Photos From F5 Expo 2010

Here are some photos from the recent F5 Expo that was held at the Canada Place Convention Centre in Vancouver. The F5 is a business conference for executives on changing technologies in the online space such as social media, search marketing, mobile applications, and future trends. The big draw for this year’s show was a keynote from best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell.

In addition to the Gladwell keynote, the expo is made up of a trade show and many workshops and panel sessions. Myself, Rebecca Bollwitt and Tris Hussey were part of the blogging and podcasting workshops. We had a morning and afternoon session. There was no mic for the morning session so I had to yell in order for everyone to hear me. A mic was there by the time the afternoon sessions started. Thanks to everyone who showed up for my workshop.

The evening networking reception was held nearby at the Landing in Gastown. Everyone got one free drink ticket but being who I am, I managed to get a few dozen and became Mr. Popular by passing out drinks. Overall, the F5 was a very good event and I had a lot of fun.

The following pictures (except for the last one) were taken by the big-dreaming, panda-eyed Jeremy Lim. You can see the full F5 photo gallery at Jeremy’s Flickr page.


F5 Expo

F5 Expo

F5 expo

F5 Expo

F5 Expo

F5 Expo

The famous Brian Wong tried to pick up some babes with his new Apple iPad. The girls like the iPad but they didn’t like him.

42 thoughts on “Photos From F5 Expo 2010”

  1. For a business conference, it sure looks fun!!

    Love the hat John! Did you lose a bet or something? jk

    1. that’s the style in 2010, didn’t you know…haha

    2. John Chow says:

      Didn’t you hear? Pink is the new black!

      1. Could be the next Mad Hatter!

    3. he could wear anything and still looks cool cause he already has a name. He is a trendsetter.

      1. Mathew Day says:

        Plus the hat went well with his outfit. 🙂

  2. Free Picks says:

    WOW its look like its lots of fun there

    1. That’s what I was thinking too!

      1. If John is there than you will find fun there as well.

        We all still remember your song 🙂

  3. hahahha…that Brian Wong snap is hilarious! All the attention is on the iPad…including Brian himself…shame 🙂

    1. Boy he was also looking lije as some chinese girl in that photo.

      Seems to me that Brian should grow moustache.

  4. Looks like it was a blast John!

    1. Ya, it looked like it was a lot of fun

  5. Looks like you had a blast!

  6. Tyler says: <– John during Rebecca's session about Blogging for Business

      1. He is looking old in this photo.

  7. Charles says:

    Hey man you look like you had a great time, you are the man.

  8. The second to last picture just looks cool.

    1. Yeah, the lighting effects look almost fake.

  9. No mic in the morning! C’mon F5. At a future tech trends conference no less! I heart Vancouver.


  10. Fique says:

    John, you looks so pink…and I love the second last

  11. scheng1 says:

    haha, looks very fun! Next time I shall take some photos from the computer fairs in Singapore.

  12. Mathew Day says:

    Those were some really great pictures. Looked like it was a really successful expo, with a fun atmosphere.

  13. Hahaha … the word in last picture is hilarious. 😆

  14. fas says:

    Looks like whole of China just landed in the U.S

    1. What does that mean? lol

      1. These photos are from Vancouver (Canada) not from any city of USA.

      2. ya, im not sure what you mean by that either!

  15. Hi, John, if you come to visit shanghai expo, I would like to be your free shanghai city guider for at least one day which you will see a lot of shanghai secrets and you definitely will benefit yourself a lot.

    1. Grab this offer John ….

      John will take this offer if you will provide him travel and lodging as well …. lolzlzz

  16. Yup, he who dishes out free drinks is inevitably king for a day 😉

    I looks like you had an awesome time John. Legendary stuff!

    1. That’s how it is everywhere. It’s great to have the ability to buy drinks for everyone too!

  17. I & O says:

    Hey John,

    Seems like you had great time there. i loved the pics and these pics made me wish that I could have been there.

    Anyways thanks for showing us the glimpses of it.

  18. Vins says:

    Haha your last statements are funny, the girls like the iPad not Brian Wong.

    1. Poor Brian.

      Would love to read his comments about this.

  19. That’s why we like you John because you are what you are.

    Everyone got one free drink ticket but being who I am, I managed to get a few dozen and became Mr. Popular

  20. S Ahsan says:

    Pretty sweet stuff! i like your pink hat john, did you borrow it from Sally Chow for a day 😉

  21. That’s a great pink hat you’ve got there, John. You ought to wear it to the next dot-com-pho, and do a full modeling job on video.

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