Pay Per Click Marketing 72,500% Faster

If you’re a Pay Per Click marketer, then you know how long and tedious a process it can be to create and monitor a campaign. Many tools have been created to help make PPC more efficient and user friendly. One of the most impressive tools I’ve reviewed to date have been SpeedPPC. SpeedPPC is a must have for every serious PPC marketer or anyone thinking about getting into PPC marketing.

Pay Per Click At Warp Speed

SpeedPPC dramatically shorten the time it takes to get a pay per click campaign up and running. How much time would you have to spend in order to create 436 ad group with 1,744 ads to target every major city in the United States, plus make a targeted landing page for 8,720 keywords? Done manually, this process would take a week or longer. With SpeedPC, it can be done in 12 minutes. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and see for yourself.

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SpeedPPC is a suite of tools, all based on ultra-smart methodologies. SpeedPPC’s ground-breaking software tools include a Campaign Builder, Landing Page Generator, and Affiliate Datafeed Software. You can launch powerful PPC marketing campaigns of any volume, quickly and effortlessly. Read how SpeedPPC works here.

Aside from the time saved on new campaigns, the two best features of SpeedPPC include dynamic token insertion and and dynamic landing page generator. With SpeedPPC, searchers in New York searching for “online dating nyc” could get a targeted ad such as:

Searchers clicking the ad will be taken to a dynamic landing page that reflects the same search terms.

Because of the extremely tight targeting due to the dynamic token insertion and landing page generation, you have a much higher chance at converting the visitors into sales. That means higher quality score, lower PPC cost and more money in your pocket. If you’re not excited about SpeedPPC at this point, then Pay Per Click marketing isn’t for you.

How Much Does All This Cost?

SpeedPPC is available in two packages; SpeedPPC and SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro. The following chart shows the difference between them.

At only $100 more, SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro is definitely the better value of the two. This is especially true if you’re an affiliate who deals with data feeds like I do.

Some may bark at the nearly $500 price for SpeedPPC but if you look at it from a productivity standpoint, it’s really inexpensive. How much is it worth to you to reduce a week of work down to 12 minutes? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s worth way more than a measly $500!

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53 thoughts on “Pay Per Click Marketing 72,500% Faster”

  1. That’s pretty cool… thanks. I hate creating AdWords campaigns, not to mention on other sites. This is like PPC on steroids!

    1. Nice Review John. SpeedPPC is hardly new, but the improved version looks great. Combine this with the commission blueprint and youre in business (shame I have very little time at the moment)

    2. so this is not about adwords ?

      Looks cool, but i will wait for more reviews before spending 500 bucks.

      1. MMO,

        I guess I am in your category – not a pro marketer yet πŸ™‚ I am still a publisher πŸ™‚

    3. Abdul says:

      Hell, although its features are awesome, but $500 is a whole lot of money!

    4. I hate it so much I’ve almost given up. Although it’s still successful I think too many people are getting wise to adsense now.

  2. Mark says:

    I have been thinking of getting you to review SpeedPPC for me for the last few weeks!

    The problem is I have to buy the product first to become an affiliate.

    Missed opportunity!

    1. Want to buy a review as an affiliate for one of my sites πŸ™‚ – Not as targeted market though to the MMO Blog crowd

  3. pheakt says:

    i was just researching on ppc and seo this is just like the top person said..”ppc on steroids”

  4. Cute Girl says:

    $397 is a huge number for me. I earn about 1USD per month from blogging ………sad. Risk to try this ?

  5. @LucidAnna says:

    Great suggestion although I would imagine it’s not for a Google ads novice. Will look into it after I create more campaigns the “snail” way.

  6. Thanks, looks interesting.
    I’ll have to look into this more in the future.

  7. Kok Choon says:

    SpeedPPC is for Pro PPC marketer, newbie should learn to do it by hand before they invest, I know this tools is highly recommended by Jeremy Palmer (PPC expert), but this is ** NOT ** for rookie!

  8. kay says:

    thanks john for this info.see you.

  9. amirulcyber says:

    john you are my idol.i always come to your blog.

  10. izzat says:

    emm.. would anyone explain what it is? does it create our own ppc? or it just speed google ppc or other ppc publisher.. i want to understand all things in blogging or advertising hope someone can help me.. πŸ™‚ thank you

    guide for bloging from blogger

    1. Andrei Buiu says:

      From what I understand it creates your own ppc (ads, landing pages for every keyword). $500 bucks is an account managers salary here in my country so that’s not a cheap tool.

      1. izzat says:

        so my own ppc, now i understand.. πŸ™‚
        $500 in my country is RM 1800, far from cheap..

        agree with you, not at all..

        thank you.

        1. cyZa says:

          The value is worth for those who has big businesses. For me, I start small and I invest in lower cost PPC. I will definitely shift to a better performing PPC to strengthened my online business in future.

