Pepperjam Network Launches Pepperjam Store Builder

Build Your Own Store

Kris Jones, founder and CEO of Pepperjam and Pepperjam Network is pleased to announce the official BETA launch of Pepperjam Store Builder, a next generation product feed technology that allows you to quickly and easily manipulate Pepperjam Network product in real-time to build a ready to use storefronts on your Web site. You can use Pepperjam Store Builder to link to specific products, create new Web sites using dedicated product feeds, add to your existing content or for just about anything else you can imagine.

Pepperjam Store Builder allows you access to millions of products from hundreds of Pepperjam Network advertisers. You can automatically create a storefront by selecting any combination of merchants, categories or keywords. The more merchants and categories you select, the bigger the store becomes. Use all the merchants available and your store might become as big as

Build a Store In Just a Few Minutes

Creating a feed is very easy. You can build a storefront for your selected products in just a few minutes and there’s a live demo of the store as you’re building it. To add the store to your site, simply copy and paste the store code and you’re done. Pepperjam Store Builder is available now for all current Pepperjam Network affiliates. If you’re already an affiliate, you can log into your Pepperjam Network account and start building your store. New affiliate can sign up here.

Pepperjam Store Builder Screen

Pepperjam Store Builder

Using the Pepperjam Store Builder I was able to created a little demo storefront in less than two minutes. To get a better idea on what the Pepperjam Store Builder can really do, check out this Halloween storefront demo page.

To better control the contents of the store, Pepperjam Store Builder offers a nice search filter to help you refine your search to a specific type of products. For example, if you have as a merchant and want to limit the store to only display pumpkin costumes. You simply type in “pumpkin” in the search filter and the Pepperjam Store Builder will refine the feed to show only the products you want.

Pepperjam Store Builder is ideally suited for building mini niche sites. However, it can also be a nice supplement to existing Web sites or blogs. If my blog was about lawn chairs, that demo page I made might actually get some sales. :mrgreen:

Build Your Own Pepperjam Storefront

30 thoughts on “Pepperjam Network Launches Pepperjam Store Builder”

  1. Danny Cooper says:

    Affiliate networks seem to be really raising the bar nowadays.

    1. Caleb says:

      Yes, I noticed that too! This may end up becoming my BANS replacement since eBay is tripping.

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        Yea I saw that. A lot of people are ticked with Ebay because they dropped them. This might be a good replacement to ebay and amazon.

    2. Market Leverage needs to come out with something like this.

      1. Kris Jones says:


        MarketLeverage is a CPA (lead) Network and doesn’t seem to work with retail stores on a rev share basis. It would be interesting to see how a CPA Network would be able to create product feed storefronts since they don’t typically work with traditional e-commerce advertisers.

        I’d be curious to hear how this might be able to work with CPA offers since at Pepperjam we have hundreds of CPA offers available to our affiliates.

        However, unlike MarketLeverage (no offense to them – it’s just not their business model), Pepperjam Network works with hundreds of retail clients from NetShops to Sesame Street to Cartoon Network to Rocawear.

        Thanks for your comment.


    3. Oh yeah, too many of them though.

    4. Keral Patel says:

      Competition is tough enough and getting more tougher and tougher everyday so there will be lots of new features in future too and it will help users.

      1. Kris Jones says:

        Keral – we absolutely agree with you.

        All the innovation that is coming out of Networks like Pepperjam, Azoogle, Link Connector, Linkshare and others will make it easier for affiliates to make more money.


        1. Keral Patel says:

          Thanks Kris for coming in and even respecting users comments. This shows that after all you people do care for the users.

          I had seen your ads many times but now I am really inspired to join your network.

          Thanks a ton.

  2. I developed many blogs with affiliate links inside in my network but quite novice on traditional storefronts. Developing such sites is in my further plan list with pepperjam network. The demos look in high quality and attractive.

  3. Acesso News says:

    Market Leverage needs to come out with something like this. (2)

  4. Josten says:

    isnt this the same as amazon’s a store’s?

  5. David says:

    Very interesting indeed, maybe we have ourselves a posible replacement for BANS?

  6. Thats a great tool

    U into pepperjam marketing ?

  7. I still have to sit down and go through this new product. I can’t wait though.

  8. I wonder if it works with eBay?

    1. Kris Jones says:

      Pepperjam Store Builder doesn’t currently work with eBay because of the nature of eBay’s product feed (it changes often because of the auction format).

      However, we expect to release a comparable product this coming week or next that allows PJN eBay affiliates to monetize eBay products through automated inline contextual advertising.

      Hang in there.

      BTW – we are big fans of BANS and phpBay.

      The Pepperjam Store Builder works with hundreds of PJN advertisers.


      1. Hi Kris ,

        You guys are doing a great job , I wonder why your team keeps rejecting my application

      2. That’s good news. Can’t wait to see it.

  9. Catie says:

    Seems like more useful tools to use. Great Post!

  10. Keral Patel says:

    Nice addition 🙂 Good for those who really don’t know API stuff or can’t code scripts for datafeeds.

  11. That’s cool. I’ve been with Pepperjam for a while now. I’m going to check out their Store Builder now.

  12. BusinessX says:

    I think this a cool idea too. Nothing wrong with the concept, except being a member of so many affiliate programs, I begin to wonder if the reason I don’t bust out any of them is I am spread so thin. Adding Pepperjam makes me wonder if I would be adding to my revenue or would I just be diluting the others?

  13. I will try it soon! btw, it is cool john!!!

    1. I too will need to jump on this one.

  14. Thats a good extension of your business model

  15. Ben Pei says:

    Great.. making niche sites getting easier now.

  16. Kok Choon says:

    Pepperjam is affiliate network created by affiliate marketer for affiliate marketer!

    They are just getting better..

  17. I still have to sit down and go through this new product. I can’t wait though.

  18. Dfunda says:

    never tried it

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