Party At The Playboy Mansion!


My friends at AzoolgeAds is hosting a party at the Playboy Mansion and you can get on the guest list by taking the AzoogleAds Publisher Challenge. The top 25 challengers will receive a 2-night all expenses paid extravaganza that will lead up to a blow out party at the Playboy Mansion. I’ve been to a Playboy Mansion party before and let me tell you, it’s mind altering! Unlike most tech/affiliate parties, a mansion party has girls! Lots of them!

How To Enter The Challenge

The challenge is pretty simple – drive the highest amount of incremental revenue through AzoogleAds during the period of February 1, 2009 to April 30, 2009. For example, if you drove $5,000 in revenue in the past three months with AzoogleAds and did $15,000 during the challenge, you generated $10,000 in incremental revenue. If you’re not an AzoogleAds publisher yet, then any money you make will incremental revenue. This creates a level playing field for everyone. Active AzoogleAds publishers do not need to do anything to apply for this challenge – you are already in and will be automatically tracked.

You can check the full rules at

36 thoughts on “Party At The Playboy Mansion!”

  1. Pallian says:

    OR – you can join us for a $1000 a pop:

    Kandy Masquerade at the Playboy Mansion
    VIP Invite Code HY8888


    1. Ryan McLean says:

      The conept of a bloggers playboy party just sounds completely wrong to me.
      I don’t know what everyone else thinks about this, I just think it sounds wrong.
      I’ll stick to the Blog World Expo

    2. I thought you posted about this before John – perhaps is was Shoemoney that did and I’m just confused

      1. I am now about to apply under you JC 🙂

    3. Azoogle sure does know how to party! wow!

      I don’t live too far off from the Playboy mansion, and I’ve heard they’re throwing more events these days to bring in extra cash due to the slowing economy. I remember when they would only allow a few per year.

      1. Woooooooow, that would be a real party.

  2. Pallian says:

    John – why don’t we work on setting up a playboy party for our readers? I have the connections.. you have the people…

    1. I am married too, but guess it is agood marketing idea, it will bring a lot of people.

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    I am married so I don’t think my wife would be too happy if I was hanging out at the Playboy Mansion.
    But a lot of people would love it

      1. Hi Ben,

        I guess you are not married, Isnt? lol

  4. make150aday says:

    ryan–she will be happy not that you made to the party but you maed the top 25..

  5. Mike says:

    I went to a party at the Mansion a couple years ago. It seems like it was just yesterday and I’m definitely going to work hard to get back there again.

  6. Hopefully they clean out the Grotto first…ew.

  7. Reyn Aria says:

    All expenses paid… Hmm… Does it cover the round trip first-class ticket from Singapore too? :p

    1. Rahul says:

      cool… i like that 😉

  8. Azgoogle needs too much of verification just for signing up.. Its better to stay away.. Enjoy the party guys!

  9. So now everyone is curious about this one and every top bloggers are talking about this. But as I surf their website they have mentioned that only lawn or garden will be used not mansion.

    Than why every one is calling it playboy mansion party. Here it is –

    Q Can we walk around inside the Playboy Mansion?
    A No, the inner workings of the Mansion are not open to party goers. After all, it is a residence. The Mansion grounds however are open for all to enjoy!

    1. RonBurgundy says:

      @ZK, if you know anything about that place, you know that not just anyone can walk into the kitchen or Hef’s bedroom. Its a residence! Hef himself doesn’t even throw parties INSIDE his house EVER! come on

    2. But I guess they will be able to party with the girls. Thats I think it is the main attraction in that mansion.

  10. SEO Tips says:

    Interesting prize but I won’t be joining just because I know I would have too much competition.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Haha that’s sad.. I never won any lucky draw comps.. plagued..

    2. You bet there will be heck of lot of competition. Everybody will want ot get in to that mansion.

  11. 100wordrants says:

    Would be a grand prize I would love! Not sure my wife would though…unless I bring her with. I am sure she would want to meet Hef’s girls.

  12. contentpig says:

    Hopefully I’ll see you guys/gals there at the mansion. I’ll be the guy in the Grotto!

  13. Jill Sandy says:

    John, do you know what I’m thinking right now? I will strip at that party and shock everybody! lol!

  14. Boy, seeing those boobs really caught my eye. Interesting how they aren’t in more ads…

  15. game-girl says:

    I would like to be at the party to look at the offered srip and be shocked by it .I am very interested in strip by bloggers.Never seen before.

  16. RAJA says:

    iam very very like this

  17. Wow. This will forever set AzoogleAds aside from other affiliate companies. There hasn’t been one that has been able to say that they threw a party in front of Hef’s house until now!

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Haha aren’t you excited?

    2. That was a real big prize with some re-known place to give away as a prize. Azoogle wants to really take it big.

  18. Ali Hussain says:

    I wish i was in the U.S

  19. Pahn says:

    oh men,, I’m gonna start with AzoogleAds and hopefully they have this party again, and hopfully I have my chance to join that party.. argg Playboy Mansion!!!

  20. Katy says:

    Ooh how did you get to go to a PB mansion party?

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