Part Time Blogging, Full Time Income?

Here is an update for the first full week of my Google AdSense on a blog case study. From October 1st to 7th the blog made $179.16, or $25.60 per day. Assuming this average holds for the month, the AdSense income should come in at just under $800.

The number one performing AdSense unit was the 300×250 box. The top 468 banner followed this. Last place goes to the bottom 468 banner. The click rate on the 300×250 box is twice that of the bottom 468. No doubt about it, when it comes to banner performance and placement, nothing can beat a box ad inline with content.

Blog traffic for the week 1 was 32,799 unique visitors and 61,422 page views. That works out to an effective CPM of $2.92, which is not bad, but I know it can do better. The modest eCPM level was due to two stories that made it to the Digg front page. Digg sends a lot of traffic, but that traffic does not convert very well. I feel eCPM should hit $4.00 to $5.00 once more search engine traffic kicks in.

What Is The Full Potential?

At the moment, the blog is monetized with Google AdSense. However, AdSense is not the only game in town. Additional revenue streams can add to the blog’s income potential without affecting AdSense income. For example, I could sell text links. According to the Text Link Ads calculator, a link on this blog is worth $50 a month if I offer 10 links. That adds $500 extra to the monthly income. The price of those links will go up each month as well because of the blog’s improving Alexa ranking. Right now, it’s at 15,800, but it is dropping rapidly – the 1 week average is 2,930.

The other income stream I can add in Vibrant Media IntelliTXT. At the blog’s current traffic level, IntelliTXT would add $500 to $600 per month. Google is inconsistent when it comes to IntelliTXT. Well, that’s not really true. If you’re a big site, like Teche Blog, they don’t have a problem with you running AdSense and IntelliTXT on the same page. However, if you’re a small site, IntelliTXT may not be an option that is available to you. Vibrant Media requires 500,000 page views per month for IntelliTXT publishers.

Adding the two extra advertising streams could easily add $1,000 per month extra income to the blog. $1,800 per month for blogging is still not full time income, but it is starting to get close – it is decent part time income. I’ll keep you updated on the progress as the weeks goes by.

25 thoughts on “Part Time Blogging, Full Time Income?”

  1. Carl says:

    Of course that all depends on getting 7 Digg front page posts a week or whatever… Go back and look at your traffic before you got all those Diggs!

    Your income is going to be really high right now, because the site is going through a hot period. Once the Diggs stop coming, your traffic, alexa ranking, and income will go back to normal. Probably under $5 a day from AdSense.

    Of course, what’s to stop you from getting posted on Digg every day? The finance section seems to be easy to get to, so go for it!

  2. mac says:

    like Tech Blog

    Tech Blog or techeblog ?

  3. Char says:

    This was a very interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to analyze and explain the hows, whys and whatifs rather than just stating what your blog made.

    The Text link ads site is something I had not seen before – thanks – it looks like something I need to look into more.

  4. Text link ads works on 50/50 share. They will keep half that amount your earn. It is amazing to see you on Digg … daily!

  5. John Chow says:

    The 7 Diggs happen two weeks ago. The 2 Diggs done last week didn’t make much of an impact on traffic. The Digg has helped to raise the new average readership of the blog however. The site was averaging 1200 page views per day and growing. Following the 7 Diggs, it got up to 22,000 per day. Right now, it’s at 8,400 per day, which is well below the 7 Diggs, but well above the pre-Digg time.

    I don’t see traffic going down to pre-Digg levels. The blog now has tons of backlinks. Those links are sending traffic and increasing search engine ranking. There are also a large number of new RSS subscribers.

    Of course, nothing is stopping me from getting more stories on Digg. And I do plan do that. However, it maybe a while before I pull off another 7 Diggs in a roll.

  6. Mosley says:

    Well even if you dont keep up the good work! Your post are always useful. You have now became one the the top 5 site I check daily. As for making money I think its all about content. The better the content the better the traffic… and that equals more money.

  7. Nabeel says:

    $25.60 per day for how many hits?

  8. John Chow says:

    $25.60 for 8,775 page view per day. Or $2.92 eCPM.

    Mosley – Thanks for the positive comment. You are correct about the content.

  9. Walter Mason says:

    I am looking to get in the realm of blogging for bucks. Can you give us a run down as to who is hosting the site and what tools did you use to develop the site? Did you use template or did you build from scratch. Did you use GIMP for image manipulation or some other program.

  10. John Chow says:

    The blog is hosted on my own server. It’s power by a free blogging software call WordPress, available at You will find links to tons of free templates and plugins there.

  11. Walter Mason says:

    WOW so no gimp no photoshop no nothing. Only wordpress?

  12. John Chow says:

    That is correct. Just WordPress.

  13. Matt says:

    Hmmmmmm. I’m slightly disillusioned by those figures. I was expecting more income for that number of visitors. Good luck with the campaigns anywhoo! Might try adding Text Link Ads in myself further down the line.

  14. Walter Mason says:

    What are you thoughts on Joomla?

  15. John Chow says:

    Joomla is great. I use it for Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabber. It is harder to setup and takes longer to learn however.

  16. The basic point that you are skipping is finding someone who is NOT a programmer to the job. Forget about doing it yourself, the software is not usable as well as being crude. Ideally, one should be able to do it themselves.

  17. Really interesting reading! You made a new RSS subscriber today. 🙂

  18. Really interesting post. I am going to try a 300X250 inline Google text ad on my blog. I just have to figure out the html to do it, but that should be easy enough. I currently use to build both of my blogs, but after seeing your blog I am definately going to switch to WordPress. Thanks for the informative blog entry.

  19. Poscribes says:

    This made for an interesting read John, I wish you success in attaining a full time income from blogging.

  20. GM says:

    First time I have read someone sharing his adsense revenue details with everyone.

    Cool blog BTW.

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