Photos From My Radio Appearance

Here are some photos from appearance on the Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio show. While I have been on radio before, this was the first time I have ever been inside the station itself. All my previous radio interviews have been done over the phone. It was cool to see the amount of equipment it takes to put a radio station together.

The show was live from 12 to 3PM. I sent out a tweet about it and even got a chance to do some shout outs to followers who tweeted me back. If you missed the show, you can catch the replay tomorrow on KNOC AM1680 from 12 to 3PM PST, if you live in The OC. If you’re outside Orange County, you can listen online on the Community Radio Network.

7 thoughts on “Photos From My Radio Appearance”

  1. Mi Muba says:

    Where is John Chow??

    1. faisal says:

      Hiding somewhere in the studio ;p

  2. Arbaz Khan says:

    No John Chow. I thought I would be seeing John !!!!!

  3. Bryan says:

    Guess John took the photos 🙂

  4. Joe says:

    Hey !!! But where’s John?

    The radio station looks real but I don’t see you anywhere !!!
    Maybe are u the one who’s taking the photos?
    Or maybe are there others photos to come on which we will see you, right?

  5. Kaan says:

    Maybe no John in photos, but still more famous 🙂 Congrats!

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