Penthouse One At The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One at the Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim in downtown Vancouver is a waterfront penthouse offering 6,459 square feet of living space on two spacious levels with a large walk out roof top deck. With an asking price of $28.8 million, it is currently the most expensive condo offered for sale in Vancouver.

For $28.8 million, the Asian buyer (that’s why there are two 8’s in the price) of the 3-bedroom Penthouse One will get one prime piece of properties with quite possibly the best view in the world. Everything is top of the line, and no expense was spared to create a sky home that represents the ultimate in luxury penthouse living.

Like the Living Shangri-la Penthouse, Penthouse One at the Fairmont Estates is built on top of a hotel – the Fairmont Pacific Rim in this case. Estates owners can take advantage of all the services the five-star hotel offers, including spa, maid, valet, etc. I would like to say that those extras are included for free, but if you can afford $28.8 million, you can afford the valet, and the driver.

Enjoy drooling on the photos.

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

Penthouse One - The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim

74 thoughts on “Penthouse One At The Fairmont Estates Pacific Rim”

  1. Stocksicity says:

    Just $28.8 million? That’s pocket change for me…

    ….in my dreams.

    It’s a really nice place though. One day, I will live in something like that.

    1. Yes we all wish that we can have such kind of home where we can spend our evening with our close one …

      Simply amazing and motivating as well for doing more hard labour to achieve it.

      1. Technary says:

        You are right. We surely need a luxurious and a comfortable place to live so that we can wore more harder and efficiently!

        1. Gift Ideas says:

          everything is perfect.
          beautiful location and nice design.

    2. sure you will, but for that you must believe and see you are already living in it ( That’s what Laws of attraction says)

    3. A Stunning flat to a stunning price.

    4. Erwin Miradi says:

      That’s the spirit! Good luck with that dude.

    5. PPC Ian says:

      Haha! Yeah, just pocket change. 🙂 that is some serious money.

    6. Technary says:

      $28.8 is really huge amount of money! 😀

  2. fazal mayar says:

    28.8 million is a lot but it looks like its worth it

    1. Yes … this can be heaven if you live with your family.

      Simply amazing …

      But I think in other country you can get such at lower price … I would prefer near sea beach.

      1. yeah at lower price….say in just 20 Million ( not in 28.8 million) LoL

      2. I have almost as same penthouses for sale with stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea, along the coast and views of the African coast and mountains for sale in the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, Marbella

    2. Every morning that view with a cup of coffee can pay off such amount easily

      1. Yeah, In just two years you can be at Break Even 🙂

        1. Technary says:

          A cup of coffee with dear ones will be more great. To work in such environment will really increase our efficiency.

    3. MykeTech says:

      Yeah it does.. John this should be your new home!

    4. The rich they know how to live well.

  3. This is the result of having a plan, doing hard work and following through until you succeed. These are many of the same qualities I’ve used to make my blog so unique and successful.

    1. Best of luck my friend … You just need a right path than your labour and dedication can make it easily.

      1. Thanks
        And success comes from never giving up on you plans and dreams.

        1. Technary says:

          You are right. You should always stay hungry and strive for better.

  4. Fadi says:

    28 MILLION…… I can buy an island with that much money, including the people that live on it.

    ok i’m just joking about the people part in case you didn’t know 🙂

    1. May we know that island name.

      1. Technary says:

        Nice idea…..He won`t reveal the name as it must be his dream island to buy.

  5. purposeinc says:

    That is off the hook. I knew you were moving, now I know where!

    1. I do not think that John is moving there … He is enjoying Seatle neighbourhood.

      1. Technary says:

        Yes he must be enjoying his life where he is at the present!

  6. What a view! I am loving that penthouse!

    1. simply mind blowing view must say …

  7. It’s worth it if you ask me!

    1. whole cost because of view and location … Interior can be more attractive ….

  8. iPhone 6 says:

    I will be earning 28.8 Million in next couple of years of my IM career

    1. Lets do partnership … Lollllzzz

  9. Eddie says:

    Incredible price for an incredible investment!

  10. Amani says:

    awesome view but perhaps not suitable for family.

