Partying Affiliate Style at #ASW13 Las Vegas

With all the parties, events and dinners I attend at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, you may wonder how I ever get any work done. The answer is actually pretty simple. I outsource it! In fact, there is an optional outsourcing module in Blogging with John Chow that you should definitely say yes to if you truly want to live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

The Affiliate Nation’s Industry Legends Unite party is the biggest party of Affiliate Summit. It’s also the most expensive to put on because it’s done during the prime 10pm to 2am time slot. It’s so expensive that no single company can afford to sponsor it. Instead, the party is paid for by three headline sponsors (Clickbooth, CPAWay and MaxBounty), five gold sponsors, four silver sponsors, and 11 media sponsors.

With an open bar all night long, the hotest DJ spinning the tunes, sexy Go-Go dancers shaking their money makers, and a performance by Chingy, the Tao nightclub was completely packed. They had to stop letting people it because it got so crowded. Even our roped off VIP area was getting overrun. If you showed up after 11pm, you were waiting outside. Those who made it inside got a party that they will not soon forget!

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The next Affiliate Nation party will be at Ad:Tech San Francisco. I am once again a media sponsor for the event, so keep an eye here for the invites. You won’t want to miss it!

9 thoughts on “Partying Affiliate Style at #ASW13 Las Vegas”

  1. Eric says:

    Outsourcing is the way to go!!! And it looks like your left just having all the fun and a major PARTY!! Wow, now that looks like you had tons of fun in Vegas! Where you able to do any networking at a party like that?

    1. John Chow says:

      Most of my networking is done at a party.

      1. Correct, With just the right little alcohol in the body can you build up a good network of good contacts at parties and you can see who is bucko and which ones are genuine contacts at the same time.

  2. Nuno Cabral says:

    You are a PARTY ANIMAL!!!

    Shame on you John.Your readers deserve to see you dacing the gangnam style!!!!

  3. Hotdogman says:

    That party seriously rocked. My head is still banging from the martinis! Probably the best party I have been to at any Affiliate Summit to date. It was cool being a VIP this time at the various Summit events. The Hotdogman is digging the Dot Com Lifestyle, Bitch!

  4. Taswir Haider says:

    Party’s with alcohol brings joy.From the pics it seemed to be a rocking night.

    1. faisal says:

      I am sure there are many pics which are not even put online ;p

  5. I thing party is the great place for bot networking and making business with are rocking Chow.

  6. Now that I’m following along with your course John, I’ll be right behind you for one of these killer parties!

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