PickyDomains Names Your Domain


So, you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a new website or blog, but you’re having some trouble coming up with a good domain. Sure, you might have a few ideas, but all of these domains are already taken. PickyDomains is an excellent service that you might want to consider, because they offer 100% risk-free domain naming. And there’s something to be enjoyed by the more creative types in the audience too. Read the rest of this review to find out more.

Pick My Domain, Picky Domains

While you could name your website after yourself, like JohnChow.com or MichaelKwan.com, you obviously cannot employ this strategy for all your sites, especially if it’s going to be a Jessica Alba fansite or a herbal remedy e-store. PickyDomains is designed to help you come up with the best domain possible and there is no risk on your part.

Having already been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, PickyDomains is responsible for the naming of such popular sites as Aaron Wall’s SEOBook and Wendy Piersall’s eMomsAtHome. I guess they know what they are doing.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you choose to become a client, you’ll need to make a deposit of $50. This is the fee charged by PickyDomains for choosing your domain. This payment can be made by credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, or check. They accept a huge range of currencies, but if you’re using PayPal, they only take USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and JPY.


Remember, this is a deposit. If you are not satisfied with any suggestions, all you have to do is “simply close the order and ask as for refund.” (They really ought to fix that typo.)

In looking for domain suggestions, you are asked to provide six pieces of information: what your site is going to be about, what extensions you prefer, what keywords are critical for your domain name, how long the domain name should be, whether dashes or numbers are allowed, and examples of existing websites in your niche that you like.

One area that I would really like clarified is the exact process of accepting a domain suggestion. GoDaddy is one of PickyDomains’ partners and they have an affiliate link in the sidebar. Is it required to register through them? What’s preventing someone from asking for a refund and then registering one of the suggested domains after the fact?

Make Money Suggesting Domains

At first glance, it would seem like PickyDomains has a dedicated team of individuals who work around the clock coming up with domains. Well, that’s partly true. As it turns out, anyone can be a contributor. The registration form is remarkably short and you are set up with a contributor account in seconds.


After you’ve logged into your contributor account, you can browse through the available orders. These are from the clients described in the previous section. If you suggest a domain that the client ultimately accepts, you get a 50% revenue share. This works out to $25, in case your math is a little fuzzy.


What’s great about the suggestion tool, which is built right into every order, is that it can automatically check the eligibility of your domain suggestion. It checks whether the domain is available, whether it has already been suggested by someone else, and whether it adheres to the customer’s guidelines. For obvious reasons, suggestions made by other contributors are invisible to you.


After you’ve made a few successful suggestions, they enter into an approval queue that will be viewed by the client. From here, the client can do one of three things: tag the suggestion as liked, tag the suggestion as disliked, or pick the suggestion. The first two are to help point you in the preferred direction. If a client ultimately chooses one of your suggestions, you will receive an email from PickyDomains informing you as such, requesting your PayPal information. They don’t say how long it takes to receive payment, but I hope that it’s near-instant.

A Solid Domain Naming Service

They’re obviously not the first company to offer such a service, but PickyDomains does a lot of things right. The $50 asking price is more than fair and they tap into the online community by allowing anyone to be a contributor. The 50/50 profit share is pretty fair too.

The next time you have a website idea that’s lacking in the domain department, I recommend you give PickyDomains a try. It’s great for creative domain-namers too, because they get $25 for each approved suggestion!