Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Launched

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0

Gauher Chaudhry has opened the doors to his Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 home study course. This is a massive update to the original Pay Per Click Formula. For those who don’t know, Gauher is one of the biggest super affiliates in the PPC affiliate marketing game. I was first introduced to him when I was serving as one of the gurus for the Top Affiliate Challenge. The winner of the challenge, Jonathan van Clute, was a Pay Per Click Formula student. So impressed was I over Jonathan’s earnings (he was making over $3,000 per day and over $6,000 on the last day) that I ended up buying Pay Per Click Formula and Pay Per View Formula so I could find out how he was doing it.

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is an advanced PPC training course and it’s priced accordingly. This course is only for people who are serious about making big money with PPC affiliate marketing. Ideally, you should already understand the basics of Pay Per Click and have an account or two set up with the various affiliate networks. If you’re a newbie affiliate marketer, I don’t recommend buying it. Instead, download Gauher’s free 89 page eBook on making profits with CPA affiliate offers. That’ll give you the basic foundation to build from. He also have ten free videos for you to learn from. When you think you’re ready to join the big dogs, you can graduate to Pay Per Click Formula 2.0. That is, as long as you have $1,297.

For Serious PPC Affiliate Marketers Only

Like I said, Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is for serious affiliate marketers only and it comes with a serious price tag. How do you justify spending $1,297 on a home study course? For me, it’s pretty easy. I don’t have a problem paying large sums for good information. I spent over $2,000 on the original Pay Per Click and Pay Per View formula and Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 offer tons of new information that has never been written about. How do I know? I already have it.

The nice thing about Gauher’s products is that it comes with free lifetime upgrades. As a past Pay Per Click Formula customer, I get Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 for free. Pay Per Click marketing is a constantly changing game and not paying for upgrades is a really nice feature.

The price of Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is purposely set high so the information will go to the right people. Gauher purposely limits the sale of his products because if too many people know the information, it dilutes the value. This is why Shoemoney’s $5,000 Elite Retreat is limited to 50 attendees and everyone must sign a NDA. You don’t have to sign a NDA with Gauher’s course but it is expensive and valuable enough that you won’t be revealing the information to the guy next door because you’ll just be ruining it for yourself.

If you’re already making money with PPC affiliate marketing but want to make more, then the price Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 won’t be much of an issue. Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 may be what you need to enter the super affiliate level. If you’re making really big money with PPC affiliate marketing, then chances are you are already a Pay Pay Click Formula customer. In that case, you can look forward to making even more with Pay Per Click Formula 2.0.

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29 thoughts on “Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Launched”

  1. Darin Carter says:

    Very nice. I will have to look into this … !!!

    Darin Carter’s last blog post: Inspiring Blogs

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      Sounds pretty cool. I don’t know if I will look into this though. I have so much other stuff going on

      1. Agent 001 says:

        Its nice but the price is insane. It is only for very very serious people.

        If people cannot pay that much then they should first read the 89page CPA report earn the required money from it and then buy th Pay Per Click Formula.

  2. seems a little pricey…I wonder how many will sign up on this…I know Gauher provides results, but for new bloggers, this really is asking for a lot upfront.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Monday Drops

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I think so. It’s not for new bloggers, perhaps it’s for established or those ready-to-established blogger? Between, do let us know if anyone else here sign up this. 🙂


      Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: How To Make Money Online During Recession

  3. BlogAngry says:

    It looks pretty cool,

    BlogAngry’s last blog post: $100 CASH & BLOGANGRY T-SHIRT CONTEST

    1. fas says:

      Looks cool, let see how it works? Cooler :S

      fas’s last blog post: How To Make Powerful Presentations

  4. Tran Harry says:

    That price tag definitely limits this product to an elite class of marketers.

    Tran Harry’s last blog post: American Homeownership Fueled by the Government?

  5. Melody says:

    Well you have your fair of disposable cash..of course you’d buy it..

    Just wondering how long these kind of systems will last without losing their worth before the rest of us can slam down the big bucks..

    Melody’s last blog post: SuperPhil Digital Painting..

  6. With that price tag it has to be an April Fool’s joke.’s last blog post: Features versus Benefits

    1. Agent 001 says:

      That price tag is for real. Its only for those who are serious.

    2. Why would it be a joke? Obviously people who are serious about it will pay for it.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  7. Wow with results like that – it almost seems crazy NOT to sign up!!

  8. diabetic says:

    sounds amazing formula and powerful….thanks for recommend

    diabetic’s last blog post: Signs Of Gestational Diabetes

  9. That price tag definitely limits this product to an elite class of marketers.

  10. It maybe a good course but it seems a little overpriced. Of course if you can make the money they claim I will pay it right away.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: 5 Ways To Increase Free Targeted Traffic From Search Engines Part 2

  11. Paul U says:

    I think that I’ll pass this opportunity for now!

    Paul U’s last blog post: Get Butterfly Marketing for free

  12. I have not perosnally tried this, but read about this…. This is really good for people who are seriously interested in PPC affiliate advertising..

    will definitely have a look at this, soon,


  13. A little bit too expensive as for me

  14. 2,000 for information seems like alot, especially when you can take a small vacation with that amount of money. I’d personally rather go to an internet marketing conference with 2g’s and network with others like myself then buy a pdf’s and videos.

  15. Jason says:

    The program looks very interesting, but it is also very
    expensive especially to those who are new at this.
    Maybe they can come up with a similar program that
    will be more affordable.

    1. Well, John already said that it’s not really for new affiliate marketers, so they shouldn’t be worrying about anything really.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  16. [email protected]%@#$! It’s the price of a macbook! It’s just way outta league for most of the people! I wish someone had given me a free copy to resell. 😀 😀

    1. Online TV says:

      I also wouldn’t a free copy of that.

  17. Paul B says:

    With a tax bill looming this is just a little bit out of my price range for a little while. Not that I doubt for a moment that it’s worth every penny, Jonathan van Clute’s performance in the Top Affiliate Challenge was stunning and if this reveals where all that traffic comes from it’ll be worth it 5 times over!

    Paul B’s last blog post: What Do YOU Think Of Market Leverage?

  18. Silvia says:

    No doubt new information is needed,many people want to grow,but not many can afford to pay that price.

    Silvia’s last blog post: Watchmen – The End is Nigh

  19. Ouch, yea not for everyone. Probably worth the tag though, gee I hope so.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: 10 Reasons Why You Should Leave Blog Comments

  20. I’m actually more inclined to buy something that is priced higher. That means every Tom , Dick and Harry doesn’t have this same info.

    Sheila Sultani’s last blog post: Where the Hell Did My Pagerank Go?

  21. Online TV says:

    Pay per click looks to be an interesting and useful course but I think that it is too expensive. Rather than paying $1300 dollars on the course, I’ll better read some articles online about pay per click concept and use my money to promote my business.

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