Peerless Party – Best View of Las Vegas


The Peerless party was held at the Ghost Bar on the top floor of the Palms resort. The palms is an off the strip casino which has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is it takes longer to get to. The biggest advantage is the Ghost Bar offers one of the best views of the Las Vegas strip.

One of the nice things about hosting a party at a nightclub is the bar – they can make anything you want and it’s open. Parties like Peerless are a great way to try out new drinks that you normally wouldn’t try – if you don’t like it, just throw it away and order something else. That’s the great thing about an open bar. 😈

The other great thing about the Peerless party is it went on until 1AM. Most CES parties that are hosted at a bar or club ended at 10PM because the bar wants to let regular people in. To hold a popular place like the Ghost Bar until 1AM must have cost a fortune. Another thing that must have cost a pretty penny were those mega-sized chocolate covered strawberries. I went to town on them.




56 thoughts on “Peerless Party – Best View of Las Vegas”

  1. Stephen says:

    Now I’m definitely happy we went to the MONSTER Cable Blog Bash! Old creepy men crowding around girls dancing in skimpy outfits…no thanks! I’ll stay at the kids table thanks! 😆 😉

    1. John Chow says:

      I already know the Monster Cable party sucked because you didn’t blog about it and neither did anyone else that went. And I got to party hop between Peerless at the Ghost Bar and Intel at Rain, which had Smash Mouth performing. :mrgreen:

      1. Stephen says:

        Smash Who? 🙄

        I think that’s a pretty weak justification for a creepy old man crowd. Heck, I haven’t even blogged about the Charity PC Race where I beat you…again… 😀

        Monster brought in a live band staffed with Grammy Winning artists to jam with us. I think Dr. Dre was in the house before we got there because they were also announcing a new line of headphones featuring him. Frankie J stuck around most of the night to meet and greet and sing for us.

        I think the quality of the crowd beats the venue any day. I’d rather hang out in a hole in the wall with cool people than hang out with creepy old men in a great venue. Sorry! 😆

        1. Mentioned Dr. Dre said all 😛 Now i know you are right. LoL

  2. rodel says:

    more of the 3rd pix plz.. 😈

    1. Well, here is the evil mind 👿

  3. Mike Huang says:

    Great party…I sure want to be a part of it 🙂


  4. Incredible picture up there at the top. I’m talking about the vegas one, but those chocolate covered strawberries look unreal.

    I’ve just heard about your site John. I’m interested in what it’s all about. I hear a lot of bad things about it but I’m liking your money making methods. You’ll hear more from me.

    Keep it up.

    😈 -=:.Ty.:= – 😈

  5. derek says:

    That was great! If i were there, i would probably be staying at the kids table too.. i am shy..

  6. Ronald Su says:

    Wow. You must drank a hell lot of alcohol since you went to Vegas. Looks like fun. Hopefully in a couple years I will be able to enjoy a full CES experience like yours. :mrgreen:

  7. KiwiPulse says:

    The strawberries look decent! Yeah this place has probably the best view in Las Vegas. 😎

  8. Contest Beat says:

    Strawberries look good, girls look better

  9. hey you should go to mgm grand and I want some more internet marketing material I am long over due

  10. David Chew says:

    The girl looks pretty and the food too. 🙂

  11. James Wilcox says:

    video no longer available? What was it John?

    1. KiwiPulse says:

      Your connexion probably 🙄

    2. Mike Hill says:

      Refresh the page and the video will be available again… 😛

  12. Wadumbu says:

    Well…Mr Chow getting bored of these parties…u need to change the topic..u lack informational posts…i wonder whether is this a make money blog or a party blog?…Ur Alexa is going down….hope u keep an eye on it…

    1. John Chow says:

      The only stats I keep an eye on is RSS. Anyone who keeps an eye on Alexa doesn’t know how to make money online.

      1. Booyah! – actually hey wait a minute, I check Alexa history to find spikes in peoples traffic and then I research why the spike happened. Knowing all of the bazillion things that cause increased traffic is the very essence of making money online isn’t it John ?

      2. Shaun Carter says:

        It’s funny that people continue to berate this blog and readership is increasing and it generates more money in a month than many people earn in a year…

  13. butchay says:

    those strawberries look yummy, hope we have ones that big here!! 🙂 have a great day

  14. Hey John

    Not enough jiving going on in there – I want to see dancing next time, OK?!?

    – Martin Reed

  15. Mika says:

    The party seems to be great! And the food…. yammy! 😯

  16. Benny Ong says:

    haven’t you party enough yet? Why not extend your invitation over and I do the partying for you. :mrgreen:

  17. Sounds like a great party, Las Vages is a great place! 😎

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  19. 3rd picture 😯

    That view looks great there John.

  20. mahdi yusuf says:

    haha strippers chow?! i thought you were wiser with your money! hehe

  21. I like how the girl has just the right amount of plumpness on her. Strawberries too.

  22. I like how the girl has just the right amount of plumpness on her. Strawberry too.

  23. Zee says:

    I like how the girl has just the right amount of plumpness on her. The strawberry too.

  24. How long does CES go on? Are you back in town yet? Life’s going to seem pretty uneventful after a week of partying like this.

  25. Wadumbu says:

    Mr Chow this is getting bored…always parties….u need to change the topic…i sometimes wonder whether is this blog a make money blog or a party blog?…Man ur alexa has gone down a lot…hope u keep an eye on it….U lack informational posts….

  26. i am not native english speaker but:

    strip casino which have – has
    one of the best view – views
    One of the nice thing – things
    party is is went – it went
    chocolate covered – chocolatecovered

    anyway nice pics 🙂

  27. Those strawberries look yummie :mrgreen:

    1. Alan says:

      That blonde looks yummie 🙂

  28. justin says:

    Prety pictures are the only highlight of this otherwise a useless post.

  29. Pretty sweet looking party. Did you get the numbers of any of the hookers dancing on stage? :mrgreen:

  30. Stefan says:

    Nice party nice chicks 😀

  31. krazl says:

    i’m expecting John Chow dance with that gurl..


  32. Great strawberries. Great view of Vegas. Keep it up.

  33. Slam Blogger says:

    Tisk Tisk, you’ve still got all of these spamverts on your site. Did you miss the part in my post that said “John Chow dot Com : A Blog About SPAM”?

    1. John Chow says:

      Keep it up. I’m looking forward to reading part 3. However, you need to learn to be meaner than you currently are. So far, your slam is more like a push.

  34. enovator says:

    The most impressive thing I found in this post is the girl. She is really hot and beautiful 😯 😯 😯 ………………(I know some people will be disagree with me, because you cant see her face properly) By the way, Las Vegas is my favorite city. 😳 😳 😳

    1. James says:

      I think she is auditioning for Where the Hell is Matt Harding.

  35. who the hell is Pearless?

    1. John Chow says:

      If you don’t know, that may explain why you weren’t invited. 😈

      They make mounts so you can mount your plasma on a wall.

      1. Do they really make enough money selling plasma mounts to throw a party like that? 😛

        1. enovator says:

          “Yes, he does. Do they really make enough money selling plasma mounts to throw a party like that?”……………………lol

  36. Will says:

    how many parties do u usually go to during the whole course?

  37. Those strawberries are dressed pretty sharp. So is the girl 😀

  38. ok now.

    we have girls dancing and we have Queen bg music. great party!

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