Pictures From Quebec City

Man, I thought Montreal was a culture shock until I got into Quebec City. If you’ve ever wondered how you can visit Europe without flying across the ocean, come to Quebec! You would swear you were in some European village instead of a Canadian town. Even the traffic lights are different here – they’re horizontal. Here are some photos.






I’m still trying to figure out what this sign means. Any ideas?


Quebec female demonstrates how to match a tattoo with a pair of jeans. Now that’s fashion sense! You have to love the power of 12X zoom. 😈


59 thoughts on “Pictures From Quebec City”

  1. I want you to steal that handicap sign and use it for a contest prize!!!! 😈

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s bolted down really tight!

      1. Moulinneuf says:

        Its the 5 – 6 security camera , looking at you looking at the sign , that I would watch for :mrgreen:

        I am waiting for you to try the Poutine !! 😉



        La Belle province

        What do you usually say : its just eat , don’t look don’t ask ?

      2. Dave says:

        Nothing a wrench and the cover of night can’t solve! 🙂

  2. JamesT says:

    Hope you were subtle when you took that last pic John!

    1. John Chow says:

      When you have 12X zoom, they don’t know what hit them. 😈

      1. UberDan says:

        lmao you can arrested for that… apparently 🙄

      2. Dension says:

        Where is her hand?

      3. JamesT says:

        Well, I hope your camera date settings were set to French when you took that shot…other wise the Language police are gonna be coming to get you!

      4. Ivan Pope says:

        I saw a pic like this where the woman had some calligraphy in that place. The caption to the picture went – ‘It says, if you can read this, you’re too close’.

    2. Derrich says:

      Target practice. 😯

  3. haha, what does your wife think about pics like the last one??


  4. Thomas says:

    As a European I must tell you: Even here, horizontal traffic lights are quite seldom.. 😉
    But the pics are nice, actually it does look a little like Switzerland, Straßbourg, Heidelberg or Göttingen! If you see a tall dude called Rémy, about 28, give him kind regards from me. He should strolling around in Quebec..

    1. Matt Jones says:

      Yeah… horizontal lampposts don’t = Europe …

  5. Manthem says:

    John Chow: Stalker Extraordinare.

  6. santosh p says:

    the last pic wqas too good, was ur wife beside?

    btw the sign would mean a handicap helpline or something…

    Yeh there are 2-3 towns in India too which look like french, have the sign boards, street names in French. Once a french colony. Good too see such in Cannada too

    1. Dave says:

      That’s a good question, I mean, you’d have to assume his wife would visit the blog, at least occasionally! 🙂

      1. UberDan says:

        Personally I hear enough from my partner already so the last thing I’d want to do is read about them as well, is there no escape :mrgreen:

    2. Michael Kwan says:

      I’ve met his wife and she seems cool with it. It’s not like evil John is going to pursue things any further than a candid photo anyways.

  7. thesilly1 says:

    In an unrelated comment….

    John did you know you can’t turn right on a red at a stop light in Quebec? Seriously, you can get a ticket for this….

    1. Moulinneuf says:

      Montreal is the only city where you cant , other city have sign that say you can’t turn in some places for safety reason due to high volume trafic or pedestrians.

      1. thesilly1 says:

        WOW. I’m out of date now.

        Thanks for the link. I had a friend who was ticketed in 1999 in Hull, Quebec….

      2. Dave says:

        We have some lights that are specifically marked as no right turn on red. Not very many, only intersections it would be dangerous.

        1. thesilly1 says:

          I think this is because Montreal is one of the only places I see people standing out in the middle of the street waiting to walk…. So taking a turn on red could mean smashing one of these people.

  8. mohdismail says:

    🙂 all pictures are…except the last one..NOT!!

  9. That hybrid handicap sign must mean “have you checked your crutches/wheelchair lately?” or “can you see a handicap person beside you? If so, please step sideways and give way to the poor guy/gal” — something like that. 🙂

    1. Dave says:

      Maybe context would help, where was the sign located? Near anything? 🙂

      1. Looks like sidewalk rails to me, but only John knows the right answer to that. 😐 Now I REALLY need to know what that sign means…

  10. thomas says:

    I think the sign means wheelchair accessible/ information ? Thats my guess.

  11. thesilly1 says:

    Is it a parking sign? Maybe it’s a

    ‘are you handicapped and parking here? You better be.’ 😡

    1. Matt Jones says:

      Maybe it means ‘handicapped / generally confused?’ 😆

  12. Mr. Oz says:

    John, you really should come to Europe and Italy.

    Here you will learn a lot about cities and food.

    Isn’t Chow pronunced the same as Ciao?

    A presto
    Mr. Oz

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if John’s next stop was somewhere overseas. John Chow on the road…Europe THEN Asia…that would be so awesome.

  13. Has anyone noticed the woman’s left hand in that last picture? Everyone was so busy staring at her…pant print that it never even dawned on us that she had a cast of some sort. Perhaps she could’ve known what the special handicap sign above meant? 😆

    1. thesilly1 says:

      WOW! nice observation. Interesting how the human brain works….

    2. James says:

      Bad tattoo infection?

      1. My guess is she beat up the last guy who took her picture from behind and broke her hand in the process LOL. John got away with it, thanks to 12x zoom. 😈

    3. fumbler says:

      my first impression was some sort of anti-thong-picture-taking-pervert device but I guess since John’s alive to post the pic, I’m off on my guess 😉

      or maybe the 12x zoom saved his butt….

  14. Jack says:

    John Chow: Dot Com Mogul Thong Spotter.

    1. Matt Jones says:

      and future inmate…

  15. Hockey Amor says:

    You must try the Anciens Canadiens restaurant on St-Louis St in the old part of Québec, for amazing authentic French-Canadian food. And I want pictures! Do try the tourtière.


  16. Darin says:


    I Love that last picture … Gotta Love 12X Zoom !


  17. Bob Buskirk says:

    nice pics John, i like the 12x zoom!

  18. blogdinero says:

    the sign at Honduras means
    “estás seguro que son un inválido?”
    entonces estacionate aquí kabron.

  19. James says:

    It looks cold there.

  20. JasonJ says:

    I Dugg this story — thanks John for commenting on how ridiculous this language law is.


  21. max says:

    What kind of camera are you using?

  22. dude says:

    Damn looks like Europe 😀
    Next trip stop by in Sweden, you’ll like it I bet.

  23. Paul. says:

    I don’t think I would like it there. French people have always seemed rude/snooty. The English aren’t much different, but at least they know their rude.

    I still think Canadians are some of the nicest people I’ve met. Everything is much more simple up there.

    1. Matt Jones says:

      Watch is Paul, NEVER compare us English to the French

  24. Derrich says:

    I’m still curious to know what the handicapped sign with the question mark means. ❓

  25. blogdinero says:

    I love that tatoo

  26. Russ says:

    lmao, nice pic john. Lets hope she never see’s this blog.. Wow quebec city looks like a really awesome place to go to! I may want to visit there someday.

  27. Martina says:

    Hi !!!
    Beautiful town!!
    According to me that signs means soma like “Information point for handicap’s people”..but i don’t know! 😕

    PS italian’s “tatoo” are better !!!! :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  28. Ann says:

    Does look like Europe instead of North America, even down to the gal’s tattoo, which seems to be the fad, at least here in Italy, at the moment.

  29. Travis says:

    Great pics! I was born and raised in Canada and still have not been East of Toronto. Now you really made me want to go.

  30. hahaha… great pictures man!

    -Sam from

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