Ive not seen a car left like that before,

      1. Very true, there aren’t many car bodies that are completely Carbon Fiber, I think the Ferrari Enzo is the only other one…

    3. Well, it looks great & goes along well with it. Ferrari cars are all red inside and outside, yet no one is complaining. *grins

  3. kwandom says:

    Very pretty. I wonder what Zonda would pay out if they did an (aff) for you John.

    1. Yeah, even at 5% that would equal $36,289.186 USD!!! 😯

      1. Aris says:

        Yeah, that’s a good figure. 😀

    2. Kumiko says:

      Haha! I was looking for the little (aff) or a mention of it being a ReviewMe post too!! 😀


      1. derrich says:

        Now that’s funny. 😆

    3. Now, who would JOhn be able to market and sell this car to, anyway. Who has ready cash for it? 😯 I know I don’t.

  4. Andrew says:

    Sweet car! I actually don’t mind the yellow because the car is so over the top. The unpainted finish is perfect. It’s kinda 😈

  5. Jane May says:

    Wowsers!!! Go Go Gadget race car. One of the slickest cars I’ve seen yet.

    1. KLM says:

      You should give us a picture with more view

  6. Gary Lee says:

    so when are you getting it john? it’ll take 103 months like last month . . . so you’re not too far off! 😉

    1. Jason says:

      Thanks for doing the math … I was wondering how long John would have to keep blogging to pay off one of those.

      Just think John … only 8 short years to go!

      1. Aris says:

        Nope, John will pay cash. 😈 Eight years is too long. 😮

      2. In installments, you mean? How about a ‘sponsorship’ by them? *gee ‘hopefully’..

      3. Jonix says:

        or maybe not. Who knows if john is not winning $100.000/month at the end of this year

  7. John, I’ll go you halves in one – but only if I can pick the color :mrgreen:

  8. David says:

    The Zonda keeps getting better!! and…I’ll keep dreaming as they do 🙄

  9. derrich says:

    Mmmm… 😯

  10. Dinner says:

    Oh my sexy-ness. I think I have pics of that car……form like a long time ago. I forget where I got them but they’re on the other computer. I know this isn’t the first time for me seeing that car. Could be another all carbon fiber car though lol.

  11. Ed Lau says:

    …oh man, unpainted carbon fiber…my pants just got a lot tighter.

  12. TJ says:

    WOW, that is a great car!

  13. I would opt for a GTR over this anyday. 😀 Unrealistically expensive for common folks like me. Well, I don’t mind if I get to rent the car one day, even for pictures.

    1. I’d take a Skyline R34B any day too!

  14. Philip Yong says:

    oh damn! I want that car!

  15. carl says:

    all I can say is 😯

    so shiny!!!!

  16. IndoDX says:

    Super Car????? ….
    *make a plan to grab this one 😉

  17. irawan says:

    It would be my 1451 months and 15 days hard work plus slapped by my wife (because she has to pay the gas by herself for more than a hundred years)

  18. HMTKSteve says:

    That’s one trippy looking paint(?) job on that car!

    1. Dinner says:

      The car is completely carbon fiber. No paint 🙂

  19. Tim says:

    WOW.. very nice – only $725,783.72 US.. I don’t know if I have that many pennies.

  20. Wow, a true dot com mogul car. 😈

    1. Aris says:

      Ehm, so you mean a dot com mogul should have one, Ryan? 😈

  21. KennyP says:

    The car is really really pretty and cool 😀

  22. stubsy says:

    Nice car, I think you’ll probably need the same amount of pennies to keep on the road.

    1. Just imagine the cost of oil changes!

      1. Tim says:

        i would guess 45 bucks :mrgreen:

        1. I would guess $345!

        2. well that’s a catchy avatar Tim. 😈

      2. I watched a video yesterday about how much owners of these kind of cars pay to get them washed. This guy was a professional washer and charged up to $5,000 for one wash. He’s got a long list of clients too, so he’s not just daydreaming it. the video was up over at (not my site).

          1. David says:

            I remember watching that on TV years ago..and I’m still amazed that someone can have a lucrative career in car washing…and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind that!! Getting to be around cars like that all day..

  23. Matthew says:

    The Zonda is a cool car. I saw one a couple of months back in Monaco driving around. From hunting around the internet searching the licence plate I believe it was Mr Pagani himself driving it. It looked like him.

  24. Jonix says:

    ahh, another blog about cars :mrgreen: (just kidding). This zonda is beautiful!! I hope one day drive a car like this one (…i hope…).

    1. Aris says:

      No, hoping alone is not enough. Watch ‘The Secret ‘ video, please. You have to imagine you have owned it, you’re ridding it every day. Good luck!

      1. Yes! Another fan of The Secret!! Believe and you can achieve!

  25. George C. says:

    Wow! It really looks great! you should get one of those John! 😉

  26. carl says:

    u to now, i’m still looking at it!! 😯

  27. John says:

    Now, how long will it take before one of these cars appear on

      1. That was a disgusting waste of money.. and a beauty for that matter.

        1. Matthew says:

          There was a Bugatti Veyron wrecked in the UK recently too. That costs a lot more then a Zonda too :mrgreen:

  28. Awesome paint job on that car! I really like it.

    The shape of this car looks like the good old batmobile! 😀

    It would also look very nice in my driveway. 😈

    1. Matthew says:

      There is no paint on that car 🙂

      1. It’s funny that so many people don’t realize it’s Carbon Fiber.

        I just assume everyone knows what it is…

        1. David says:

          not everyone is a knowledgeable as you, saman 😉

  29. Marc says:

    My vote of “bah humbug” towards the Zonda remains unchanged…

    I saw one of those special edition Vettes for auction on E-bay John. The bidding was for how much over MSRP you’re willing to go. Just in case you were going to abandon all reasonable thought and go buy something fun 😉

  30. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the Zonda, I’d rather your Acura and the get to get the price difference between the Zonda and Acura to spend on other stuff! :p

    1. David says:

      a Zonda and an Acura have completely different purposes, I don’t think you can compare them…

      Acura = drive it to work, to shop, etc.

      Zonda = drive it on sunny days, take it to the track, etc.

  31. The body looks cool, but I really don’t care for the paint job w/ the pattern. Does give it a unique look though.

  32. Justin Slife says:

    Crazy, crazy, car. I’d take a Ford F-250 any day. Run right over that silly little car. 😆

  33. It must be fun to own a car that you’d never park outside of your own secure garage.

  34. Xof says:

    I want one like that!!! Or maybe in red 🙂

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