Paul Walker Launches Affiliate Cash Ultimatum

Paul Walker, the creator of Clickbank Cash Supreme, is back with a brand new course. Instead of just focusing on Clickbank, Affiliate Cash Ultimatum will teach you how to make money with any affiliate network.

Paul’s course isn’t like every other affiliate marketing course. Instead of the “spend $1 on ads hoping to make back $2.” Paul teaches a business model that works far better. The Affiliate Cash Ultimatum business model is the same model I use to make money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum is made up of a 110 page PDF blueprint (I’m featured on page 64), a step by step workbook and 20 videos. Together, the materials will give you the tools you’ll need to succeed as an affiliate marketer. All the information is available to you at once instead of being piece meal over several weeks. There’s also three fast action bonuses for the first 200 customers.

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum will normally sell for $147 but during this launch special, Paul has priced the system at only $47 and it’s covered by a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. Watch the video to learn more.

Download Affiliate Cash Ultimatum