Please Welcome Search Engine Guide

I like to welcome Search Engine Guide as a new sponsor to John Chow dot Com. You can see their cute doggie banner running at the top of this blog. Search Engine Guide covers search engine news, search engine marketing, Internet search engines and search engine books & services.

Search Engine Guide is updated everyday by Jennifer Laycock, a well-known name in Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Recognized in the online forum communities as “thejenn,” she served as the Forum Administrator for the JimWorld Search Engine Marketing forums and as the Web Search Guide at Jennifer is also known for her writings on search engine optimization and consumer search issues. Her work has been featured at JimWorld,, Search Engine Watch and other industry sites. She has also been interviewed and quoted by several publications including The Financial Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and Entrepreneur magazine.

If I’m evil enough, I maybe able to con Jennifer into doing a few guest posts for me. Anyway, give Search Engine Guide a visit and say hi for me. I think you’ll like what they have to offer and I’m happy to have them as a sponsor.

I have two Feature Sites links available if anyone is interest. The cost is $200 per month through Text Links Ads. However, new advertisers can use a $100 TLA coupon to save some money.

11 thoughts on “Please Welcome Search Engine Guide”

  1. Search Engine Guide rocks! I noticed that banner there the other day, and was glad to see you and she had created that partnership – I think it will work out well for both of you. 🙂

    1. had to get the first word in, didn’t ya! LOL. 🙂

      Have an awesome weekend Wendy!

  2. Nice placement Jennifer, very nice!

    Gotta admit, the banner is really cute. Noticed it on ProBlogger not long ago and of course on MyBlogLog.

    I had actually sent her a note on MyBlogLog a couple of weeks ago just to complement her doggie design.

    Then again (my) Jennifer and I have a really soft spot for doggies. Cujo and Sasha can do absolutely no wrong, none whatsoever. 🙂

    Have an awesome day!

    1. Jane May says:

      I may need to consider getting a doggie. Congrats Jennifer, it looks like the banner is working out well for you!

  3. Don Wilson says:

    You really are laying on the SEO for their site with the numerous “search engine …” 😉 Nicely done

  4. Jennifer says:

    John and Wendy, thanks for the kind words on Search Engine Guide! It really means a lot to get positive feedback like that.

    And I’m so glad everyone loves puppy. We just think she’s adorable (her name is actually Roo, after my own dog, though she’s designed to look like my publisher’s rott) and mostly refer to her as “puppy.” I’m easy to spot if you ever hit a search conference…I’ve always got a hat or fleece or something with Puppy on it.

    Anyway, glad to be able to work out a partnership with a great site like this one.


    1. i love pets, but to think that she actually has a name as well! 😀 Roo… f, roo-f!

  5. The site looks good. There are probably many John Chow readers interested in search engine marketing/SEO.

    It would be very interesting to see a “top spot sponsor review” from the advertisers on – to find out if they got a good ROI or not.

  6. Wow, you have a great sponsor over there, John. Very informative site for reads.

  7. Marc says:

    I love the dog. It’s a great mascot 🙂 Very adorable.

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