Paul Walker Is Back with Freedom Blogging Profit

Paul Walker, the creator of Clickbank Cash Supreme and Affiliate Cash Ultimatum, is back with a brand new course. This time, he’s partnered with Stephen Ng and Tom Geller to bring you Freedom Blogging Profit.

Freedom Blogging Profit reveals the best kept secrets to making money from blogging with viral free traffic from Facebook. According to Tom, no one has taught this before. There are a lot of course teaching how to get traffic from Facebook by PPC, but the Freedom Blogging Profit course is totally different. Freedom Blogging Profit will reveal how to make easy money from massive amount of free traffic from Facebook and how to monetize this traffic by blogging. The method doesn’t involve creating Facebook Fan pages or spending money on Facebook ads.

The actual business model is sound. Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make money online (just look at me as an example) and Facebook is a site that can send you a massive amount of free viral traffic. And we all know that in this business, traffic equals money.

Freedom Blogging Profit is made up of two modules:

  • Module 1: Phantom Viral Traffic System
  • Module 2: Freedom Blogging Formula System

There’s also a bunch of extra videos and training materials to help those new to affiliate marketing or blogging. Freedom Blogging Profit normally sell for $197 but during this opening launch special, Paul has priced the course at only $37 for the first 300 students. Freedom Blogging Profit is covered by a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

Freedom Blogging Profit

Freedom Blogging Profit

13 thoughts on “Paul Walker Is Back with Freedom Blogging Profit”

  1. Donny Gamble says:

    This looks like a product that is similar to Rob Brenwell’s Blogging to the Bank product. Blogging that is related to generating income from Clickbank

    1. John Chow says:

      Clickbank is a great money maker. You can’t beat the commission rate 🙂

    2. dotCOMreport says:

      I guess anything that teaches how best to make money from Clickbank might be worth the trouble.

  2. Paul says:

    I’ve bought so many courses this year already. It’s not the price I worry about it’s the waste of time that 95% of them are.

    They all promise all this free traffic while doing nothing, but the only stuff that I’ve seen deliver is the same blogging strategy that’s worked for years which is to produce great content and build up a following over time.

    Has anyone tried this? Anything new here or the same old stuff?

    1. Abhik says:

      That’s the basics buddy.. No one can deny that.
      Although, that free virul traffic from FB is something new to me.

  3. Dean Saliba says:

    I have been trying to make money with Clickbank for about two years, maybe this wil help me. I don’t normally spend money on products but I can’t stand looking at the big fat zero on my Clickbank account page anymore. 🙂

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! That’s a really great price. $37 sounds like a bargain. Unfortunately, I’m so overwhelmed with information and stuff to do at this point that I don’t have the time to watch more videos! Perhaps in a few months…

    1. I feel the same way. There just isn’t any more time left to look at additional stuff.

  5. Thanks John for the heads up.

    I bought it and went through it yesterday. Seems like a good course. Not a rehashed stuff, just as they said.

  6. Abhik says:

    Sound like a great deal and the price is reasonable too..
    Let me see if I can get some time out to get in.

  7. Harshad says:

    Not bad for $37. Worth trying.

  8. Yet another program to work on …
    Thanks for informing here.

  9. Lucian says:

    37$ is a low price for what people are charging right now,

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