    1. Well … Why not suitable for family ?

      Can you please tell us the reason …

      1. MykeTech says:

        This place would be perfect for my family lol

  11. MykeTech says:

    One day I will live in something like that.. $28.8 million , WOW.

    1. Sure you will … Best of luck my friend …

    2. Take the owners a check in-Blanco with payment next year?

  12. Holy cow, what a beautiful place. The photos are incredible. Owning a place like that is something to work for!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That’s for sure, those pictures are pure motivation to work hard/smart and make a lot of money.

  13. Free Forms says:

    Fantastic & charming places indeed & 28.8 million is a lot ..

  14. Free Forms says:

    Wow having seen carefully third one picture it’s a fabulous piece of beauty…
    Really enjoyed reading part of the article & glad to see all pictures..

  15. Wow!! thanks for giving something to dream of. Sometimes I forget how big some people do it.

  16. wow, its really good to see also 2.8 million is worth able.

  17. fas says:

    I think its grossly expensive.

  18. I was drooling over them up on Flickr. Only in my dreams.

  19. Brock Blohm says:

    Sharp place. Any plans to buy it in the near future? 🙂

  20. What a view, I had not gone to work if I had the view, but with that price I’ll have to work hard every day ..:)

  21. That’s $4,459 per SF! So a $200K home is equivalent to only 45 SF or approx 6.5×7 square space…but a really nice space with a view 😉 Does that include CAM?

    1. John Chow says:

      The CAM is extra and you don’t want to ask how much it is. LOL

      1. Technary says:

        Its real luxurious and glamorous!

        Nice to see that you have a keen interest in these luxurious properties too!

        Hello John a personal question,
        How to get my own photo while commenting on your blog?
        I want the world to see it while commenting.

  22. WoW that’s one hella expensive view. Well is definitely one of the best view in the world. How much do still have to paid the hotel to upkeep your home after paying $28.8 million lol

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m sure the monthly condo fees are higher than the rent on an average house in Vancouver. And so will the property tax. 🙂

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Excellent point, HOA fees have to be out of control!

      2. Technary says:

        It seems Vancouver is costly in terms of land.

  23. Whitney says:

    This place looks absolutely exquisite…would love to live there! The view is just RIDICULOUSLY good looking..hehe.

    1. Technary says:

      “RIDICULOUSLY good looking” Nice and innovative words!

  24. Erwin Miradi says:

    The 28.8 million at the first paragraph kinda made me a little afraid to scroll down. But it’s a really nice place to live to though.

    1. Technary says:

      Yes it is! These places are so luxurious that even one day spent in those places will give sanitation 😀

  25. PPC Ian says:

    Simply stunning! Like the 2 8s in the price, for good luck!

    1. Technary says:

      Yes they are really awesome!

      Now a personal question to PPC lan,
      Hot you got your own photo here in the comments?
      How to upload it here or somewhere else?
      Thanks in advance for your reply

  26. Lalit says:

    28.8 million seems to be an affordable price for many here but not me and it’s really too high for me, however the place is very nice.

    1. Technary says:

      Even its affordable. Its a very huge investment. So people will always think to buy it.

  27. I must say that this is a beautiful piece of property! Stunning views and opulent decor make it worth the 28.8 million dollar price tag 😉 .

    1. Technary says:

      yes decor and luxury makes it a whooping 28.8 million price.

  28. The pictures are amazing! I guess with that price tag you can hire a really good photographer. The pricing strategy is very interesting – I know numbers have cultural signficance but actually choosing a price based on that is very creative.

    1. Technary says:

      But why you will hire a photographer? Instead I will give this place on rent with high rates as a 5 star hotel

  29. Technary says:

    These are so Luxurious to get in love with!

    In a lifetime once I want to buy any one of it!

    1. allan stuart says:

      it’s very expensive… come on, nearly 29 million… we can invest , make more money and more money … then i buy this penthouse 🙂 just trying to live the Dot Com Lifestyle..

  30. allan stuart says:

    spa , maid and valet… wah.. couldn’t ask more than that.. its a dream come true for IMer . 🙂 when will i have that kind of luxury…. john surely have it

  31. Superb place to have an relaxation

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