          And Jay had mentioned that this is for intermediate to advance users. I’m still new in PPC, still exploring, testing and tweaking.

          i hope they can have better price for people like me…

  11. Raj S says:

    Is this program globally targeted? How worth it is when it comes to geographical targeting?

  12. SpeedPPC says:

    Thanks for all your responses guys.

    You are right, this is an intermediate to advanced users tool. It gives you a huge amount of leverage, so you want to make sure you are leveraging in the right direction. πŸ™‚

    If you go to this page here you can see the different ways it can help improve your PPC marketing.

    If you click into each section, there is a video outlining each aspect.

    We have customers in over 60 countries, so you can use it pretty much where ever you are in the world!

    Any more questions, feel free to fire them away, or contact me directly at jay (at)



  13. MacNessa says:

    Wow, this sounds like an awesome idea. I’d need to fully understand the whole process though, before taking it on board.

  14. Jon says:

    Nice idea, I can see it being a great benefit to larger bloggers or companies out there but not really for smaller outfits.

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  15. So if I get this right I need to spend $500 on this and $100 a month on Shoemoney tools?

    How about comparing and contrasting them, seems to be a lot of overlap here or is it just a case of promoting any old crap to make money?

    1. Clog Money says:

      Ha ha, Well you know $500 is a lot of money to turn down for a review which can at most only take a few hours πŸ˜‰

  16. BilB says:

    Seems pretty intense.

  17. AZ10 says:

    very nice!

    just one question:
    if it’s such a deal why don’t they use it themselves instead of selling it?

    anyway they did a good job indeed!

  18. Looks pretty interesting. I think I’ll check it out.

  19. The Net Fool says:

    That’s a very cool product John! Thanks for posting about SpeedPPC, definitely looks like it would be a time-saver if put in the right hands… I’ll give it a go.

  20. ahmike says:

    I learn great things today. Thanks =)

  21. The Nooge says:

    It seems like a relatively cool idea, and the speed seems great, the only hold up is going to be that price tag for smaller websites who aren’t making a whole lot of cash to being with.

    Although…I guess you’re right, that productivity increase could be insane.

  22. Anyone remember 4hour work week? One thing that really stood out to me was putting a $ to all of the time that we are saving when we outsource/delegate. It would be interesting if the sales part to us also gave some real world examples of how much time and $ we would save/earn with these tools.
    Chow, thanks for making sure that we are on top of what’s new out there. B/c the fact of the matter is, if we make some money….you make some money.

  23. Keron Calame says:

    I will get on that one day but right now the money isn’t available to do it

  24. It is interesting to hear about speed PPC. OK let me seee how

  25. Looks like an interetsing tool …I must check it out

  26. A new tools and software created every now and then. Indeed heard a lot of rave reviews about SpeedPPC, but I’ve just abandon all types of paid advertising at the moment. Testing out to see if free methods work just as well πŸ™‚

  27. mohamed says:

  28. Brad says:

    lol i’ve had little success with ppc

  29. Doing multiple PPC campaigns by hand is a drag. Speed PPC looks great. I’d like to earn a little more with ppc though before I drop $400 or $500 on the package though.

  30. Looks OK, but how accurate is it going to make everything, I can see it putting up a campaign in 12 minutes and then you have to spend 12 hours fixing minor things that only a human can do properly…

    1. Good question. I’d like to know the same.

  31. Zak Show says:

    Sounds interesting! I’ll try it soon.

  32. 100kjob says:

    It is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

  33. Double says:

    Technology is just wonderful. It is great to see how innovative people can be.

  34. mikerambling says:

    It would be really great if it truly works, would like to hear more testimonials from the users. Looking good though.

    1. SpeedPPC says:

      It does truly work. πŸ™‚

      See the SpeedPPC testimonials here.

  35. This tool is going to help me out big time. Nice suggestion, John. Can’t believe I’d never heard of it before.

  36. Rox says:

    Spot on review John. Speed PPC does everything you say and more.

    I’d like to see one the “whinges” above try to manually add all the cities in Australia or the USA for that matter to a Adwords/MSN and Yahoo campaign for a CPA campaign. Speed PPC will append each city to each keyphrase, just like John outlines all on auto pilot in a matter of seconds and upload it to the SE’s.

    Manually… the task will take days.

    You can’t make “real” money without the proper tools. That’s what separates the boys from the men – or the super affiliates in this case. And it’s really not wise to dismiss something, without doing the proper research.

    Great job Jay [software designer]… proud to be an Aussie. I’ll be happy to do a review of SpeedPPC on my blog later this week. I’m blogging on what it takes to be a “super affiliate” all this week.

  37. Keral Patel says:

    Some PPC networks I have used on past are not even able to utilize the funds in the account. The traffic flow is so low πŸ™ it sucks to sit there and stare at my monitor.

  38. Ben Pei says:

    Hmmm.. I may be alittle late but this sounds good!

  39. this sound good, but, more review plis.!!!

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