Please Vote for Donny Gamble To Go To Affiliate Summit West

My friend Donny Gamble entered Shoemoney’s Affiliate Summit West contest and amazingly enough, he made it to the final round! Should Donny win, he will receive a Platinum Affiliate Summit pass, invites to all the best parties, 2 nights hotel accommodations, $500 airfare reimbursement, a pass to the Epic Advertising Playboy Mansion Party this fall and $2,000 to bet on one hand of Blackjack. It’s a pretty awesome prize!

Donny has created a really nice entry on his blog and the judges were impressed enough by it to put him in the final. How can you not put him in the final when his last name is Gamble and he made an awesome “Elf Yourself” video with himself, Jeremy, and me. Now, it’s all up to you. Head on over the Shoe’s blog and vote for Donny Gamble! Donny is a long time John Chow dot Com reader and it would be awesome for a reader to win this contest. You can give Donny the best New Year gift ever. You have until January 4 to place your vote so please do it now. Good luck to Donny and thanks for voting!

29 thoughts on “Please Vote for Donny Gamble To Go To Affiliate Summit West”

  1. Talked to Donny the other day and already voted for him, wish him the best of luck.

  2. Donny Gamble says:

    Thanks John, for your support, I really appreciate it.

    1. dotCOMreport says:

      All the best Donny. You’ve got a lot of folks rooting for you.

      1. Hey donny, congratulations !

        I will vote for you because of the recommendations of johnchow and his touch with the achievements by such a great friends like you.

  3. I just voted. I had no idea that was going on. Thanks for the information John.

    1. Donny Gamble says:

      Thx Jared for your vote.

      1. No problem Donny. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey how did he cartoonize himself like that for his Gravator? Thats really cool.

    1. Donny Gamble says:

      I had my designer create a character for me and then I uploaded it to

      1. Wow thats really good. I thought it was a online software thing or something. I am going to mess around with photoshop and see if I can replicate it for myself. Thanks!

  5. Abhik says:

    Wishing Donny all the luck.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Me too! Let’s hope Donny wins! 🙂 It’s quite the awesome prize.

      1. Donny Gamble says:

        Thx for your vote Ian

        1. PPC Ian says:

          You are very welcome!

    2. Donny Gamble says:

      Thx Abhik for the vote, much appreciated

  6. Kirk Taylor says:

    I already voted and thought his post was very interesting. Donny, wish you luck to win the contest.

  7. PPC Ian says:

    Just voted for Donny! Best of luck Donny. I hope you win! John, thanks for reminding us to vote, I’m always happy to support a friend of John Chow.

  8. Harshad says:

    Good to see you help Donny. Just voted for him.

  9. I donno know who is “Donny Gamble” but still vote for him on your appeal.

  10. Wow. What an awesome price. Well doen to him

  11. Donny Gamble says:

    @harshad – thx for your vote
    @shanker – thx for your vote

  12. Rob Merlino says:

    OR you could vote for HOTDOGMAN!

  13. Mark says:

    Will do! I will vote for him.

  14. Danger Brown says:

    Best of luck to you Donny. Sorry I selfishly voted for myself, but good luck to you. You’ll probably win with John Chow backing you.

    1. Donny Gamble says:

      Thanks Danger, I look forward to meeting u at ASW and having a ball

      1. Kirk Taylor says:

        Donny, even though you didn’t win the contest, you got a great deal. Tons of exposure and controversy can only be good.

        See you in Vegas

        1. Sorry Donny. It would have been awesome to win.

  15. Everyone please continue to vote for Donny!!!

  16. Rob Merlino says:

    Congrats to Vinay, the winner. See you in Vegas, John et al…..

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